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Toastmasters - Giving An Evaluation That's Worth A Darn
Practical tips I use to give evaluations and helped me win the D26 Evaluation Contest in 2006 ...
Views: 79872 Chris Swanson
InDesign Drop Caps and Paragraph Spacing
How to add/change paragraph line spacing and drop caps in InDesign CS6.
Views: 22698 Chris Swanson
How To Use Relative URLs For Website Links
This video walks you though how to use relative URLs for website design.
Views: 805 Chris Swanson
Creating JetPack Photo Galleries
In this video, you learn how to create a tiled mosaic photo gallery in WordPress using the JetPack Galleries tool.
Views: 485 Chris Swanson
How to Check External Links and Orphaned Files in Dreamweaver CC
In this video, you learn how to check all of your external files site wide along with any orphaned files.
Views: 435 Chris Swanson
How To Stylize A HTML Form With CSS In Dreamweaver
In this video, you learn to stylize a HTML form with CSS in Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 179 Chris Swanson
How To Create A HTML Form In Dreamweaver CC
In this video, you learn how to build a HTML form in Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 1816 Chris Swanson
How to Set Up and Use FTP in Dreamweaver CC
In this video, you learn how to set up your FTP credentials for the remote server. Once set up, you learn how to upload your files to the web server.
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How to Release Student Grades In D2L
This video shows you how to release grades in D2L so that students can see their cumulative grade throughout the semester. This video also shows how you can add your syllabus to the Content area so your students can access it at their convenience.
Views: 249 Chris Swanson
How To Create A HTML Table In Dreamweaver
In this video, you learn how to create and style a HTML table in Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 396 Chris Swanson
How to Use Design Notes in Dreamweaver
In this video, you learn how to use Dreamweaver's Design Notes feature.
Views: 171 Chris Swanson
Basic HTML Text Formatting
This video shows you some basic HTML formatting.
Views: 231 Chris Swanson
Managing Sites In Dreamweaver
in this video, you learn how to manage sites in Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 134 Chris Swanson
Adding Background Image In Photoshop
This video is a walk through for MGD102 at PPCC: Adding an image background in Photoshop.
Views: 797 Chris Swanson
Customizing Your WordPress Theme Settings and Stylesheet
In this video, you learn how to customize your WordPress styles. In some cases, there may be theme setting you can change, otherwise, you'll have to customize the style.css file. This video shows you how to do that in WordPress using the Editor settings.
Views: 340 Chris Swanson
How to Submit To PPCC DropBox
This video shows you how to submit your project assignments to the PPCC DropBox folder (not to be confused with the proprietary DropBox service).
Views: 129 Chris Swanson
How to Add Noindex, Nofollow and Education Disclaimer to Your Website
In this video, you learn how to add noindex, nofollow to your website so that search engines don't index your site. We also add a disclaimer banner to readily identify your website as a student website project.
Views: 135 Chris Swanson
How to Run the Adobe Dreamweaver CC Site Launch Checklist
In this video, you learn how to run several site launch checklist items from within Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 190 Chris Swanson
Adding Article HTML Semantic Markup
This video explains how to add article HTML markup to your web page.
Views: 183 Chris Swanson
Boy Scout Handbook Flash Cards
Download, print, and make Boy Scout Handbook study flash cards here: http://www.bsatroop287.org/scout-handbook-flash-cards/ Please note: these cards are not official BSA materials. They are hand-made to augment the Official BSA Handbook.
Views: 340 Chris Swanson
Linking An External Stylesheet In Dreamweaver
This video walks you through linking an external style sheet (CSS) to your HTML page in Dreamweaver using Code View.
Views: 124 Chris Swanson
Creating A Transparent PNG Web Image
In this video, you learn how to create a transparent PNG web image using Photoshop and TinyPNG.
Views: 177 Chris Swanson
Getting Started with Wordpress
In this video, you learn how to get started with WordPress.
Views: 192 Chris Swanson
Web Image Optimization
This video walks you through the steps to create an optimized web image which is critical for effective website design.
Views: 154 Chris Swanson
MGD 141 - Setting The Viewport For Responsive Website Design
In this video, you learn how to set the viewport meta tag for responsive website design.
Views: 129 Chris Swanson
Adding Images and Inline Styles to Your HTML Page
In this video, you'll learn how to add images to your HTML page and add inline styles.
Views: 219 Chris Swanson
MGD 141 - Adding CSS Media Queries
In this video, you learn how to add media queries to your CSS stylesheet.
Views: 113 Chris Swanson
Introduction to CSS and Stylesheets
In this video, you learn how to create a .css stylesheet and attach it to your HTML page. You also learn how to style several common elements using selectors and how to create and apply a custom style.
Views: 82 Chris Swanson
Web Hosting Options and How to Set Up New User FTP Credentials
In this video, you learn about the different types of web hosting options. You also learn how to set up a new user FTP credentials and domain management on a shared web hosting platform.
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I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song - Croce by Swanie
Eh ... my amateur take on Jim Croce's "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song" ... not the greatest recording acoustics, flubbed some lyrics, but anyway ... this is for parents on their anniversary ... my daughter on her birthday and wedding engagement ... and Happy Valentine's and early Happy 20th Anniversary to my beautiful wife. Love ya. Love ya. Cheers.
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MGD 141 - Adding Web Fonts To Your Website
In this video, you learn how to add free Google web fonts to your website design.
Views: 72 Chris Swanson
MGD 141 - Adding Responsive HTML with CSS
In this video, you will learn how to convert your fixed width HTML website to be responsive width HTML using CSS.
Views: 101 Chris Swanson
How To Add Hypertext Links To Your Website
In this video, you learn how to add hypertext links to your website. In particular, these links will be relative URL links.
Views: 82 Chris Swanson

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