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Daisy Grooms Me
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Cute Baboon: Michelle Grooms Me
Michelle gives me a frantic grooming.
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Daisy Grooms Me, Again
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Monkey Swing 2
March/April 2009: Playing with Daisy
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Good Feeling (Extreme Version) - Just Dance 4
My 6-yr-old cousin and I, attempting to do the extreme version of "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida on Just Dance 4.
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Part of My Cardio Funk/Aerobics Routine for "Bye, Bye, Bye"
Dance Aerobic routine I came up with to "Bye, Bye, Bye" by N'Sync, after watching their video. Was very easy for my class to pick up. Note: I'm playing the music off my old phone, and could barely hear it. So, I held my breath, too often, too long, to hear the beat. Result = running out of breath before finishing the routine. Will tape again later. I do not own the rights to the music, of course.
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Just Dance 4 - Time Warp
My nieces & cousins dance to Time Warp. Ages, l-r: 8, 3, 6, 7
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2 A.M. "Small World" Kinect Dance Attempt on DisneyLand Adventures
DisneyLand Adventures on Xbox My cousin and I attempting to dance with the Small World puppets.
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Making Melodies In My Heart
The Nakuru UMC Preschool sings one of their favorite songs, "Making Melodies in My Heart". Really cute. (but hard to film when they'd like you to do the 'movements' too)
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Kissing Max
Meeting and greeting Max the Rhino at Sweetwaters (Kenya) March 4, 2009.
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First Day Teaching at Nakuru UMC Preschool...Alone.  Chaos ensues.
First, I am not a teacher. But Teresa used to be. What's funny about this situation is that the children really didn't know how to speak English, except for repeating what they had learned in songs...and a few other phrases. And this was our first day with the students, and the teacher had a meeting in town...so we were left alone with them. They did great during the English part of class. But by the time we got to Math, they were ready for Recess. (I'm wearing scrubs because I would also help at the clinic in the afternoons.)
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Spelunking/Caving, Worley's Cave: The Birth Canal
Crawling through a really tight spot at Worley's Cave, in Bluff City, TN 11/10/12 I said it was like going through a birth canal, and the guide said that's what it's actually called.
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One Thing  - Just Dance 4
First-time seeing/attempting the dance to "One Thing", by One Direction - downloaded on Just Dance 4. Possibly the last time, too, since the dance was about falling in love...just what every 6-yr-old boy wants to dance to. :-) Filmed with the front-facing camera on iPhone 4S.
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Robin Zander of Cheap Trick pretends to pass the mike.
It's just plain cool. Well, it was for me...probably because I was there. Still, an awesome concert. (Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick)
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Lip Smack
March/April 2009: One of my favorite baby baboons, Daisy, and I share a little lip smacking. I miss her so much.
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Monkey Swing
March/April 2009: Playing with baby baboons Daisy, Lisa, and Jaime.
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For Cassie:  Zumba to "Fire Burning", by Sean Kingston
For Cassie: A preview of the Zumba moves we do to "Fire Burning", by Sean Kingston
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Nakuru UMC Preschool, Kenya - Recess
The kids playing at recess.
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School for Girls, Nakuru, Africa - Video (and a short slideshow)
The UMC Boarding School for Girls in Nakuru, Africa, singing for us during their presentation (Feb. 2009). A short slideshow, plus video.
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Handstand PushUps and Spartan Burpee
Killing it, x 2
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Just Dance 4 - Rock N Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) Excerpt
An excerpt of my cousin and I dancing to "Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)", by Skrillex, on Just Dance 4. Love his dissing my self-aimed compliment at the end. Sheesh...6-yr-old perfectionists. :-) Recorded with the front-face camera on iPhone 4S. (I need to start using something else)
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Redman helps with the Ship Shift
March/April 2009: Ship is the shift in the evenings where we clean the hoks of all the straw, grass, and food. Redman was one of my favorite baboons...and he loved piggy-back rides.
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Morning Transport of Monkies, Part 1
Howie graces me with a little gift at the end.
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Avett Brothers and 2 lively fans, at MerleFest 2013
2 Avett Brothers fans, moved by the amazing concert the Brothers gave on 4/28/13, at MerleFest, in Wilkesboro, NC
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Camel Dismount in Kenya
Sammy the Camel at Sweetwaters (Kenya) March 4th, 2009
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Tour of the Mountain Lodge at CARE, Part 1
exterior, main floor, commons area, kitchen, laundry
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Nakuru UMC - Kenya
Just wanted to show/share the great spirit of this wonderful little church in Nakuru, Kenya. Audio not the best quality.
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Monkey In The Shirt
Pretty much what the title states.
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Simon Says
Nakuru UMC Preschool. Teaching the kids (and teachers) how to play "Simon Says". Also taught them "Duck, Duck, Goose" (not recorded).
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Avett Brothers: Seth Avett's thrashing guitar spotlight, MerleFest 2013
4/28/13: Seth Avett's guitar solo, MerleFest 2013, Wilkesboro, NC
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Upstairs Tour of CARE
First two weeks I slept in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
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Tour of the Mountain Lodge at CARE, Part 2
my bedroom, Cli's bedroom, and one of our bathrooms
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a little montage to one of the cutest, sweetest, and crazy baboons
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Maddie and the Cough Drop
March/April 2009: Maddie was really wanting my cough drop. (I wasn't sick, just had a very dry throat.) Finally, I gave her a little, tiny piece of it. You'll love how I did it, too. The last sentence I was saying when YouTube cuts it short is, "You're so FUNNY."
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Aly Sings
Shot with 8mm App
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my first time trying raw corn...
and it was really good
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Color Me Rad 5K, Virginia Tech, 10/28/12 - Blacksburg
Color Me Rad 5K Run at Virginia Tech, on a cold Sunday morning. 10/28/12 Lots of fun!
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Spartan Burpee
Killing it!
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Avett Brothers, (part of) "Kick Drum Heart" - MerleFest 2013
4/28/13: Avett Brothers performing "Kick Drum Heart" at MerleFest, in Wilkesboro, NC
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Preschool Sings Hello to Us
Nakuru United Methodist Church Preschool greets us with a song.
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Grace Dances - Squatters Hill, Kenya
The kids at Squatters Hill love music. 3-yr-old girl Grace is so adorable. Loved how she danced.
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Jesus Is His Name
The children at Squatters Hill have close to nothing...but they all have such a love for music...and for God.
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Spelunking/Cave Exploration: Cave Rolling, Worley's Cave
Fun section where my friend Clint and I rolled and rolled and rolled between the rocks.
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Well, I tried.
Missy is a beast! She makes it look so easy!! They're all killing it...and I'm just trying to not kill myself. :-)
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Cool little swim
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AC/DC and David sing "TNT"
David is GREAT to go with to a concert. He keeps me in stitches. Love him!
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