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Bryn Llewellyn on Edition-Based Redefinition, new in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Part 1 of 2
An Interview with Bryn Llewellyn on Edition-Based Redefinition, new in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Part 1 of 2 Bryn Llewellyn sat down with John King of the ODTUG Board of Directors to talk about the "killer" new feature of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Edition-Based Redefinition This interview happened at the recent ODTUG OPP/APEXposed 2009 conference held in Atlanta, GA.
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Explaining the Explain Plan: Interpreting Execution Plans for SQL Statements
Presenter: Maria Colgan, Oracle Corporation The execution plan for a SQL statement can often seem complicated and hard to understand. Determining if the execution plan you are looking at is the best plan you could get or attempting to improve a poorly performing execution plan can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced DBA or developer. This session examines the different aspects of an execution plan, from selectivity to parallel execution, and explains what information you should be gleaming from the plan and how it affects the execution. It offers insight into what caused the Optimizer to make the decision it did as well as a set of corrective measures that can be used to improve each aspect of the plan.
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CodeTalk Series: Unit Testing PL SQL Code in the Real World
Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation It’s been quite a while since Oracle Database developers could complain that there were no tools to help them automate the testing of PL/SQL program units. These days, you can choose from SQL Developer with its integrated unit testing, utPLSQL, an open source framework, Code Tester for Oracle, a commercial product from Quest Software, and more. In this CodeTalk, Steven hosts a conversation with three developers who have been heavily involved in establishment strong unit testing processes with their dev teams. Learn from their experiences, mistakes and lessons! The 2017 CodeTalk Series Webinars are Co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG.
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Webinar: Ten (Other) Top Tips for Improving PL/SQL Performance
Bulk processing (FORALL and BULK COLLECT), along with the function result cache, are the "big ticket" items when it comes to performance optimization with PL/SQL. But there's still more we can do to tweak our code for even better response times for our users. This third webast in the series starts with the automatic compiler optimization, showcases the extraordinary speediness of PGA data manipulation (a.k.a., package variables), and demonstrates the effect of the simple NOCOPY hint. We finish up with an introduction to pipelined table functions and some thoughts on optimizing your algorithms.
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Women in Technology Scholar - ODTUG #Kscope17
Ghaida Khader, Principal Hyperion Consultant, 2017 WIT Scholar Opal Alapat, ODTUG Director, Assistant ODTUG Kscope17 Conference Chair, and ODTUG Kscope18 Conference Chair
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APEX: High-Quality Printing and Exporting for FREE! - John Scott
Traditionally, unless you're lucky enough to have BI Publisher, printing in APEX has been difficult, if not impossible. In this session we will show the solution we have come up with, and the best part is we are giving it away FREE!
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Edward Roske of interRel Consulting Suffers from Low-T. Do You?
Do you suffer from low-t? Edward Roske did but he went to Kscope14! You can alleviate your low-t symptoms by registering for Kscope15 http://kscope15.com.
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Introduction to the Hyperion Planning REST API - Jake Turrell
With the release of the Simplified Interface for Planning, Oracle surprised the EPM community with a new REST API for Hyperion Planning. This presentation will start with the basic concepts behind REST and follow through with a detailed tutorial on the REST API for Planning. Users will leave the presentation with code samples and the confidence to build their own Planning REST API applications
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Bryn Llewellyn on Edition-Based Redefinition, new in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Part 2 of 2
An Interview with Bryn Llewellyn on Edition-Based Redefinition, new in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Part 2 of 2 Bryn Llewellyn sat down with John King of the ODTUG Board of Directors to talk about the "killer" new feature of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - Edition-Based Redefinition This interview happened at the recent ODTUG OPP/APEXposed 2009 conference held in Atlanta, GA.
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#Kscope 11 Interview with Michael Hichwa
ODTUG Board member Monty Latiolais interviews Oracle VP of Database Development Michael Hichwa. When is 4.1 going to be released?!?
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A Lookback at #Kscope16 - ODTUG Took Chicago By Storm
Have a fun look back at the magic that was Kscope16! From Community Service Day to our special event at the MSI Museum, this was one week you didnt want to miss! Like what you see? Join us next year at Kscope17 in San Antonio, TX. http://kscope17.com
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A Look Back at ODTUG #Kscope17 in San Antonio, TX!
Another year has come and gone, and another successful San Antonio ODTUG Kscope is in the books! ODTUG Kscope17 included many special moments, starting with the Community Service Day with Haven for Hope! Our brains were filled with information at the annual Sunday Symposiums, then we got our dance-on at the Welcome Fiesta where Mariachi Estilo Nuevo put on a great show. Monday Night Community Nights were a fun event, as always. On Tuesday, attendees raced their way to the finish line at the 5K Fun Run. On Wednesday we celebrated ODTUG's 20th Anniversary in style at the San Antonio Sunset Station featuring a 80's Arcade, Platinum Casino Party, Masquerade Ball, and Beach Party. We wrapped up the week at ODTUG Kscope17 with Closing Session where Martin D'Souza was named Overall Top Speaker. We also highlighted top speakers by track and Best First-Time Speaker. Thanks to everyone for joining us for another week of ODTUG Kscope fun! We can't wait to see you next year at ODTUG Kscope18 in Walt Disney World®!
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Webinar: Turbocharge Your PL SQL Code with Bulk Processing SFeuerstein
Presented by Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation This session focuses on how to turbocharge the performance of multi-row SQL statements executed from within a PL/SQL using FORALL and BULK COLLECT. These features have been around since Oracle 8i, but many developers still don't use them or only scratch the surface of what is possible. The bulk processing webinar will focus on why these features were needed and how they work. Steven will start with simple examples and syntax and drill down into all nuances, including the LIMIT clause for BULK COLLECT and the SAVE EXCEPTIONS, INDICES OF, and VALUES OF clauses for FORALL. After attending this webinar, you will be able to both create new programs built around these features and also redesign existing programs safely to improve performance.
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CodeTalk Series:  NoPLSQL and Thick Database Methods
Toon Koppelaars and Chris Saxon, Oracle Corporation Toon Koppelaars recently conducted an experiment comparing the performance of different ways of implementing a specific task. The NoPL/SQL approach treats the database as no more than a persistence layer, using only naive single-row SQL statements; it implements all business logic outside of it. The thick database approach treats the database as a processing engine; it uses a combination of sophisticated set-based SQL statements and PL/SQL to implement all business logic inside it. In this session, Chris and Toon investigate Toon’s findings and discuss their implications for database development. This session is a must-watch for anyone who builds applications using Oracle Database.
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ODTUG #Kscope12 Interview: Cameron Lackpour & Glenn Schwartzberg Interview Eachother
http://kscope13.com ODTUG Board member Cameron Lackpour interviews Glenn Schwartzberg, interRel Consulting. Glenn will be presenting Advanced Essbase Studio Tips and Tricks and Thinking Outside the Box -- Optimizing Performance in Essbase and Planning at Kscope13. Cameron will be presenting Practical SQL for EPM Practitioners and A BSO Developer's Introduction to ASO Essbase For more information on how you can be a part of this amazing conference please go to our website: http://kscope13.com
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What is ODTUG?
Featuring ODTUG Board Members Natalie Delemar, ODTUG President Danny Bryant, ODTUG Vice President Mike Riley, Secretary Gary Crisci, Treasurer Opal Alapat, Director Karen Cannell, Director Martin D'Souza, Director Tim German, Director Jake Turrell, Director odtug.com/odtug-board
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Kscope15 Interview: Tom Kyte, Oracle Corporation
http://kscope15.com ODTUG volunteer Danny Bryant interviewed Tom Kyte, of Oracle Corporation while at Kscope15. At the time we were not aware that Tom would be taking an extended leave of absence from Oracle. We feel very fortunate to get his thoughts on 12c, database tools, developer enhancements and more. Thank you Tom for all of your contributions to Oracle and the ODTUG community! Bio: Thomas Kyte, Oracle Corporation Tom Kyte is a Senior Technical Architect in Oracle's Server Technology Division. He is the Tom behind the AskTom column in Oracle Magazine, answering people's questions about the Oracle database and its tools (http://asktom.oracle.com/). He is also the author of Expert Oracle Database Architecture, Expert One on One Oracle, Beginning Oracle Programming, and Effective Oracle by Design. These are books about the general use of the database and how to develop successful Oracle applications. Kscope15 Presentations (can be found on www.odtug.com) All (Well, a Lot) about SQL: Part 1 & 2 Thomas Kyte , Oracle Corporation Topic: Database Development These sessions will look at a large set of set-based ideas underpinning the SQL language. We'll look at many things you might not have known about Oracle SQL - going back to fundamentals such as read consistency but looking at advanced SQL operations, including analytics, modeling, pattern matching, table functions, and much more.
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#Kscope15 Interview: Gary Crisci, General Electric
#ODTUG volunteer and #Kscope15 Content Co-Chair Opal Alapat interviews Kscope15 Presenter and EPM Business Content Lead Gary Crisci of General Electric. To learn more about Kscope15 go to http://kscope15.com. Bio: Gary Crisci, General Electric ORACLE ACE Gary Crisci is an Oracle ACE with over 15 years of finance experience, specializing in Oracle Hyperion Solutions software. Gary is a noted expert in the Oracle Essbase field. He has spoken at Oracle OpenWorld and numerous Kscope conferences; he is also a co-author of Developing Essbase Applications. During his career, Gary has held various positions as a consultant and as an industry professional working for top-tier companies such as Siemens, Morgan Stanley, and General Electric. He is the former president of the ODTUG Hyperion SIG, and he was on the conference committee for Kscope12 and Kscope13. Gary has an MBA in information systems. His current role is Senior Hyperion Architect -- Data Relationship Management and Exalytics for General Electric Corporation in Fairfield, Connecticut. Session: Delivering an Enterprise-Wide Standard Chart of Accounts with Oracle DRM Topic: EPM Business Content - Subtopic: EPM/BI strategies Come learn how General Electric, one of the largest and most complex companies in the world, is using Oracle DRM to simplify and standardize an enterprise-wide chart of accounts. Session: Customer Panel: A Panoramic View of Exalytics Topic: Essbase - Subtopic: Other Essbase Please join several Oracle EPM customers as they discuss their firsthand experiences with Exalytics, including insight into what is involved in the analysis for choosing Exalytics, what to expect as you engage with different areas of your business, characteristics of an Exalytics implementation, benefits and challenges, post-implementation steps, and overall thoughts on this exciting technology. For more information on ODTUG visit http://odtug.com. To be a part of Kscope16 go to http://kscope16.com.
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apexworld On Air  Recognizing and Preventing Security Threats in APEX Applications Part 2 of 2
These days, information security is of paramount concern. But are you taking all of the proper steps with your APEX applications to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist? Security is so critical - and often overlooked - that we’ve dedicated the next two episodes to covering it. In the first episode, we’ll cover the basics of APEX-related security - from the instance to page settings, XSS and SQLi, and everything in between. We’ll also take a look at some database features that should be considered. In the second episode, we’ll take a thorough look at three tools that can help automate the detection and mitigation of security vulnerabilities in your APEX applications - the built-in APEX Advisor, the commercially available ApexSec, and the open source tool APEX-SERT. While each of these tools is slightly different, the aim is the same: to assist in identifying potential threats and help developers mitigate them as efficiently as possible.
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Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase New Capabilities
Presenter: Kumar Ramaiyer, Oracle Corporation Learn about new and upcoming Essbase capabilities with Oracle Analytics Cloud. Explore the new ways to create and manage Essbase applications, new scripting options, and more.
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2018 CodeTalk Series   Practical Advice for Taking Your PL SQL Testing to the Next Level, Steven Feu
2018 CodeTalk Series - Practical Advice for Taking Your PL/SQL Testing to the Next Level Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation The 2018 CodeTalk Series webinars are co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG. Members of the utPLSQL community, including members of the utPLSQL dev team, will share their successes with introducing automated testing to their projects and moving their unit test suites into a continuous integration (CI) pipeline. They will use simple demonstrations and tips from real-world experiences to both inspire and motivate you to move your testing processes to a whole new level.
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APEX 5.2 Preliminary Features
Presenter: Marc Sewtz, Oracle Corporation Oracle Application Express 5.2 will focus on declaratively integrating data sources from remote databases and extending applications running on the cloud via REST. A new Create Application Wizard will enable you to add components and features to new and existing applications. Upgrading to the latest Oracle JET and jQuery JavaScript libraries will further allow APEX to take advantage of new and improved data visualizations and widgets. In this session we will preview those new capabilities and show some of the numerous enhancements to Page Designer and the Interactive Grid.
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Oracle Analytics Cloud - A Comprehensive Overview
Presenter: Alan Lee, Oracle Corporation The new Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive collection of analytic capabilities to address requirements from the line of business user to the workgroup to the enterprise. Analytics Cloud support use cases such as self-service data analysis, scenario-based analysis, data collaboration, and enterprise business intelligence. Learn how you can benefit from Oracle Analytics Cloud today and our plans for the future.
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CodeTalk Series: A Guided Tour Through the Universal Theme
Dan McGhan and Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle Corporation Over the years, the APEX team created and maintained dozens of application themes. This practice was simply unsustainable, especially when the choice between themes was often based on color alone. Enter Universal Theme (UT): the theme designed to supersede all the others. Universal Theme is a responsive theme with features such as Template Options and Theme Roller, which allow developers to customize the theme as needed. But how should one get started? In this CodeTalk, the man behind Universal Theme will tell you how! Attendees will receive a guided tour through the Universal Theme demo app and see a customization based on a logo done live.
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#Kscope15... It's a Wrap
We can't express how amazing ODTUG's Kscope15 conference was so we had the amazing guys at Hendy Street Produxions put together this video. If you're not convinced that ODTUG and Kscope is the place to be for Oracle developers we think this will help. To see our sessions and speakers visit http://kscope15.com Get a jump start on the competition and submit an abstract and register for Kscope16 in Chicago http://kscope16.com!
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How to Write a Winning Abstract
Presented by Danny Bryant and Natalie Delemar
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12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2
Presenter: Chris Saxon, Oracle Corporation The headline features are Sharding, Multitenant and Application Containers. But it's the improvements to SQL that make a real difference in your day-to-day life work with Oracle Database. In this session Chris gives you an overview of the changes to SQL and PL/SQL that will help you build faster, more robust database applications. If you're a developer or DBA who regularly writes SQL or PL/SQL and wants to keep up to date this session is for you!
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Webinar: All About the Function Result Cache
Presented by Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation The function result cache, added in Oracle Database 11g, offers developers a way to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to retrieve data requested repeatedly by database sessions (specifically, when the same rows of a table are fetched much more frequently than they are changed). This cache is stored in the SGA, shared across all sessions in the instance, and automatically purged of "dirty data" by the Oracle Database. Every application running on 11.1 or higher should be taking advantage of this feature. Best of all, there is minimal impact on your code to start using this feature.
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EPBCS Workforce and Strategic Workforce Planning in Action
Presenter: Mark Rinaldi, Oracle Corporation Learn how customers are leveraging EPBCS Workforce Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning to complete their Headcount Planning based on Supply and Demand Planning.
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JSON and PL/SQL: A Match Made in Database  Steven Feuerstein Oracle and Darryl Hurley Implestrat
The 2018 CodeTalk Series webinars are co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG. Darryl Hurley of Implestrat and Steven Feuerstein will follow up from their popular first JSON CodeTalk session in 2017 with a session focused on features added in Oracle Database 12c. Release 2 to support manipulation of JSON documents in PL/SQL. We'll also take any and all questions on working with JSON via SQL, support for which was added in Release 1. Want to make your UI developers happy? Then get really good at serving up JSON to them via a PL/SQL API! This CodeTalk session will help you get the expertise you need to do this.
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Introduction to APEX
Presenter: David Peake, Oracle Corporation Learn for yourself just why Oracle Application Express is such a powerful, easy to use development tool. This session is designed to give you an overview of the tool complete with demonstrations on how you can maximize your Oracle Database investment. This session is aimed squarely at those who’ve only ever heard of Application Express or are just starting out.
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Join Steven Feurerstein & Tom Kyte for YesSQL! Day at #Kscope15
We all know that “NoSQL” really stands for “Not Only SQL”, but it’s easy sometimes to forget just how powerful and critical both the SQL and PL/SQL languages are to hundreds of thousands of applications and billions of human beings. In this special four-session series, Tom Kyte will drill down into key features of the Oracle SQL language, and Steven Feuerstein will make sure developers know about the latest and greatest features of PL/SQL. Join us for fresh perspective, technical inspiration, and a rousing good time! http://kscope15.com/content/yessql-at-kscope15
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#Kscope15 Interview: Tim German, Qubix
#ODTUG #Kscope15 Content Co-Chair Opal Alapat interviewed Oracle ACE Tim Germa of Qubix at Kscope15. For more information on Kscope15 visit http://kscope15.com. Tim German is a Senior Consultant and Director of Qubix USA, having almost 15 years of experience with Oracle Essbase and the EPM Suite. He contributes regularly to the OTN and Network54 discussion forums, and is a regular speaker at Kscope and other conferences. Session at Kscope15: Pushing Essbase to the Limit: A Load and Stress Testing Exercise Co-presenter: John A Booth, Infratects, LLC Topic: Essbase - Subtopic: Optimization Most Essbase developers understand that Essbase performance is bound by available CPU, storage throughput or memory. Less understood is how to quantify the likely performance of an application in development under projected or exceptional loads, how to monitor resource usage, and how to identify the real or potential bottlenecks for a given system and set of tasks. In this session, we will detail methods for generating valid test data and query and calculation tasks, then show how to use platform-agnostic, open-source tools to simulate user activity for load or stress testing. Techniques for monitoring the system in question and analyzing test run output will be presented. Essbase developers will learn the practical skills needed to deploy systems into production with confidence that performance objectives will be met. Session recordings can be found on ODTUG.com. For more information on #Kscope16 please visit http://kscope16.com.
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CodeTalk Series: JSON in the Oracle Database
Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation Darryl Hurley, Implestrat.com Did you know that Oracle Database 12c makes it easy for you to store, manipulate, and serve up JSON documents? You certainly do NOT need to install a document store database side-by-side with Oracle Database when your UI developers start demanding JSON! Join Steven Feuerstein for an interview with and demonstrations by Darryl Hurley of Implestrat.com. Darryl, an active database developer and DBA for many years, has lately been diving into the JSON features of 12.1 and 12.2. Make sure you are positioned to have a smart conversation with the JavaScript developers in your company about how you can help meet their JSON needs.
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Understanding SQL Trace, TKPROF and Execution Plan for Beginners
Presenter: Carlos Sierra, Oracle Corporation In this session, participants will learn about producing a SQL Trace then a summary TKPROF report. A sample TKPROF is navigated with the audience, where the trivial and the not so trivial is exposed and explained. Execution Plans are also navigated and explained, so participants can later untangle complex execution plans and start diagnosing SQL performing badly.
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#Kscope15 Interview: Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation
Oracle Developer Outreach Advocate Todd Trichler interviewed #Kscope15 presenter Steven Feuerstein of Oracle Corporation. For more information on Kscope15 visit http://kscope15.com. To learn about ODTUG go to http://odtug.com and to be a part of the best Oracle developer conference in 2016 go to Kscope16 http://kscope16.com. Bio: Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation Steven Feuerstein is an expert on the Oracle PL/SQL language, having written 10 books on PL/SQL, including Oracle PL/SQL Programming and Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices (all published by O'Reilly Media). Steven is an Architect for Oracle Corporation, leading a team of evangelists with a mission of helping users leverage Oracle Database as a powerful application development platform. Steven has been developing software since 1980, originally spent five years with Oracle (1987-1992), and was PL/SQL Evangelist for Quest Software (and then Dell) from January 2001 to February 2014, at which point he returned joyfully to Oracle Corporation. He was one of the original Oracle ACE Directors and writes regularly for Oracle Magazine, which named him the PL/SQL Developer of the Year in both 2002 and 2006. He is also the first recipient of ODTUG's Lifetime Achievement Award (2009). Read Steven's commentary on PL/SQL and other Oracle technologies at stevenfeuersteinonplsql.blogspot.com. Session: Cool Package Features You May Not Know About Topic: Database Development Packages are the building blocks of any well-designed PL/SQL-based application. That means that most PL/SQL developers are at least familiar with the basics of packages. This session will first make sure you aware of key package features, such as the initialization section, oveloading, and package level data, and then explores lesser-known features of packages including serialization of package data and whitelisting access to packages (new to 12.1 PL/SQL). Back to Top PL/SQL Developers, the Most Important Developers on Earth: Part 1 & 2 Topic: Database Development It's a mobile, app-y, Internutty kind of world - does PL/SQL still have a role to play? You bet it does! And the way we write our PL/SQL is more important than ever before. This special two-part presentation will focus on using PL/SQL to build hiqh-quality and highly efficient APIs to data and the business rules that form the foundation of your applications. And because those APIs are going to be around for a while, you'll get top tips for writing highly maintainable code, too.
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ODTUG #Kscope12 Interview: James Murtagh, Red Gate
ODTUG's Martin D'Souza interviews James Murtagh of Red Gate (http://www.red-gate.com/source-control-for-oracle) at Kscope12. This year Red Gate transformed their booth into a live software development experience giving developers and DBAs an opportunity to develop a prototype for a new tool which will makes it easier to put schemas under version control. You can read more about this experiment on http://allthingsoracle.com/red-gate-live-lab-source-control-for-oracle/. You can follow James on Twitter http://twitter.com/allthingsoracle.
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Oracle Application Express Development Team AMA
Hangout with the APEX Development and ask them anything.
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2017 Leadership Program - ODTUG #Kscope17
Mike Riley, ODTUG Secretary, 2017 Leadership Team Board Liason Helen Sanders, 2017 Leadership Program Director Becky Wagner, Former Program Graduate Ricardo Giampaoli, 2017 Leadership Program Graduate Fagner Scheibel, 2017 Leadership Program Graduate Evan Leffler, 2017 Leadership Program Graduate
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CodeTalk Series - Six Reasons Why You Will Get Addicted to SQLcl Scripting
Chris Saxon, Oracle Corporation and Robert Marz and Sabine Heimsath, its-people GmbH CodeTalk Series Co-Sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG
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Alexa! How Do You Work with Oracle REST Data Services? - Jonathan Dixon, JMJ Cloud
At first glance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem beyond the reach of the citizen ORDS developer. With companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple providing the interface (aka Alexa, OK Google, and Siri), however, this is no longer the case. In this session, I will demonstrate how you can use Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) as the gateway to and the Oracle Database as the engine behind Alexa skills that will impress your customers. Alexa! How many orders were placed in the past hour? Alexa! Are there any stuck transactions in ERP Cloud? Alexa! It's time to make ORDS and the Oracle Database cool!
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CodeTalk 2017 Oracle Database Multilingual Engine JavaScript IN the Database D McGhan and M Brantner
Oracle Database 12c Multilingual Engine (MLE) enables developers to work efficiently with DB-resident data in modern programming languages and development environments of their choice. Starting with JavaScript, MLE provides users with a way to run stored procedures and user-defined functions written in JavaScript or TypeScript. Through various demonstrations, attendees will learn (1) how NPM modules can be deployed and executed inside the database and (2) how JavaScript stored procedures can be used to reduce network round-trips & data transfer.
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CodeTalk Series:  The PL/SQL Ninja: PL/SQL Can Do WHAT?
The PL/SQL Ninja: PL/SQL Can Do WHAT? Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Corporation interviews Morten Egan, the PL/SQL Ninja The 2017 CodeTalk Series Webinars are co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG. How do we make PL/SQL as easy and fun to develop in as Node/Ruby/Python/[flavor of the day]? What are the things that make a language “cool” to build stuff in? Apart from being hip or used by Facebook/Google/Apple, what is the core functionality that should be available in any language and what are the core parts of the ecosystem around a language that makes it easier to pick up and start building? Looking at PL/SQL, what are the must-know packages that will get you started doing fun, useful libraries or applications? In this CodeTalk session, Steven Feuerstein interviews Morten Egan, aka the PL/SQL Ninja, who has been asking himself – and then answering via code – these very questions. We’ll take a look at some of the utilities and libraries he has built for codemonth.dk and plsql.ninja to see what is possible and discover the sources of Morten’s inspiration and creativity. And time permitting, he’ll demonstrate with some “live” coding as well!
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#Kscope15 Interview: Chris Barbieri, Finit Solutions
#ODTUG Volunteer and Kscope15 Financial Close Track Lead Alice Lawrence interviews Chris Barbieri of Finit Solutions. For more information about Kscope15 go to http://kscope15.com. Bio: Christopher Barbieri, Finit Solutions ORACLE ACE After joining Hyperion Consulting in 1999, Chris Barbieri helped launch Hyperion's Financial Management (HFM) product and has become a global expert on HFM application design and performance tuning. He served as Senior Product Issues Manager for HFM, Smart View, DRM, and Shared Services for over four years before leading Edgewater Ranzal's HFM team from 2007 to 2014. Now with Finit Solutions, Chris continues to be a thought leader in HFM application design and is an Oracle ACE. Session: Where Did That Come From?: Techniques for Debugging HFM Rules Topic: Financial Close - Subtopic: HFM Where did that error come from? Why is this number multiplied 12 times? The calculation is correct, but I'm not getting any results. This calculation is incorrectly running on Revenue accounts? Learn techniques for setting up both classic VBScript rules and Calc Manager rules to capture debugging information and correct these common problems. Session: Thursday Deep Dive - Financial Close: Let's Go Deep on HFM Design Topics Co-presenter(s): Mats Ostberg, KPMG Topic: Financial Close Are you about to design your first Hyperion Financial Management application, add a new dimension, restructure your existing application, or perform a complete redesign? Learn about findings from 14 years of working with HFM applications: * Application menagerie: What are other companies doing with HFM? * How are companies leveraging the custom dimensions? * The effect of application design on performance * Common metadata settings * HFM design myths: busted/plausible/confirmed * "I'll just do that in the report": leveraging application design for better reporting and lower maintenance * Application profile tips * Co-design concepts for HFM with Essbase or Planning * When to use EPMA or Calc Manager? * Metadata member names and descriptions * The application design process Whether you've had HFM for a decade or are considering an implementation, we hope to inspire the creative accountant in you to find new and useful ways to leverage HFM's technology for reporting and analysis.
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#Kscope15 Interview: Martin D'Souza, Insum Solutions
#ODTUG Volunteer and Oracle Developer Outreach Advocate Todd Trichler interviews #ODTUG Board Member and Kscope15 presenter Martin D'Souza of Insum Solutions. For more information on Kscope15 visit http://kscope15.com Bio: Martin D'Souza, Insum Solutions ORACLE ACE DIRECTOR Martin D'Souza is the CTO and co-founder at ClariFit, a consulting firm that specializes in APEX and PL/SQL development and training. He is also a volunteer director for ODTUG. Martin's career has spanned a range of positions within award-winning companies. His experience in the technology industry has been focused on developing database-centric web applications using the Oracle technology stack. Martin is the author of the popular blog www.TalkApex.com and a designated Oracle ACE Director. He has co-authored and authored various APEX books and is an active participant in various open-source projects, such as Logger. Martin has also presented at numerous international conferences, such as APEXposed!, COUG, Oracle OpenWorld, and Kscope, for which he won the Presenter of the Year award in 2011. Martin holds a computer engineering degree from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. Session: Top 10 APEX API Topic: Application Express APEX has a lot of excellent APIs. These APIs, for both PL/SQL and JavaScript, can help extend your application and improve your development. This presentation will cover some of the most useful APIs (both documented and undocumented) that are available. Session: How to Build an APEX Plugin Topic: Application Express Don't know how to create a plugin in APEX but want to learn? Then attend this presentation. It will cover the basics and give you tips and tricks to get started on your own, from someone who literally "wrote the book" on plugins. For more information on ODTUG visit http://odtug.com To be a part of Kscope16 go to http://kscope16.com
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#Kscope17 Interviews - Alex Leung and Richard Wilkie
Alex Leung, TGG Richard Wilkie, Oracle Corporation Special thanks to the ODTUG Kscope17 Social Media Lounge Sponsor, TGG!
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