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Centering Images in Dreamweaver CC
This video shows you how to center images in Dreamweaver CC, part of an online class in web development tools at Imperial Valley College.
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Using Aptana Studio 3 for the First Time
How to open and save a web file for the first time using Aptana Studio 3 using the New Web Project Wizard. We also see how to open the File Explorer pane. *Note when I say built-in web server, I am referring to built-in web server protocol.. in other words, a way to send your files to the web via FTP/SFTP. :)
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Making Images Responsive in Dreamweaver CC
We continue to explore how to make images responsive to the screen size using @media queries and the CSS designer in Dreamweaver CC
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Adding a Favicon Using HTML
We define what a favicon is, where to find free ones, where to create your own, and how to add them to your website using HTML.
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Submitting an Assignment Using Canvas
This video reviews how to submit an assignment using the Canvas course management system at Imperial Valley College.
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Website Project Plan and Wireframe - Using Microsoft Word!
Covers what is in a website project plan, what a wireframe or storyboard is, and how to make one in Microsoft Word using SmartArt.
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Relative vs Absolute links and how to build in HTML
We define what a URL is, as well HTTP and HTTPS file transfer protocols. We also review file structure, and how to create a navigation bar using absolute and relative links with HTML and CSS.
Views: 1487 Melody Chronister
Brief Tour of Outlook 2016 on a Mac
This video gives you a brief tour of what Microsoft Outlook 2016 looks like on a mac computer.
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Giftster Gift Exchange App Review - Great for Christmas Lists!
Check out this awesome and free gift exchange app available on your phone or computer that makes keeping track of gift purchase and avoiding duplicates a breeze! Perfect for building and sharing Christmas lists - as well as birthdays! You can continue to update it as needed. Enjoy! Music by: BenSound.com
Views: 606 Melody Chronister
Positioning Images with CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC
Review how to insert an image into a website and position using the CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC.
Views: 1091 Melody Chronister
HTML Elements vs. Attributes
Describes difference between HTML elements versus attributes, and what they are. We also take a look at the w3c school list of attributes.
Views: 539 Melody Chronister
Outlook and the OneDrive
We review how to attach one drive files to your Outlook email message.
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Canvas Interface Student Video
Tour of Imperial Valley College's Canvas Interface from a student perspective.
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Add a Facebook Share and Twitter Button to your Website
We learn how to add a Facebook share button and a twitter tweet button to our website using widgets, which are pre-written code provided by the developers. Too cool!
Views: 281 Melody Chronister
Convert Your Word Document into a PowerPoint Presentation
We use Outline view to insert text from a Word Document into PowerPoint - keeping the Outline format. This allows it to keep all of it's formatting - easy peasy!
Views: 490 Melody Chronister
Adding an Image and Background Image Using HTML and CSS
We add a banner image and a background image to our website using HTML and CSS.
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Uploading Files to a Web Server Using Aptana Studio 3
Walks you through how to upload your html files to a web server using Aptana Studio 3.
Views: 419 Melody Chronister
Adding a Figure Image and Caption Using HTML and CSS
We add a figure image and caption to our website using HTML and CSS.
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10 Editing Tricks and Tips in Word 2016
In this video we cover a NUMBER of Word's editing capabilities. This includes saving the document under a new name to preserve a template; cutting and pasting text, copying and pasting text; using the office clipboard; finding and replacing text; checking the spelling, using research information (thesaurus); adding hyperlinks; and managing document properties. It is a lot to cover in 15 minutes, so grab your seat and let's go! Music by: BenSound Note: The office clipboard content starts at 4:50 minutes into this video.
Views: 224 Melody Chronister
Welcome to CIS212 Web Development Programming!
Introduction to the CIS212 Web Development Programming class for Imperial Valley College Table of Contents: 00:37 - Marker
Views: 281 Melody Chronister
Putting Your HTML Files on the Web Using WinSCP
Show you how to put your HTML Files on the Web Using WinSCP
Views: 1422 Melody Chronister
Merging Shapes in PowerPoint
Provides step by step instructions on how to merge shapes in PowerPoint (2013).
Views: 918 Melody Chronister
Hello World! HTML5 Code Basics
Explain the basic HTML 5 Structure using Aptana Studio 3. Table of Contents: 01:39 - Marker
Views: 223 Melody Chronister
CSS Box Model and Centering with CSS
We discover with the CSS Box Model is and use it to adjust the size, padding, border, and margin. We review what the different values for the sides of each rule, different border types, and learn how to center the element with CSS. Subscribe for more videos like these!
Views: 116 Melody Chronister
CSS Positioning with Float and Clear Properties
We review our CSS properties keeping the box model in mind and apply both the float and clear properties to position the elements in our web page.
Views: 163 Melody Chronister
A Brief Tour of a Microsoft Access Database (1)
We take a quick tour of the Microsoft Access application, discuss some differences between Access and Excel, and take apart an existing database file to understand its components. This is the first video in a planned series of how to use Microsoft Access.
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Microsoft Word: Format Font and Use the Format Painter
This is one of several videos in my playlist on Word 2016. In this video we cover how to change the font type, the font size, the font color, scale the font, and use the format painter to easily copy the formatting done to another section of the page. Check it out! Music by: BenSound
Views: 37 Melody Chronister
Creating and Styling a Table Using HTML and CSS
We use HTML to build a table, and use CSS to style it. Too cool!
Views: 183 Melody Chronister
Mastering Styles and Themes in Word
This is one video of a series on Microsoft Word 2016. In this video we learn how to apply and modify styles and themes - check it out! Music by: BenSound and Camtasia.
Views: 67 Melody Chronister
Insert a Photoshop Image in Dreamweaver CC
We use Dreamweaver CC to insert non-web file types into our website.
Views: 168 Melody Chronister
Outlook on a Mac - Set up Retention and Archive Options
We look at how to revise retention policies in Outlook 2016 on a Mac computer. We also review how to archive emails.
Views: 1284 Melody Chronister
Insert Panel and Menu in Dreamweaver CC
We use Dreamweaver CC to insert images using the insert panel as well as the insert menu.
Views: 161 Melody Chronister
Optimize Images with the Property Inspector in Dreamweaver CC
We use Dreamweaver CC to optimize images with the property inspector - including resizing.
Views: 140 Melody Chronister
JavaScript for Beginners Part II
In this video we use JavaScript to create an event listener, change CSS, and create an IF statement. Check it out!
Views: 52 Melody Chronister
How to Format Reports in Access (10)
This is one video in a series on Microsoft Access 2016. In this video, we cover how to format reports in Access, by changing the row colors, adding a footer label, and more! Check it out. Music by: Camtasia and BenSound.
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Microsoft Word: Adjusting Spacing, Alignment and Tab Stops
In this video we cover how to adjust paragraph and line spacing, how to align text, how to program tab stops, and how to indent text - programming indents if desired. Even for those already using Word, I encourage you to watch this - you will likely learn some new features yourself! Thanks for watching. Music by: BenSound
Views: 63 Melody Chronister
Web Version of Outlook
This reviews the web version of Outlook
Views: 401 Melody Chronister
Using WinSCP to Upload Files to the Web
Covers how to upload HTML files to the web via FTP/SFTP (file transfer protocol) using the free PC program WinSCP
Views: 137 Melody Chronister
How to Add Footnotes and EndNotes in Word 2016
In this video we learn how to add, modify, and remove footnotes and endnotes in Word 2016. This is one video in a playlist of great videos on how to take advantages of all the amazing features in Microsoft Word. Check it out! Music by: BenSound
Views: 42 Melody Chronister
CIS115 Outlook Voting Buttons
This video shows you how to use the voting buttons in Outlook, including how to modify the voting options, track when they read it, and tally the results.
Views: 122 Melody Chronister
Creating a Web Form Using HTML and CSS Part 1
In this video we review web form terminology and then use HTML and CSS to create the framework for our form; specifically using form, fieldset, and legend elements. We then use the label and input elements to start building text fields. This is part one of three part series on building and styling web forms.
Views: 227 Melody Chronister
Participate in Discussions Using Canvas
This video shows you how to post responses to discussion prompts, as well as how to reply to your classmates in the Canvas course management system.
Views: 35 Melody Chronister
How to Use Building Blocks in MS Word
This video is part of a series of videos on Microsoft Word 2016. In this video, we learn how to use building blocks to save A LOT of time formatting our document - check it out! Music By: BenSound and Camtasia
Views: 65 Melody Chronister
How to Create an Attachment Field in Access (14)
In this video we cover how to create attachment fields in our tables in Access 2016. Check it out! Music by: BenSound and Camtasia
Views: 27 Melody Chronister
@Media Query in Dreamweaver CC
We use Dreamweaver CC to adapt images to smaller screen sizes using @media queries in the CSS Designer.
Views: 164 Melody Chronister
How to Create Mailing Labels in Access (11)
This is one video in a series on Microsoft Access 2016. In this video, we cover how to create labels. Check it out! Music by: Camtasia and BenSound
Views: 13 Melody Chronister
Add Social Media to your Website: Twitter Profile and Hash Feed
In this video we discover how to use the widget tools Twitter provides to embed a tweet, integrate a Twitter account feed (profile timeline), and add a Twitter hash tag feed to our websites. Check it out!
Views: 49 Melody Chronister
Applying AND OR Criteria in Access
In this video we cover how to apply AND criteria and OR criteria in Microsoft Access 2016. Music by: BenSound and Camtasia
Views: 11 Melody Chronister
Creating a Table in Word
In this video we insert and format a table into our multi-column Word 2016 document. Check it out! Music by: Ben Sound
Views: 25 Melody Chronister
CSS Positioning and Controlling Stacking Order
We cover how to use fixed, absolute, and relative positioning to organize our web content. We also review how to control the stacking order of our elements using the z-index property. Fun times!
Views: 89 Melody Chronister

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