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How to Download/Install Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods Maps
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shitty SWBF2 tutorial.. new one will be made when I have time Step by step instuctions 1. go to http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/ 2. pick a mod map , these can be found here http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/files/Star_Wars_Battlefront/Maps;6083 3.Click download , then save in "My Documents" or your prefered file place (e.g desktop for quick access) 4. when its fishished downloading go to "my Computer" 5. then go into your "C drive" 6.Then click program files 7.Then go to into lucas arts 8. Then into star wars battlefront II and then Game Data 9. Then in game data make a new folder called "Addon" (If you dont already have one that is) 10. now go into "My Documents" or were ever you saved the mod you downloaded and double click it , you will need a program like zip rar to unzip the file. 11. put the unziped file into the addon folder you made earlier 12. now start your battlefront up and the maps will be in the maps list waiting for you to try em out! hope this helped :) A tutorial explaning how to download and install mods onto your computer when you have sucessfully installed your mod go onto SWBF2 and go into instant action and play it www.freewebs.com/mg12site
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MG-12 Clan Video
Xterminator and player1 take on the evil droid army on the Death Star Join (MG-12)today at - www.freewebs.com/mg12site Video by Xterminator
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The original stop frame animation was created in a workshop run by Ffotogallery based at Chapter in Cardiff, and hosted by artist Holly Davey http://www.chapter.org/cinema/index.html I made this very cool but simple animation , using photograms and running them together, then with the help of some very useful editing programs it went effects mad , it fits nicely with the music and took me a while to make and edit The music is by Tettix you can view his website here http://www.tettix.net/ Thankyou for watching and subscribe for more! :)
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MG-12 Recruitment Video
www.mg12.tk MG-12 is a friendly, active and cool clan on the game star wars battlefront 2 Join today at www.mg12.tk
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Star Wars BattleFront ---  300 Trailer
A secction of clip from STar wars battlefront II , star wars empire at war and the 3rd movie Please comment rate and most of all SUBSCRIBE! :) ~Minispecs
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Dex vs Zona 1 vs 1
Dex and Zona have an argument... 1 vs 1 specs allowed Music - Slam - Pendulum
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Lego animation
A little animation project i did with my freinds =]
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Modern Warfare Custom Menu Background
I will bring out a tutorial on how to do this soon, would of used a picture of a girl but I don't want the youtube video to get flagged.
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MG-12 Video 2
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[L4D2] - Too Cool For School TEASER TRAILER
A custom left 4 dead 2 map which I am working on. More videos coming soon. l4d2 left 4 daed 2 custom map zombies 28 months later
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3rd MG-12 Video
lots of clips of clone wars animation re-editing with a kicking soundtrack!
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Lego Work 2007-2008
Lego Animation clips from 2007 and a bit from 2008. lego anim,ation made by Joel Trew and Joe Ashill. All animation of Minispecs123 is Copyright © The UK Copyright Service and protected under UK and international law. Song - Goodbye Mr A by the Hoosiers -----Ignore the Below------- Lego Lego lego Lego Lego lego Lego Lego lego Lego Lego lego Lego Lego legoLego Lego lego Lego Lego lego Lego Lego legoLego Lego lego animation
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Left 4 Dead 2 - Too Cool For School [Custom Map](WORK IN PROGRESS)
My own left 4 dead 2 survival map I am currently working on. It is based on my own school st cyres. Big thanks to Ellis - Original Idea Joe - Keeping me motivated and loads of ideas. Tegan - Artist and did all the custom writing on the wall. Kyle - My scotish friend :) Hope you enjoy.
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A good Star battlefront 2 movie about a undercover rebel who attacks an imperial ship and.......... wel ou will have to watch it ;)
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