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My first time playing Gacha studio! :D
This is my first time playing gacha studio, so it took me awhile to choose all the cool new stuff to me! I really like this game, and I will definitely play it again! Bye everyone! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Meet peanut! πŸ₯œπŸ₯œπŸ±πŸ±
Hi everyone! Meet peanut, a little kitty i made out of yarn, and a few other materials. I originally got The package to make this last christmas, but i decided to start making it a few days ago because the finished picture on the Packaging was just too cute! I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and have a great day! Music: Get Outside! By Jason Farnham
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" Pumps for parties"- launchpad song by Vivian Naskov (me!)
Hope you guys like this new song I made, I will be definitely making more in the future!
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Helicopter dab
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Flipping sequins! Satisfying!
Hey guys! Today i thougth i would try out somthing calm and happy. So i decided to try flipping the sequins on my new poetry journal! I hope you guys like it, and comment down below if you want me to do more! Have an awesome day! Music: Locally Sourced by Jason Farnham
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Speed draw - baby wolf
Omg my hair got in the way way too much
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Cutiecorn - cute+unicorn
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Speed draw
a speed draw
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Speed draw - Kawaii face! (β€’α΄—β€’)❀
This is just a fun speed draw that i did because i was bored. Please * like, comment, and subscribe! *
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Speed draw of something
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Speed draw - fluffy creature
This is a fluffy creature named Jordan who lives in a magical world where he goes on adventures with his fluffy friends Ya
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Jelly the jellyfish is very happy that i got 10 subs
Yay thanks guys for 10 subscribers here is a happy video to celebrate that
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Welcome to my channel! 😁😁🌈🌈
Hi everyone! My dream is to make a youtube channel, and I am counting on you all to help! Thanks so much and have a great day! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ ( make sure you subscribe to my brother's channel, alexscichannel! (:
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Subscribe to my friend plz
Please subscribe to my friend. Her channel name Is gacha ocean their. thank you for your time.
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Slither.io gaming
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Mah face
This is mah face
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BLOOD MOON!!! 12 AM!!!
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Fun slideshow made for fun ( this is just for fun ) ok! Have fun!
Fufnufnfufnfuff fufnfufnfucfnffnfufnfuffnfufncufn
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Scary scarsyguw dufweqkgdeiehtqe
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Positive quotes to brighten your day!
Hi everyone! This took me a long time because all of the slideshow apps i tried out on my ipad were not working because Whenever i put my slide pictutes on the screen, the app just cuts off the sides of them so you cant see the quotes. But then i found one working app that did go a little too fast to read the quotes, and it was way too complicated so i couldnt Really change the time of each slide, so you may have to pause the video and take your time to read the quotes. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed the video, please subscribe for more! Bye! Music: i forgot lol
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I'm at the hotel room
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Devil heart - animation FlipaClip
Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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Future spaceship - launchpad song by vivian naskov
This is a cool 😎 launchpad song by me! Made with launchpad app on an iPad. Please be sure to get the awesome app!
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Messing around with my friend! : P
My best friend (Eesha) was having a sleepover with me and we decided to stick around! Stay tuned for more videos with my friend!
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Video number two: PILLOW FIGHT we decided to do what normal girls do... Fight in the PILLOW WAR!!!!!
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I sound weird on camera
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Speed draw - making a picture out of three markers!!!
In this video I tried to do a picture out of only 3 highlighter markers. Pink, green, and yellow. I tried to make it as Kawaii as I could, but I will let you decide if I did good or not! Comment if you want me to do a part two.
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Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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Chubby cheeks
Chubby bunny hunny luvvy
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