Videos uploaded by user “Tradies Virtual Assistant”
Highlighting Canva Text
www.tradiesvirtualassistant.com.au Make your text stand out even better on your graphics with Canva
Use ClickBook for Bookings From Your Facebook Fanpage
www.tradiesvirtualassistant.com.au A quick video just showing how you can integrate www.clickbook.net with your Facebook Fanpage to take online bookings for your services.
Quick Tutorial Making Up Facebook App Covers in Canva
www.tradiesvirtualassistant.com.au Use Canva to make up quick and easy app images for your facebook tabs on your fanpage
Changing Images on Your Facebook Tabs/Apps
www.tradiesvirtualassistant.com.au You may be wondering how to change the default images that show once you install facebook tabs (apps) on your Facebook Fanpage. I show you how easy it is.