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Samsung S8 screen flickers
I took the phone by the pool side, and took some pictures and videos. Got the message about moisture in the charging port, and don't charge the phone until it's dry. Didn't charge until 4 or 5 hours after, everything seems to work fine. BUT, the next day, the screen started to flicker, and then just won't turn on at all. Talked to samsung on the phone, they said it's water damage and won't cover it. But I checked inside the sim card slot, there is no red indicator. (checked per this: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-211242/)
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Denon AVR X6200W problems
Blu-ray input with 4K signal from Sony X700 player results in speckles flickering all over the screen.
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Driveway 2018-11-28 2am
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Frontyard 2018-11-28 2am
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2019 01 05 Illegal dumping of wheel - Gate
Showing the car driving by the house, prior to dumping the wheel at the front yard.
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Illegal dumping of a wheel
Someone just dumped a wheel on my sideyard... I have filed a police report for illegal dumping. I believe the license plate is either 5VSB902 or 5VSE902.
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