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Create Mailing Labels in Word using Mail Merge from an Excel Data Set
Create a sheet of Avery mailing labels from an Excel worksheet of names and addresses. Use Mail Merge to produced labels. Mail Merge 100s of Customers: http://youtu.be/LjBMzlf2HJs Add clipart to your mail merge labels: http://youtu.be/IueE4qm0PZM
Views: 1725526 Ralph Phillips
Making a Gantt Chart in Excel 2007
Using Excel 2007 to create a Gantt chart--a popular project management tool
Views: 945405 Ralph Phillips
Use Mail Merge to Generate Mailing Labels for 100s of Customers
Use a data set in Excel to generate hundreds of mailing labels for mass mailings.
Views: 108592 Ralph Phillips
Use a combination of concatenate, if, and counta to create a new string depending on a person having a middle initial or not.
Views: 57508 Ralph Phillips
Create a Motion Tween in Flash
Use motion tween settings to create an animation showing a ball bouncing.
Views: 94803 Ralph Phillips
Excel Functions: AND(), OR() within IF()
Two problems requiring logic functions and() and or() within an if() function. This is a solution to a CIS 235 quiz related to logic functions.
Views: 443990 Ralph Phillips
Center DIV Containers on a Web Page
Use CSS auto margin to center DIVS and other block elements on a page. Useful for making fixed-width layouts.
Views: 33166 Ralph Phillips
Use Word Mail Merge to Create Mailing Labels with Clipart Images
Add clipart images to your mailing labels when performing a mail merge. Good for mailing labels, name badges, conference name plates. Image your company logo on there.
Views: 16113 Ralph Phillips
Making a Gantt Chart with Excel
Use Excel to create a project management Gantt chart. An Excel 2007 version of this video is also in my channel.
Views: 1153699 Ralph Phillips
Use the DateDiff Function in an Access Query
Determine the number of days between two dates using the DateDiff function. Find out which customers had a rented movie out for more than a week. Grab my demo database at: http://www.ralphphillips.com/youtube/Best-Worst-Video-Rental-Database.zip The YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz_NEBvi4DI demonstrates using the DateDiff function to determine hours between a start time and end time.
Views: 56492 Ralph Phillips
Create an Update Query in Access
Use an update query to change the value of a numeric field in multiple records.
Views: 85174 Ralph Phillips
Intro to AND and OR Functions for Excel
An introductory look at using the AND and OR logic functions in Excel.
Views: 26528 Ralph Phillips
CSS Basics - HTML/CSS Part 2 of 2
Add some basic styles to a web page.
Views: 12732 Ralph Phillips
Create Access Database - Part 3 (Lookup Data and Forms)
Use the lookup datatype for a field and create a form for faster data entry.
Views: 117826 Ralph Phillips
Use Mozilla/SeaMonkey Composer to Make Web Pages
Use Mozilla/SeaMonkey Composer to Make Web Pages
Views: 64312 Ralph Phillips
Use Validation Rules and Validation Text in Access
Set validation rules and validation text for a particular field to improve quality of data entered. This example requires the data entry person to enter a date matches today's date or earlier.
Views: 74775 Ralph Phillips
IF Function to Calculate Overtime Pay in Excel
Use the IF function in Excel to determine appropriate overtime pay.
Views: 86107 Ralph Phillips
Download / Install Custom Font for PowerPoint Presentations
Download a new font off the web and install it on your computer so that it's available for use in PowerPoint, Word, and other Windows applications.
Views: 49807 Ralph Phillips
Use Meta Viewport for Responsive Web Sites
Use meta viewport as the first step to making responsive web sites. Demo file: http://www.sixminutessmarter.com/demofiles/webdev/viewport1.html Tutorial: http://www.sixminutessmarter.com/responsive-mobile/use-meta-viewport-for-responsive-web-design/
Views: 9003 Ralph Phillips
Create a Shape Tween in Flash
Use shape tweens to change the color, shape, and/or location of a merge shape.
Views: 93227 Ralph Phillips
Microsoft Word Skills to Make Newsletters
Use some basic features in Word to make a newsletter. Use paragraph borders, page borders, drop caps, columns, and word art instead of templates.
Views: 25552 Ralph Phillips
Create and Center a Horizontal Navigation Menu
Create a horizonal navigation menul using an unordered list, and center the menu on the page or container
Views: 41133 Ralph Phillips
Form Validation with JavaScript - Check for Multiple Empty Text Fields
Perform form validation and check for multiple empty text fields before the form can be submitted.
Views: 41770 Ralph Phillips
Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 1)
Use CSS to convert a nested unordered list into a multi-level, drop-down, cascading navigation menu. Centered navigation bar Demo File: http://www.sixminutessmarter.com/demofiles/webdev/cascading-menu-centered.html Fixed header navigation at top of page. Demo File: http://www.sixminutessmarter.com/demofiles/webdev/cascading-menu-fixed.html Center the Nav Menu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRJq1DqYcPs Block vs No-Block: http://www.ralphphillips.com/youtube/links.html Position Absolute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S1PtC4wRAg Z-index when Positioning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WisFFeOsMIs
Views: 510312 Ralph Phillips
Create a Movie Clip Symbol in Flash
Create a movie clip symbol with simple frame-by-frame animation.
Views: 24279 Ralph Phillips
Creating Web Forms - Part 1
Views: 10368 Ralph Phillips
Create Column Layouts with CSS Part 2: CSS Position Property
Use relative and absolute position to put elements of your page exactly where you want them.
Views: 36793 Ralph Phillips
Using Background Music with Flash
Start and stop background music with your Flash movie.
Views: 70226 Ralph Phillips
Retrieve Data from Database with PHP (Part 2)
Use a web form to retrieve specific data from a database.
Views: 44471 Ralph Phillips
Use Excel to Make a Personal Budget / Income Statement Part 1 of 4
Use basic Excel features like cell shading, format painter, relative and absolute references, and sum and average functions to make a budget.
Views: 12022 Ralph Phillips
Use a Delete Query in Access
Use a delete query in Access to delete a group of records from a table. Practice while watching with the demo file: http://www.ralphphillips.com/youtube/Access-Action-Queries.accdb
Views: 30339 Ralph Phillips
HTML5 Structure - Sections and DIVS
Use section tags and div tags to identify key structural parts, or sections, of your web page.
Views: 39651 Ralph Phillips
Use Display Inline-Block CSS to Create a Horizontal Nav Menu
Use display inline-block to treat a block element as inline while still retaining abilities to affect size, margins, and padding like it is a block element.
Views: 28842 Ralph Phillips
Create a Crosstab Query in Access
Create a crosstab query in Access to analyze numerical data by multiple categories. This example looks at total billable work performed by employees for several different types of work performed.
Views: 118612 Ralph Phillips
Use Excel to Make a Personal Budget / Income Statement Part 2 of 4
Use basic Excel features like cell shading, format painter, relative and absolute references, and sum and average functions to make a budget.
Views: 8122 Ralph Phillips
Insert Data into Database from a Web Form
Use PHP to insert data from a web form into a MySQL database.
Views: 119522 Ralph Phillips
Create a Find Duplicates Query in Access
Create a query to find duplicate entries in an Access table. This example looks for jobs that have been entered into a log involving the same employee on the same date.
Views: 15924 Ralph Phillips
Box Model Web Page Layouts with CSS
Use CSS floats and positions to create web page layouts.
Views: 24210 Ralph Phillips
Create a Landscape Page Within a Portrait Word Document
Create a single landscape orientation page within a normal Word document to insert a chart. Then, include footers.
Views: 23429 Ralph Phillips
Make a Basic Flash Animation and Add it to a Web Page
Use Flash CS4 to create a simple scene animation and then use Dreamweaver to include it into a web page.
Views: 148710 Ralph Phillips
Use Excel to Make a Personal Budget / Income Statement Part 3 of 4
Use basic Excel features like cell shading, format painter, relative and absolute references, and sum and average functions to make a budget.
Views: 6026 Ralph Phillips
Creating Access Database - Part 1 (Planning a Database)
Explaining the value of a multi-table database by looking at tables of data in a spreadsheet prior to getting into Access.
Views: 207262 Ralph Phillips
Basic Joins in Access Queries
Basic Joins in Access Queries
Views: 11714 Ralph Phillips
Display Data on Web Page from Database
Use PHP to retrieve data from a database and display it on a web page.
Views: 153552 Ralph Phillips
Use JavaScript to Hide or Show a Portion of a Form
Use a JavaScript IF Statement to hide the shipping part of an order form if it is the same as the billing part of the form. If statement called by an onclick checkbox. Demo file: http://www.ralphphillips.com/youtube/show-hide-fieldset.html
Views: 19051 Ralph Phillips
Excel Logic Functions - IF, AND, and OR
Using a combination of IF, AND, and OR functions to determine employee pay and bonuses.
Views: 368464 Ralph Phillips
Left, Mid, and Find Function in Excel 2007
This video demonstrates uses of the left, mid, and find function in Excel 2007 to pull out specific pieces of text from a longer text string.
Views: 43841 Ralph Phillips

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