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Marines Meet Lady Gaga Music and Dance
Troops at war trying to enjoy life as best they can
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Billy Joel "Goodnight Saigon" Vietnam Tribute
Bosphotoman This video is a tribute to my fellow Marines who served in Vietnam bosphorus
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Marines response to Harvard Baseball Call Me Maybe
rly Rae Jepson Song Call me maybe and allows the viewers to compare the troops dancing skills to those of the Harvard Baseball team or any other group that has posted a similar video
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Marines  Lean,Mean, Killing Machines  Fallujah 2004
Bosphotoman Marines took Fallujah in Nov 2004 the video is made to the Cosa Nostra song "Semper Fl"
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Just Dance Remake US Troops style Lady Gaga
Compilation of Marines at war having fun dancing and working hard at great sacrifice for us all
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Funniest "Marines and Soldiers at War" Video #3
Marines and Soldiers makling the best while at war and away from home
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Marines in Iraq - FOG OF WAR
Bosphotoman -- This is a faced paced video that shows the chaos of battle that our Marines encountered in the Battle for "Fallujah"
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Lady Gaga  "Born This Way". Marines ( some Army) at war
Fun salute to the troops and Lady Gaga and her stand on the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell
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Marines "Knights In White Satin"
Tribute Video to our troops and their families
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Marines Dancing 24K - Magic Bruno Mars
Marines dancing to Bruno Mars 24K Magic
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Ke$ha- Tik Tok-Marine Corps Style
Mostyl Marines, but some Army with clips of Marilyn Monroe and mick jaggar
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Combat  Marines "Moves Like Jagger"
Marines dancing to Maroon 5 "Moves Like jagger"
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Driving Thru Bostons Old Southeast Expressway 2003
Driveing thru Boston North to South on the old elevated Southeast Expressway, which was mockingly refered to as the "Worlds Largest Parking Lot" This video was made in 2003 shortly before it was closed and the Bid Dig opened
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Marines Hue 1968 &  Fallujah 2004
Marines battle for Hue Vietnam in 1968 and Fallujah Iraq in 2004. Both were bloody house to house room to room combat. Same as it ever was
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Critically wounded Marines and Soldiers bravely face their future
Song My Beloved by Sandra Crowley
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Tribute to Cpl. Scott Procopio
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Staff Sgt. Ruth Hanks commands the "Changing of the Guard" at Arlington National Cemetery
Staff Sgt. Ruth Hanks commanded the "Changing of the Guard" She was Outstanding!
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Call Me Maybe Cover -  Afghanistan - Iraq - US Marines
Mostly Marine dancing in the war zone and some clips of cheerleaders dancing to the same song Call Me Maybe
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Marine Corps Birthday / Funniest Video Ever !!!!
Marines clips from all over the world. Having fun and goofing around to kill time and fight boredom
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Marines vs Taliban
Marines and Nato Forces take it to the Taliban
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Lady Gaga "Edge of Glory" End of Don't Ask Don't Tell
Troops dancing in War Zone.This video is a compilation of dance videos posted by various troops while at war. As a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran I made this video as a way to say it is about time that we allow gay troops to serve and not have to lie about who they are.
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Cpl Nick Xiarhos Vietnam Vets Pay Tribute
This video is made as a tribute to Cpl Nick Xiarhos. It is made with love, and respect by his brother Vietnam Marine Vets
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Daughtry - White Flag Video Marine Corp Tribute
This is dedicated to all of USMC brothers of all Wars. This video spans Marines from Vietnam to todays war on Terror
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Telephone  Remake Marine Corps Style Lady Gaga
Remake of Telephone by Lady Gaga. I know its not all Marines but most of them are. Compilitaion put together from various sources. Enjoy. Made by a former Marine and Vietnam Vet. I have made many compilations before,This one is inspired by the great video a group of soldiers put together, including their very funny Lady Gaga type outfits
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Marine Corps Silent Drill Plt "Moves Like Jagger"
Compiliation of clips of the amazing Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoons, set to Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5
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Marines Revisited: Taking Fallujah Nov 2004
Compilation clips of the Nov. 2004 Battle to re take Fallujah
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Marine Corps Mocked by Army Soldier - Very Funny
This young soldier had just returned from Iraq and was having some good clean fun. I am a former Marine and take no offense to this. enjoy it and do not leave any malicious comments. This young soldier died in a motorcyle accident a few months later
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Joe Scarborough Shits on Keith Olbermann and vice versa
Olbermann shits on Joe Scarborough not knowing his mike was on
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Vietnam Vets Stolen Honor
Bosphotoman In 1972 John Kerry Spoke before Congress. He lied and exxagerated, war crimes and atrocities commited by American Troops. bosphorus
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Melrose MA Vietnam Memorial Dedication Nov 11th 1989
Dedication of the Melrose MA vietnam War Memorial Nov. 11th 1989. Located at Ell Pond Melrose MA
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Im Memory of Scott Procopio KIA Apr 2, 2006
Scott Procopio funeral in Saugus MA
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Gangnam Style Marine Corps & Army version
Gangnam Marines & Army dancing Style
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Bruno Mars 24K-Magic #2 Marines Dance Video
Marines dancing to Bruno Mars 24K-Magic
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Kat Von D Sexy, Fast Paced Video Mix
Kat Von D in all of her glory. Enjoy
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Marines & Army "Gangman Style" Fun Video
Clips of Marines Army and Full Metal Jacket
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Marine Corps Birthday Dance Video (Marines having Fun :)
Marines dancing, we love to celebrate our birthday Nov. 10th with a little dancing. Semper Fi, and Happy Birthday to my beloved Corps
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US Troops Dancing While at War
compilation of troops dancing and having fun
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Memorial day Tribute to Marine Corps 235 years of service
Tribute to the Marine Corps and especially to todays Marines fighting in 2 Wars
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Pyle eats donut
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Daughtry- Backbone (Official )US Marine Version
Tribute to brother Marines and their constant, strong BACKBONE
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Mad World
Comparison of the life our troops lead in Iraq and Afghanistan and the lives of ever day Americans
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Boston Central Artery Demolition
Demolition of Bostons Central Artery Photos are mostly from 2003 and 2004
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Dedicated to Sgt. Dakota L. Meyer Medal of Honor Recipient
Dedicated to Sgt. Dakota L. Meyer and all Marines and US Troops in Afghanistan. Sgt. Meyer is another recipient of the Medal of Honor. He makes all Marines proud
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Very Funny Video "Moves Like Jagger" Maroon Five
Clips of various movie stars dancing,set to the Maroon Five song Moves Like jagger
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Dancing with the Stars / Marine Corps Style
I believe these are the two best dancers who are Marines and who are on YouTube
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US Marine Sees Moscow, and its people. From the eyes of young Russian film makers
hpps://instagram.com/nerpafilm Made by a group of talented young Russian Movies Makers. They tell universally understood films about life, Watch them and enjoy
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Memorial Day Tribute to our troops at war
Tribute to the great sacrifice our troops and their families make tour after tour to war. T
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US Marines 237th Birthday Tribute. 4 Million have served
Happy 237 th Birthday. Video tribute to the 4 million Marines who have served this country since its beginning
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Keith Olbermann  Funny Goodbye Video
Having a little fun with the guy many "Love to Hate"
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