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Rocket by Beyoncé | Lap Dance by Jamaica Jornacion
Valentines Day Special in my Heels and Tease Class! Thank you for joining me Beasties! Song: Rocket by Beyoncé
Views: 160680 Jamaica Jornacion
Naughty Girl - Beyoncé Pole Dance
Pole Dance and Fitness Class at Brewing Point Dance Studio
Views: 1225804 Jamaica Jornacion
POLE JAM: Spins,Tricks and Drops!
This is my first pole video showing some of the things that my partner and I were practicing for the past 3 days. :) celebrating my 10th month of Poling! Enjoy :) Spins: Pretzel Spin Chopper to Scorpio Tricks: Allegra Gemini-Superman-Dove-Brass Monkey Twisted Grip Drops: Spinning Scorpio Superman Drop Yogini- Rocketwoman- Rocketman- Drop Song: Ay Chico by Pitbull ‎**I do not own the copyright of the music. All Rights remain to the legal owner of the music.**
Views: 2479 Jamaica Jornacion
Would You Mind by Janet Jackson | Sheena and Jamaica
Choreography by Sheena Vera Cruz
Views: 5009 Jamaica Jornacion
Unschooled - Tail Light by Kafani
choreographed by Jamaica Jornacion with my ladies: Lily Mae Cua, Andi Banez, Keiko Enriquez and Xyza Ragunjan special participation of the unschooled boys. hahaha! *sorry for the foul language :')
Views: 6769 Jamaica Jornacion
Oops oh my by Jamaica Jornacion UNSCHOOLED
with Lyn Calawod.. and oh Andrew aka "Jet Li". hahaha. unschooled training :)
Views: 3949 Jamaica Jornacion
Pole Combo - Batwing to Machine Gun
Old Training video at Bigshift
Views: 2228 Jamaica Jornacion
All the time by Jeremih - Jamaica Jornacion
Heels and Tease Class at Beast House Ph
Views: 1210 Jamaica Jornacion
Skin by Rihanna - Jamaica Jornacion
Heels and Tease Class at Beast House PH
Views: 936 Jamaica Jornacion
Ladies Sesh 2: Oops oh My!
Ladies seshhh every week. :) yuyaahhh! lezz push the movement girls. We are inviting everyone! And it's for free :)
Views: 2927 Jamaica Jornacion
POLE JAM: FREESTYLE -Don't Speak by No Doubt
Celebrating my 1st year of Poling! POLE ANNIVERSARY DANCE No 'woah' tricks and spins, just dancing from the heart. :) And yes, the song made me cry in the end. haha! Happy Valentines everyone! This is dedicated to my teachers and students. enjoy! **I do not own the copyright of the music. All Rights remain to the legal owner of the music.**
Views: 1685 Jamaica Jornacion
Come Over by Clean Bandit - Dancehall Class
Attended a fun Dancehall class in O School Singapore
Views: 1093 Jamaica Jornacion
Jamaica Jornacion: Tail Light by Kafani
during Unschooled rehearsals. haha! with my ladieesss Lily Mae Cua and Keiko Enriquez. :)
Views: 3245 Jamaica Jornacion
Shoulder Mount Combo
attempt on shoulder mount flip.. still messy :) "I do not own the copyright of the music"
Views: 4673 Jamaica Jornacion
Pole Session: Marion Amber
Good times with good people! Finally, we were able to do THE Marion Amber for the first time! need more practice thou.. :) It's time to BOOTYYYYSHAAAKEEE!
Views: 370 Jamaica Jornacion
Naughty Girl by Jamaica Jornacion
Ladies Sesh Unschooled Movement UP MANILA! thank y'all for attending my class :) enjoy!
Views: 2365 Jamaica Jornacion
Iron X Practice
Outdoor Poling! Practicing my Iron X and trying to hold it as long as I can! :)
Views: 503 Jamaica Jornacion
Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue Pole Dance
Pole Dance and Fitness Class at Bigshift
Views: 3807 Jamaica Jornacion
Kelly Rowland-ICE by Gerald Manangan
Attended his class! I love his style! He's awesome!
Views: 888 Jamaica Jornacion
Jamaica Jornacion - Pole Freestyle at EDEN
October 13, 2012 Gaea's Birthday Celebration
Views: 750 Jamaica Jornacion
Spinning Pole Combo - Carlie Hunter Tricks
Old Videos of Training at Brewing Point Dance Studio
Views: 730 Jamaica Jornacion
Pole Combo on Static Pole
Old Training Video at Bigshift. Superman, Scorpio Drop, Jamilla, Butterfly, Spinning Scorpio, Twisted Grip
Views: 3302 Jamaica Jornacion
Shoulder Flip to Brass Monkey
Legs are bit cleaner but need to polish the transitions. Never Give Up until it's Excellent!
Views: 1275 Jamaica Jornacion
Lance Santiago and Jamaica Jornacion Pole Duo
Rehearsals for PoleStars Malaysia 2012
Views: 688 Jamaica Jornacion
Back to Bed by Kat Alano | Pole Dance Jamaica Jornacion
Pole dance and fitness class at Brewing point Dance Studio
Views: 3435 Jamaica Jornacion
Marion Amber Practice and Funny Bodywave
decided to polish my Marion Amber on a Static and Spinning Pole.. I tried getting to the position without putting the knees together :) Hollah, I did it! :) Also attempted a Bodywave which i saw from Jenyne's video.. Small and isolated waves are sexy.. OH YES, NEEDED MORE PRACTICE ON THAT!!! *I do not own the copyright of this music*
Views: 442 Jamaica Jornacion
Jamaica Jornacion - Pole Fitness Training
Video by Beavision Active wear by Under Armour
Views: 1236 Jamaica Jornacion
Bad Girl by Usher
Heels and Tease Class by Jamaica Jornacion
Views: 620 Jamaica Jornacion
Shoulder Mount Split, Marion Amber, Fonji
Pole Combo on Static Pole Training. old Video at Bigshift DANKA
Views: 726 Jamaica Jornacion
Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
Choreography by Jamaica Jornacion. Follow us on instagram @beasthouseph @jamjornacion
Views: 822 Jamaica Jornacion
Ladies Sesh:UP Manila-Group 1
Elana, Jeans, Monique :)
Views: 429 Jamaica Jornacion
The Cat Woman - Jamaica Jornacion x The Anique
Introducing the new sexy wear from The Anique SG "the Catwoman" Video by Beavision
Views: 2362 Jamaica Jornacion
The Phoenix - Pole Trick
just polishing this trick.. need to "clean" my legs HAPPY POLING! *I do not own the copyright of this music*
Views: 707 Jamaica Jornacion
*I do not own the copyright of this music*
Views: 682 Jamaica Jornacion
unschooled movement! sorry for the late upload ladiesss! boobjob y'all! :) xyza, lily, monique, elana, jeans
Views: 719 Jamaica Jornacion
So Fine by Jamaica Jornacion
The Unschooled Movement Ladies Sesh University of Perpetual Help Las Pinas, Nov. 24,2010 Thank you for all the students who attended our FREE classes! Please LIKE The Unschooled Movement on Facebook for more details! :)
Views: 1275 Jamaica Jornacion
The Time Is Now - Moloko by Jamaica Jornacion
Heels and Tease Choreography Dancers: Pearli and Lance Studio: AcroPolates Singapore Instagram: @jamaicajornacion @beasthouseph
Views: 1470 Jamaica Jornacion
Lil freak-Usher by Jamaica Jornacion
LADIES SESH with Unschooled and ComOne Ground :) with my ladies: Karelle Fernando, Xyza Ragunjan and Lily Mae Cua
Views: 2178 Jamaica Jornacion
Jamaica Jornacion at the BOO-tylicious Halloween Party
POLE PARTY of our students from Brewing Point, Allstars Danceschool, Dance Station and Bigshift! POLE FREESTYLE to Alicia Key's Fallin' *I do not own the copyright of this music*
Views: 2012 Jamaica Jornacion
Devil's Point Shuffle Pole Trick
Old Videos of Training at Bigshift DANKA
Views: 1504 Jamaica Jornacion
Fonji to Scorpio Drop, Spatchcock
Old Videos Of Training at Bigshift DANKA
Views: 414 Jamaica Jornacion
Dance Class
Views: 492 Jamaica Jornacion
Unschooled New Breeds at CommUnity Rise 3
November 22, 2013 G-Strip Tomas Morato
Views: 525 Jamaica Jornacion

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