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Exposed maple cap = Faux binding for your Les Paul.
A few people have asked about this. I just had at it today. Worked out great. I'm very pleased:-)
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Used Guitars: Forget Fakes - This Is The Real Problem
I've been meaning to make some videos about the ins and outs of guitar trading as I've experienced it over the past few years. I understand that not EVERY market is the same, however, some things will be true across all borders. Not the least of which is, "WHAT MODEL OF GUITAR IS THAT EXACTLY?" Just USE GOOGLE. If you can't find it, keep on trucking.
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2016 Epiphone SG: Action Adjustment Anyone Can Do
This guitar is brand new, and belongs to a local viewer of the channel. This is 1 of two brand new guitars he's recently gotten and all I did was double check the set up and make a couple of minor adjustments anyone can do.
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You Should Take Pride In Any Guitar You Own
I traded the Deluxe Telecaster for this Gibson ES339, and as I cleaned it up, I began to muse about why I take pride in ownership of any guitar I've owned, and why I've worked so hard to learn to do it.
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Quick Look Inside & Out: 2017 Squier Telecaster Thinline 72'
I recently bought this guitar and did a quick string change and some setup work to it. I have since done a bit more work to come in a future video. This video is meant to give you a LOOK all around it, inside and out. In a future video, we'll see if changing out just the pots and switch and stuff makes any difference.
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Gibson SG Std: Refinished In TV Yellow Stain
FInally got through all the sanding and removing the swirl marks and sanding marks from course grits. Then I got onto staining it with a few coats of our custom mixed colour to mimic old time TV Yellow where you could see the grain.
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Gretsch Electromatic G5120: Bridge Saddle Rattle Fix
This is a cool guitar, with what seems is a common problem found among Gretsch Electromatic owners. I searched google and a common answer seemed to be adding springs inside the bridge saddles to increase tension on the screw. The screw is what causes the rattle. It seems either the tolerance or wear over time has caused the hole to be slightly oversized. This fix seems to cure about 95% of the problem, short of just buying a new bridge.
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Apologies & Corrections: Store Manager Les Paul Video
I felt like I needed to make a video to both apologize and correct some of the facts in the video about the Red Les Paul Studio sold by a store manager.
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What Are The Best Tuners To Replace Gibson G-Force?
...Without devaluing your guitar;-)
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Using D'Addario Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuners for the first time.
Read my little review below:-)These tuners are pretty cool. They lock and automatically trim your strings. In practice, I see these as being mostly gimicky at best. I'd prefer just to cut my own strings if I'm honest. This took way longer to string up than any other set of tuners I've ever used. Granted it was the first time, I still think the entire affair is a bit needless. Just get a pair of wire snips and regular old set of locking tuners for my money:-)
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Installing Fender Locking Tuners: 2015 US Standard Stratocaster
This is such a simple upgrade to do to any Strat. It takes 5-10 mins and all you need is a 10 mm socket.
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2014 Taylor 214 CE: Spring Setup
This guitar is about 2 years old and its never been set up. The neck was bowed way back and it was buzzing a bit. Big clean up and setup and she's singing like a bird again. Love the tone of these Taylor's. So bright!
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2012 Les Paul Studio: Won't Stay In Tune
This belongs to a friend of a friend, who's the lead singer for a band called NEVERFRIEND (sadly misspelled in the video at the end). She complained it wouldn't stay in tune. A few simple tweaks and a properly strung up guitar, should solve most of the problem. Stretching the strings before every performance will also help:-) (That's Paul Gilbert's advice BTW) (Link below corrected) Check out the clip at the end of the video in it's entirety here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AhoKgTMFac (I don't want to get pinched for copyright) :-)
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How To Identify Wiring On Mystery Humbuckers
A Youtube Friend of mine was looking for some help with this so I thought I'd share it with everyone. I too remember the first time I had to try and work this out..frustrating when you don't know how:-)
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Japanese Electric Guitar Found At A Yard Sale - Major Overhaul: Part 3 - DONE!
**Please see WIRING CORRECTION HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGA3_ASJkOE ** In this final installment, I finish putting together the guitar and give a brief sound test that should more than give you an idea of what it truly sounds like. It's a crispy clean sound sample with nothing but some reverb. Surprising sounding guitar, give I know what these pickups sound like in a Gibson with a different bridge, glued in neck, and scale length. Hmmm?? Tonewoods anyone...???;-) Part 1 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ77hiNwErg Part 2 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqZ2Unm0OuA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLwyQ6RBoUB/?taken-by=woodeso_guitar_mods ****ATTENTION: THE PICKUPS WERE WIRED INCORRECTLY IN THIS VIDEO. WHITE AND GREEN GET SOLDERED TOGETHER. RED IS HOT. BLACK AND BARE ARE GROUND. MY BAD FOLKS. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR POLES. NORTH AND SOUTH. VERY IMPORTANT.****
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Dummy Coils: Was I wrong?
Someone kindly pointed out I may have left out some stuff and may be leadin you astray? This is the Schematic I used: http://frettech.com/dummy/strat-rwrp-dummy.gif
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Fender Blues Deluxe: Reverb Fix
You could do this same thing with pretty much any reverb. Check the connections first, clean out the tank, and it's connections, and try it out. This apparantly is a common problem with these Fender's and I can see why, becuase of the type of RCA lead used. I found that pinching mine closed a bit helped and it seems to be rock solid the last couple of weeks.
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DIY How-to Headstock logo's in mins - Redux
How to easily recreate or make your own custom headstock logos. Here's how!
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Sprucing Up A Beatup Old Strat: Part 2 - DONE!
A freind of mine had been itching to repaint a guitar for himself. This series of videos details only my involvement in helping with the upgrade. I disassemble, and reassemble it for him and do all the set up work and a complete fret job. It turned into a really nice player with the new Texas Special Pickups that seem to be from a US Deluxe Fender Stratocaster.In this final video, I finish the electronics install, and setup the guitar for Rob to finally come get his guitar. He's pretty pleased with the final result and so am I. He did a great job with the paint for just his second attempt, after seeing me do it a few times. He worked it out for himself and that's what I hope people watching my videos will be inspired to do as well. Find out what works best for you and just get doing it!
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Killswitch Installed: 1979 Vantage { VA900(?) }
I'm fairly certain I've nailed this down to being a VA900. I think..;-) Anyway... couldn't stand the hole that had been covered. Don't care for coil splitting. So I decided to use a brand new mini toggle switch and make it into a smiple on/off kill switch. Works great and now finally this guitar doesn't look cobbled together, but rather something that might have emerged from the factory in 79, (serial number dates 1979). Needs new tuners and a new nut. Then it'll be perfect.
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2015 Gibson Les Paul Special: Tempted Away From Richard
Obviously if you follow the channel, you know this is now my guitar. Yep I wheeled and dealed until Richard couldn't take it anymore and let me have it. But at the time of filming this, it was technically still his. It never did leave here;-)
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MIM Strat: Frets, Neck, Setup. (2003?)
I think this is a 2003? MIM Strat. According to the serial Number MZ31.. Anyway.. Boy was the neck bent and frets super uneven. Had to completely level the frets and recrown them. Good polish, a set up and she rocks now. Anyone heard of Alexander Pribora Pickups? These sound fuggin GREAT! http://www.priborapickups.com
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Japanese Electric Guitar Found At A Yard Sale - Major Overhaul: Part 1 - Disassembly
My friend found this old Vantage Japanese guitar at a yard sale for $40. He bought it, ugly as it was and brought it to me to refinish. Then he offered to just give it to me....
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Fender Blues Deluxe Reverb SUCKS!: So I Upgraded It.
I finally ordered a brand new Reverb tank for this Fender Blues Deluxe, which despite it's connection problems, has always been rather lackluster. I chose the MOD 4EB3C1B Reverb Tank and it's a HUGE improvement. I recommend this upgrade to anyone who owns one of these amps.
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Gibson Les Paul Studio: Resto-Mod DONE! GOLDTOP
I finish everything left to do in this video over the course of a couple of weeks. I tried to avoid any more parts of the video than necessary and just get to the finished product already. Far from perfect in anyway, it's much better than it arrived. I leared a lot and I'll definitely do another one. I hope you try something too! All the finishing stuff I used is in this picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGF5n4YEMSy/?taken-by=woodeso_guitar_mods Watch the entire series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVWcsYNkVNyv3pIkTTaotlVAZQNwqVQfL Check out the progress pics here: https://www.instagram.com/woodeso_guitar_mods/
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2016 Squier Standard Telecaster: US Standard Pickups Installed
I got some used US standard pickups used and decided to throw them into this Squier Standard Tele. Big difference.
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Static? Don't Throw Away That Old Practice Amp Yet!
You may be able to just clean it back to life. Maybe;-) In the case of static, it's almost always just dirty pots or dirty electronics. 9 times out of 10 almost you can spray off all the electronics and pots and inputs and switches and wiggle all the dirt out. Compressed air would work as a follow up for really dirty stuff. It completely cured this 2002 Fender practice amp.
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Japanese Electric Guitar Found At A Yard Sale - Major Overhaul: Part 2 - Tru-Oil and Bits.
In Part 2, I finish final sanding the body and do something about the finish on the neck. I put 4 coats of Tru-Oil all over the body and cut a new trussrod cover from some scavenged rosewood.
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2015 MIM Strat: Trussrod Adjustment
This is another brand new guitar brought in by a local viewer of the channel. It needed just a minor trussrod adjustment. Trussrod Wrench sizes for Strats and Tele's. MIM 3/16 USA 1/8 Import 4MM
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You will ALWAYS want the Gibson.
I think we all either secretly or not so secretly want the Gibson. Here's why I think that:-)
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2013 Vox AC15C1: Always Factor In New Tubes $$
I picked up this used Vox AC15 on the promise that the owner had changed the tubes. Well he did, sort of and well. I factored in the cost of new tubes. I've owned dozens of Vox's of all kinds now and they've all needed NEW TUBES. The factory tubes are junk and seem to rattle sooner or later. I love these amps otherwise, but the tubes??? Garbage. But otherwise a bitchin amp.
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Korean Squier Strat: Went Away & Came Back.. (Year Unknown)
And had it's Mint Green Pickgaurd swapped out for a nice white 3ply one. Which, I concede looks way better:-) Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7pKhyQcVkA
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Peavey Valveking 112: Input Jack Repair
30 mins to dissasemble and 30 seconds to fix. Apparantly this is a common problem for Peavey owners. It was an easy fix for someone who's never opened up an amp like this before. EVER. Googled some stuff and it looked easy, so I tried. You should too:-)
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Demonstration of how to WIRE a dummy coil for a Strat.
I realize some may need a more detailed video for this sort of thing. I'm actually wiring in the dummy coil this time so you can follow along. It's still very simple:-)
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MY 50's Tribue Les Paul: Gets Grover 18:1 Original Locking Rotomatics
So... er um, I got my Les Paul back. And I upgraded it some more:-) These automatic locking tuners are awesome. 18:1 is a big upgrade from the stock 14:1 Grovers. Nice smooth feel to them. Easy to dial in a note.
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DIY ABY Pedal Build: Using Recycled Parts
I had all these parts laying around and a genuine need for this ABY function. So I googled the image of the schematic, tried it and it worked. I worked out what the schematic was doing by following the signal chain and the obvious ground chain. Then each switch has two states and each are controling two different functions. Very easy build. Skip the simple AB pedal and build and ABY.. I have never built a pedal before and this took me one hour or so. Give it a try if you have some spare parts laying around or a broken pedal you can repurpose.
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Quick & Dirty Experiments: DIY Lacquered Rosewood fretboard - part 1
In this video, I try to prep and lacquer a Squier Strat with rosewood neck. I have a few problems. Rickenbacker has been doing this for ages and I like the look!
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Fender Moulded SKB Case: Crack Repair
Once I poped out the crack and had it lined up, I used some glue as a temporary clamp and heated up the crack with a soldering iron. Little forward movements all along the crack to push the plastic into iteself and rebond. Worked great for a first time attempt.
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2013 Fender Lonestar Strat Deluxe
I liked it so much, I bought it:-) Chappers and the Captain reviewed these back in 2013. Go check out their video for a good demo of this guitar's sound! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JesTKVR_yY4#t=1.591304996
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A Guitar isn't a Mythical Creature
If guys in the car community have been doing this to cars for years and years and years....why is this such a big deal to guitar guys???
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2001 Epiphone SG Ltd Ed: Perfect Guitar For Church
My friend Mic got herself the deal of the century on this cherry condition All Black Limited edition 2001 Epiphone SG Standard. I set it up and clean it up for her to play. She does a lovely job of demoing how good it sounds clean at the end.
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CRAZY NICE Japanese Strat: Shielding & Demo
Richard lucked into an amazing trade on this Japanese Strat that was a bit noisey when he got it. I put in sheilding not expecting much in return, but to my surprise it seemed to shut it up almost completely! Great guitars, as many many people will say. If you lay your hands on one, buy it.Anyone wondering about the amps.. Black one is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the other a Fender Blues Deluxe. Both 1x12, both 40 watts.
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"Back In Black" Gibson SG Standard 61 RI - Body Repaint: Part 1 Tear Down
SORRY: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT'S TAKING YOUTUBE SO LONG TO RENDER MY VIDEO IN HD??? It's time for this fine guitar to be put back in as good order as we can get it. So instead of trying to blend paint, we're redoing the entire body in black. This is just the tear down. Much more hilarity to ensure:-)
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Tele-Tuesday: Channel Update:-)
Oh boy have I got a stunner here. Have a look!!
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'08 CV Squier Strat: She's MINT Bro!
It is always my intention that you'll read anything in my titles after the colon: with a hint of sarcasm;-) This one was on Kijiji advertised as all original and mint, except for an upgraded pickgaurd and back plate. That shouldn't be any cause for concern should it?
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95 HSS Squier Strat Upgraded: Fender Tuners Installed
Some of you may recognize this from earlier videos. It's Mic's red Squier Strat. We upgraded it to HSS with a new pickgaurd previously and now she wants to improve and stablize the tuning. She picked up some Fender staggered tuners and we installed them today.
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Jr: Dummy-Proof Guitars Mods
As is clearly demonstrated by this dummy, these mods are simple to do and can improve the look and functionality of any guitar. This guitar didn't need anything. This video was just for fun:-)
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I Lost My Mojo: May I Please Have It Back?
If you're a regular viewer you know there has been a significant slow down in the number of videos I put out. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe just a long winter. I'm investing in improvements for the channel so I'm not going anywhere! I have spent nearly $5K in the last 4 months upgrading EVERYTHING. New camera, new lighting, new audio equipment, guitar lessons. I'm coming and I'm coming hard kids! Now where the hell did I leave that mojo? Anyone know.... anyone? Bueller? Bueller?? Anyone read these things? I always felt hella bad for the poor car. Even if it was a movie prop....Audio recorded with: Sennheisser e906 & SM57Focusrite Scartlet 2i2 2nd genFender Blues Devile Amp.... Dialled ALLLL the way up! Bit of reverb and delay for good measure. Gibson Les Paul Custom - 2013
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Crimson Guitars TOOLS! ARRIVED!!
My tools arrived. Some surprises good and bad. MOSTLY GOOD! Catch me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NelsonJeronimo And Instagram: https://instagram.com/woodeso_guitar_mods/
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Gibson SG Standard Refinish: Strip
So... this F#$KING SG has been here for months. It was mine then it wasn't. Then it was. Then it wasn't. Now it's NOT and I'm finally just re-doing the entire thing instead of trying to match black paint to what Gibson calls "black". Which isn't really black, but some shade of greyish black?? Anyway.. it's all gone now!!
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