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Trapped and Trolled
CTK Family migrates into K172 and after an 8 hour Wonder War, they decide to try and zero our offline members. They mess with the wrong one, and get trolled hard at the end of the video. Rallies Trapped!
Views: 17971 Dirty Jokerz
Siege Wedge
The Truth about Siege... They are overpowered af! Especially when you have the true "Siege Commander" leading the rally.
Views: 7095 Dirty Jokerz
D~J, AoW, MFM, FTW, and 1CE Quintuple and Sextuple Rally on K185
D~J, AoW, MFM, FTW, and 1CE take a break from fighting each other to zero a couple of turfs with quintuple and sextuple rallies!
Views: 13475 Dirty Jokerz
D~J Rally Trap Eats a Quad K165
Trapping from Steel Alliance guild 6IX, Epic Rally trap feasts on a quad rally!
Views: 8092 Dirty Jokerz
Legendary Rally Trap
Eleven Rallies Ate over the course of a night on K182 by mystery Rally Trap... Starring Mic C
Views: 5932 Dirty Jokerz
[M44]Valkyrie Zeroed by The Steel Alliance
From The Steel Alliances War with M44, CAO, FBF, and CTK on K94. One of our many zeroes against them. Video is an Oldie but goodie, haha!
Views: 12478 Dirty Jokerz
The Steel Alliance hits an Epic Rally Trap
Not the first time we have tried this awesome rally trap. So many bands later and we still keep trying! haha
Views: 15416 Dirty Jokerz
D~J Member Traps from M~J on Alt Baby Trap
Even our traps have traps...
Views: 13287 Dirty Jokerz
D~J Rally Trap Eats Triple Rally
Dirty Jokers rally trap chillen in K168 till 3 idiots decide to test him out. Dethrone gets straight Rekt. Dirty Jokers official call out on ]M[ to come and fight on K148, instead of just run their mouths and make excuses.
Views: 11855 Dirty Jokerz
The Steel Alliance Zeroes 912 Million Might D&K Player
D&K sent a crew to K148 to harass The Steel Alliance. They have been attacking our alt guilds and farms. We aren't having it, time for some revenge!
Views: 4203 Dirty Jokerz
Burning at Baron
Dethrone Burns at Baron, and ]M['s official answer to DJ's call out!
Views: 5887 Dirty Jokerz
Sucks to Suck!
Gold Champ Player in his war gear zeroed on K320 by The Steel Alliance.
Views: 2192 Dirty Jokerz
The Most Climactic Leader Rescue Ever!
The Flying V formation has been proven to be the single most effective method for releasing leaders during KvK when your guild mates hit a trap! Try it out... Quack Quack
Views: 2199 Dirty Jokerz

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