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DIY haircut tutorial High & Tight
All you need is scissors, electric clippers and attachments 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. A lot easier than you think.
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"Toy Story 2" movie review
My review of one of my favorite animated films of all time. Toy Story 2. Enjoy!
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Aaron vs Gabe part 2
Finally filmed and finally edited!
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"All Things New" 2013 Old Paths Bible Baptist Church Christmas Choir
2013 OPBBC Christmas Choir Songs: Down in the City of David Angels' Gloria O Holy Night Hallelujah Chorus
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Remember Us    (A Christian Short Film)
A short film about the persecuted church in Belarus.
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time lapse of stripping and rewaxing a room.
First we: 1. Put down liquid stripper and let sit for 5-8 min, which allows it to cut into the wax and down to the tile. 2. Then we scrub it with a scrubber. 3. Then immediately suck up the stripper and wax with a machine which we call, "Snuffy" 4. Then immediately put down a heavy rinse of floor cleaner and hot water. 5. Repeat step 3. 6. Then put down final rinse which is straight water. And then let air dry. Waxing: Wax one coat let dry. Repeat 4x.
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OPBBC "Joy & Peace in Believing" Christmas Choir 2014
OPBBC "Joy & Peace in Believing" Christmas Choir 2014 Be Not Afraid! The Messiah is Born! Tell Me the Story of Jesus 'Tis the Lord And the Glory of the Lord
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"A Face in the Crowd" Movie review Feat. Jonathan Quatro
Classic Rewind Review of the unknown classic, "A Face in the Crowd" Starring Andy Griffith.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Piano Theme
Me playing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on piano. It is slightly abridged. First time editing a music video together.
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"Cape Fear"  film review
My review on the original, 1961 film, "Cape Fear" starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum.
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Hallelujah! 2013 Christmas Choir
The Hallelujah Chorus from our Christmas choir at OPBBC. Amazing. Worth watching.
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It's a Wonderful Life review  Feat. Jonathan Q.
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Alligator at Mayaka River State Park
Alligator at Myakka River State Park, in its natural habitat.
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"The Cowboys" Movie Review
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WNY Snowvember in Buffalo/Alden
Snowvember in WNY! Filmed on the 18th and 19th of November. State of Emergency in all of Erie County. Driving bans in most of Erie County.
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"The Rocketeer" movie review feat. Jonathan Quatro
Our thoughts on the 1991 Disney action film, "The Rocketeer"
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"Daredevil Theme" piano cover
Taught myself by ear the theme to the awesome Netflix show, Marvel's "Daredevil". Enjoy! 80% of the playing was done with my eyes closed beneath the mask, which I could barely see out of anyway.
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Swimming at the Hidden Waterfall
Me and my good friend Jonathan go swimming in some very, very cold water at the "Hidden Waterfall".
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My top 10 favorite films
These are my top 10 favorite films. Enjoy and leave comments below!
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"The Giver" Review Feat. Jonathan Quatro
My in-depth review of the fantastic film, "The Giver" Feat. Jonathan Quatro
Views: 121 Aaron
Poison Apples
Beware of eating Poison Apples. Made this one shot a couple years ago. Uploaded for Nathan Q.
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The cowboy
The cowboy who was sentenced to die... Trailer
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Throwing the Shield
Me testing my shield throwing skills. Almost like the Captain himself!
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"Spiderman" trilogy review
My review of the great "Spider-Man" Trilogy. Enjoy!
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Michael Thomas Parkinson part 2
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the revengers
Spin off of the Avengers teaser Trailer
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"Star Trek Beyond" in depth movie review
My review of the newest Blu-Ray release. Star Trek Beyond!
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"More than Duty"  Outtake Reel
Here are some of the outtakes on "More Than Duty". Enjoy.
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BatVid Diary:  Entry #3
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Captain America: Civil War Movie review (SPOILER FREE)
Captain America: Civil War Movie review I did after seeing it on Thursday night! Enjoy! And Comment!
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Aaron vs Gabe
Aaron and Gabe face off for the first time!
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BatVid Diary:  Entry #2
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Monarch Butterfly hatching from chrysalis.
Full video of a Monarch Butterfly hatching from its chrysalis in nature.
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Captain America the Super Soldier
Just a little trailer I made. Go Captain America!
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"Air Force One" review
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first flight
My first take-off on a jet. I seem a lot more calm than I was feeling.... The girl and her boyfriend next to me, were a good help. lol Just watch the vid, and you'll understand.
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More than Duty trailer 1
The new trailer for the short film, " More than Duty"! Coming soon.
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More than Duty trailer 2
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Sunset at Seneca Lake on July 24, 2015
1 hour video sped up to a finished video of 1 minute. Enjoy.
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BatVid Diary:  Entry #1
Views: 64 Aaron
Top 10 honorable mentions
The ones that didn't make the list.
Views: 63 Aaron
MORE THAN DUTY (Christian short film)
Hoping to save his wounded commander, a young soldier dares to attempt a rescue mission that may very well cost him his life. a REED production 2013
Views: 659 Aaron
"No One is the Same" original
I love you
Views: 148 Aaron

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