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Straw Light Clay - Alternative to Straw Bale Construction
This video shows the advantages of alternative building with Straw Light Clay (SLC) - Similar to both Cob and Straw Bale - simple and easy construction for green building
Straw Light Clay - Alternative to Straw Bale Building, Craik, SK
Building our new house from SLC (Straw Light Clay). Wind and sun were enough today that we didn't need the generator for power. Great alternative to straw bale construction. See how it's done...
Homemade Screen Door - Off-Grid Straw Bale House
A home made screen door - beautiful design that anyone with a little wood working knowledge can make themselves for under $50
Mixing / Applying Stucco on a Straw Bale Alternative House
Recipe and instructions on how to mix and hand apply stucco on a straw bale / straw light clay / SLC off grid house construction
Articulated Wind Turbine Tower  - 3kw Whisper 500
Demonstration of a homemade articulated 35 ft wind turbine tower for a 3KW Whisper 500 turbine.
Cement Mixer - Homemade 45 Gal Drum - DIY
Demonstrating a homemade cement mixer used to pour 9 cubic metres of cement for greenhouse floor on a offgrid, alternative built straw light clay (straw bale) studio for Riverstone Studios.
2017 Straw Hybrid House Update
An updated post to the building progress on our SLC (Straw Light Clay) Off-grid hybrid house. I call it a hybrid because there are so many purists out there when it comes to "off-grid". This is our version of building a dream home. Portions are built using a Straw bale technique called SLC while some portions are mixed with 2x6 construction. - As much as possible we try to use reclaimed and repurposed materials. - We build with the cash in our pocket. - We don't hire trades - If we don't know how to do something - we learn. That's the adventure of it :) - This isn't for everyone - and that's awesome - find your passion and go for it - We're just sharing ours!
Riverstone Studios Straw Light Clay Building How To
How to build alternatively with straw bale using straw light clay method or SLC. This in depth video shows step-by-step how to use any type of fiber to infill walls. SLC originates back to Germany over 700 years ago and is one of the most diverse, simplest forms of alternative construction well suited for northern climates. How we built our SLC Tumbler. Download free instructions from http://www.tribenaturalliving.com/SLC-Tumbler-Plans.pdf Feel free to email us directly from our site at https://riverstonenaturals.com or ask a question in the comments section below if you have any specific questions. We've spent a lot of time, effort, and research ourselves to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of SLC. Also, CMHC here in Canada has great information: http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/odpub/pdf/63928.pdf?fr=1353817759673. Google search "CMHC SLC" Cheers!
Homemade Cement Mixer - Offgrid
Home built cement mixer from a 45 gal drum. Mixing cement for a green house connected to a alternative straw light clay built studio/home.
Green Homes: A tour of how we live & work off grid in our straw bale home - Riverstone Studios
A tour of how we live & work off grid in our straw bale home - Riverstone Studios showing the interior of our home/studio, wind turbine, solar panels, and the finishing work in our home. This is our version of Green Living. What's yours? A lot of comments are asking about building codes. We live in Rural Saskatchewan Canada. Our particular Municipal Government required building plans and a business plan for sustaining our livelihood on a section of land they deemed as the "Eco-village" which allowed us to be pretty flexible with our building style...the catch - In order to build a building not recognized by building code means: no banks & no insurance! Lending institutions want proof of insurability so they rely on insurance companies...Insurance companies want low risk so they rely on building codes and passed inspections. Permits were taken on our gas connection but the rest of the build we did ourselves. Because it is non commercial and rural, we are allowed to wire and plumb ourselves. We are not connected to municipal water or to provincial electricity, so again, there are no governing bodies with direct interests in our build. If you are interested in seeing the Before and After of our house go here: http://riverstonestudios.blogspot.ca/2010/08/two-steps-forwardno-looking-back.html
Building an Arched Door for under $300
How I built our 8' high x 36" wide custom Arched door for under $300 using standard 2x8, 2x4 lumber and hardware from Lowes and Home Depot (this video was NOT sponsored by them - just for info on where I found the parts)
Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap
How we make our Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree soap. Wanna try some? Find it on our store here: https://riverstonenaturals.com/shop Find out about our friends local made Activated Charcoal here: http://www.titan-projects.com/
How to build a Tumbler for Straw Light Clay (SLC)
How we built our SLC Tumbler. Get free instructions - just send us a note through our "contact us" on our website below and we'll email them to you. Check out our website at: https://www.riverstonenaturals.com and see what makes us tick :) Feel free to email us direct from our site or ask a question through the comments section below if you have any specific questions. ***Please note: On blueprint, please size the drive belt according to your barrel size. This could vary from 100" - 200" in circumference**** We've spent a lot of time, effort, and research ourselves to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of SLC. Also CMHC here in Canada has great information: www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/odpub/pdf/63928.pdf?fr=1353817759673. Google search "CMHC SLC" Cheers!
How to Fix a Shorted or Broken Electrical Cord
Just a vid showing how I fixed a broken cord on a HoMedics PA-100 Percussion Massager. Shorted or broken wires are the most common problem and a simple fix on lots of household appliances. Most can be fixed rather than throwing them away.
How to Easily Trim / Cut Shingles - Riverstone Studios
Much faster, safer, and easier way to trim / cut asphalt shingles than the traditional method of using a blade and straight edge.
Green Building - Mortgage Free - Dream Home Update
Showing the building progress of our dreamy greeny home. We are building a 3000 sq foot dream home off the grid with mostly recycled and alternative materials. Passive solar, huge attached sun room for growing plus a small root cellar for cold storage. Vaulted ceilings in the living room with exposed 34' laminated beams and upper lofts curving around the northern exposure of the house. The crew: 1 man, 1 awesome woman, and 2 great kids!
Service Check On An Articulated Wind Tower - Small Wind Power
Yearly service check and detailed look at the articulated wind tower we custom built for our 3000 watt Whisper 500 turbine
Straw Light Clay Building Update - Oct. 2013
This is a short update of our construction progress on our new studio/home in Craik, SK. We live in a Eco-Village. We produce 100% of our power off grid, harvest rainwater, supplement heat with wood and home school our kids. All while working on building our Eco-Body Care business on the road.
Does Your Skin Breathe?
Our largest organ has a few more holes in it than you might think but they aren't used for oxygen absorption. Surprisingly, our skin repels water but can eagerly absorb oils, minerals, and certain vitamins. Testing varies greatly and although not definitive, dermal administration is getting to become a larger body of study. This should also raise the red flags that say our bodies are oblivious to chemicals we come in contact every day. A misconception is that our skin actually breathes and you can die by suffocating it - totally not true, but it did make for some fantastic film trivia namely Wizard of Oz and Gold Finger. Interested in where I got my info? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorption_(skin) http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/information/health-factors/can-your-skin-help-you-breathe.htm And if you're interested in checking out what we make you can do some shoppin' over here: http://www.riverstonenaturals.com/e-store/
Off-Grid Power - A glimpse into one day
Generating our own power and what its like to live off-grid. Is it good / bad or otherwise? Are we living in the dark ages or are we "Boldly going where no one has gone before"?
Can You Live Off-Grid with Solar and wind?
Lots of people pretending to be living "off-grid" and lots of failed attempts. What does it actually take financially and family wise to live a lifestyle of producing your own power when you've never been self-reliant before? Are you pretending to play house or do you really desire to do what needs to be done to make it a reality? Are you willing to burn the boats and if so, do you have the finances to do it? Neither is right or wrong - just remember to not bash those on either side of the road and know what your costs are - financially and emotionally.
Organic Natural Deodorant - Riverstone Naturals - How its Made
How we make our organic natural deodorants. Because 90% of what touches your underarms is absorbed into your body, we use only 100% natural, organic ingredients. We make 30 tins at a time - small batches - individually measured and labeled just for you. Each cream deodorant is packaged in tin - not plastic or aluminum to maintain the highest quality of All natural care for your skin. We ship around the world. If you live in North America, visit our online store at: https://www.riverstonenaturals.com/e-store/
100 Days Raw Vegan / Healing Fibro
My 100 day raw vegan update. Why I did it, what I learned about food cravings, testing foods, and my desire to naturally heal fibromyalgia, celiac, IBS and food sensitivities.
How to Upcycle / Recycle Windows
How to give new life to windows destined for the trash. We are building a house using reclaimed double glazing from other people's throw aways. Total savings for building our dream home: About $10,000 - Total savings for keeping the glass from the land fill - priceless!
2Wire DSL Router Frequent Lost Signal Fix
How to fix a 2Wire DSL Router that frequently loses signal due to heat. I also show how I solder and permanently connect wires together when doing projects like this. Biggest problem we've had with the 2Wire router is overheating. This is a huge problem that I'm seeing on a lot of electronics. I wish manufacturers would spend a couple of bucks more and install additional cooling fans right from the start. Overheating by far seems to be the issue we've had with consumer electronics.
How to Turn Off Check Engine Light Without a Code Reader
Turn off the Check Engine Light without any special tools for FREE. Before you run to the shop with your vehicle, make sure there is actually something broken with it. Sometimes check engine lights turn on simply because of cold weather, a poor start, condensation, etc. A good rule of thumb that I use is if you can, find out what triggered the error - why did a sensor fall out of spec range. If it isn't something blatantly obvious, then reset it. If it triggers again - you know you have an actual problem that warrants further investigation. Going to a shop first will most likely cost you money for possibly something that isn't broken.
Riverstone Naturals Give Away
3 - $50 gift packs up for grabs - Review any and all of our products on https://www.riverstonenaturals.com/e-store/. Every review from now until Feb 13, 2016 will be entered to win. Winners will be announced Feb 14th on YouTube and Facebook
Green Juicing Quick Tip - Spinach
Ever wondered what to do with the fibre you throw out after juicing your greens?
Whisper 500 Wind Turbine - Replace Diode - Burned Charge Controller
Our wind turbine charge controller just burned a diode and died. Luckily, we had an old charge controller to junk for parts. Southwest Wind Power has always been in my good books - but I'm starting to lose a little faith in their products.
Riverstone Naturals Red Pepper Cilantro Green Juice
3 Fistfulls of Spinach or Kale 2 Cucumbers 4 Carrots 1 Red Bell Pepper Fresh Cilantro (about 10 sprigs) 5 Celery Stalks Interested in finding out more about us? Curious about our straw bale, off-grid studio / house? Check out: https://www.riverstonenaturals.com/e-store/ https://www.riverstonenaturals.com
Homemade Automatic Choke Small Engine
How I built an automatic choke for our generator using an electric door lock from a car. Our generator with electric/remote start originally came with an automatic choke (which eventually failed). Unable to find parts, I decided to build my own so that I could start our backup generator from the house using the remote start key fob without having to be next to the generator to manually hold the choke closed. Here's how I did it...
How We Make Our Natural Skin Care Lotion Bar
A quick overview of how we make our famous lotion bars with Organic Extra Virgin Coconut, Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Grapeseed oils. All the goodness for your skin - without the need for antifreeze, water, alcohol, or anti-bacterial preservatives like many store bought hand and body lotions. Be Different!
Why Shampoo Should Be Banned
So imagine starting with a bad product that damages #hair, #irritates #skin, heightens allergic reactions and can't be shipped without alcohol and anti-freeze. Do you give up and call it a bad product? Hell no! You double down baby! You modify the bad ingredients to be gentler (but now have known #carcinogens), and keep adding more moisturizers and volume enhancers to cover the damage being done from the bad product - sounds 'bout right! #eczema #sulfa #psoriasis #riverstonenaturals #banthecrazy This video is oversimplified and everything is thrown into one pot to try to wake people up to reading and understanding what exactly is in their products. I didn't get into details of what products are ethoxylated (which is where dioxane contaminate can occur) so don't get all sciency on your comments people - If you get it - awesome. This vid is for getting people to question how stuff is made and why certain chemicals are chosen over others. Simple, nice, easy to read and flashy selling points are placed on the front of the labels, but it's time companies start putting easy to understand ingredients on the back. Unless you have a good grasp of both botany and chemistry, the ingredient listing don't mean much to most people in it's current state in North America. Let's change that!
Biodegradable Packaging - Everything Should Compost
What if we looked at the end result 1st. Stop looking for #recycling to be the answer. Recycling is a band-aid patch that allows companies to package in the cheapest or #worst forms possible and #society and #governments to #cleanup their mess. What if we #banned products that were packaged in laminated or mixed materials? What if we charged a levy to companies to handle their #packaging wastes? I think we'd see revolutionary changes overnight!
Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally - Fibromyalgia, Celiac, IBS, Autoimmune
Add this kick'n Orange Ginger Turmeric Smoothie to your natural healing rituals. A smidge of freshly cracked black pepper increases the availability of the curcumin (the powerhouse nutrient) in turmeric root so that your body can be the freak'n warrior ninja it was meant to be! Your body will love you for it! How to make Orange Ginger Turmeric Smoothie: 8 oranges, peeled 4" fresh ginger, peeled and sliced 2" fresh turmeric, peeled and sliced or 1 tsp ground turmeric a smidge of fresh cracked black pepper (not ground pepper from a store) * Blend well for easy digestion and enjoy * Repeat often
Learn Guitar in 1 Day
Tune the guitar to the following starting on the top string: E A E E B E so changing from the traditional tuning of EADGBE you raise the D to E and drop the G to E = super easy 1 and 2 finger chording (I) E chord = 2nd fret/2nd string (IV) A chord = mute top string - rest open (V) B Chord = 2nd fret/2nd and 3rd strings (VI minor) C#m = 4th fret/2nd and 3rd strings (II minor) F#m = 2nd fret/1st string - mute 2nd string
Feeling Stuck In Your Routine - Audrey Taylor-Faye
How do you move forward when you feel stuck in your routine, like you are not growing, bored and complacent? You've got what it takes - the passion, the stubbornness, the tenacity to fight for what you want. One simple step is all it takes for a healthier you, a happier family, a better life.
Best Job in the World - Working with your spouse
In light of many small, successful organic companies being bought up by big mega companies...we thought we'd show you how we do it in our "production facility". Although this video was done for fun, it ACTUALLY IS daily life for us. Someone told us our products are so good, we better get ready to go big. Someone else worried about us being able to have the same quality and feel when we get big. In answer to both of those, we believe there are 1000s of small local companies like us with terrific products. We're not out to become the next BIGGEST thing. If we have to sell out to reach more people, that means we've lost the vision of why we left the corporate world 10 years ago to do this. Our heart is education, collaboration, and helping people make healthy choices for their own benefit - not ours...and in doing so, our family is taken care of. Let's raise the bar on our expectations of "natural, locally made, organic" skin care - keep it small and support those who are supporting your family's well being first. We say by local first, but if you do want to check out any of our products and see what makes us different for yourself we're at: https://www.riverstonenaturals.com/e-store/en/ We ship anywhere in North America - Sorry friends in other countries :(
5 Minute Easy Ginger Green Juice - How to
Many thanks to http://www.bensound.com/ for their song "Memories" on the backing track. Please check out their music tracks and support them. Easy Peasy Ginger Green Juice - Perfect for quick morning nutrition. Packed with Chlorophyll, Phytosterols, Vitamin A, C, E, B6,K, Omega 3,6, Calcium & Iron. Prep Time: 5 minutes Check out all of our juice and smoothie recipes at: https://www.riverstonenaturals.com/blog/?cat=239
Photography Inspiration
When you get to the point as an artist of feeling like you are only as good as "the last shoot"...You need to take it back as a hobby. Life is too short to miss out doing things just for fun. Hope these shots can give some inspiration to a few of you - If there is anything I've learned in photography, it's this: "Pose your subjects - Throw those shots away and keep the ones you secretly took 1 second before you asked them to smile and 1 second after you said you got the shot"
Riverstone Studios Pottery 4
Riverstone Studios Pottery video 4 of 4 Steps and process in creating high fire earthen ware from clay How God sees us from simple clay to works of art
Beautyfull Chaos - Living an Amazing Life in the Midst of Chaos
Have you ever thought there should be more in your life? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Kelly Taylor-Faye: A musician, programmer, backyard mechanic, photographer, and graphic designer. Kelly spent almost a decade chasing the American dream that left him in a miserable state close to suicide. After some radical changes to their life, things began to settle down and shortly after, he and his wife Tracey conceived their first child. Half way through the pregnancy they discovered their unborn son had a life-threatening disorder. Three days later they discovered Tracey had terminal cancer. Audrey Taylor-Faye: A potter, painter, dancer, legal secretary, and photographer, Audrey became friends with Kelly's wife Tracey while the couple was dealing with terminal cancer. Audrey and Kelly were later to become husband and wife only to discover that life wasn't getting easier, it was destined to get harder. Join this couple on an unbelievable journey of self-awakening to the world around them. Using simple techniques, they have learned how to hack life to a whole new level of happiness. Discover their secrets of not only living through what life throws at you but how to thrive in the midst of it. Told through a warm and heartfelt true story of their lives, discover the tools they've developed to reverse engineer true happiness. http://tinyurl.com/jfqyaz2 Available on Amazon.com and www.riverstonestudios.ca
Don't Wait to Make a Change
Don't wait for Cancer or some other disease to slap you in the face to for a lifestyle change. Make a change now. It hurts. It will cause you to lose friends...and the old stories you've lived with are going to have to die...but its worth it! You got this
Defining a Good Life
Everyone has their ideas of success. Grind hard. Push till you make it. Outwork your competition. We start every day the same way - Yoga and meditation, coffee, business meeting, packing and shipping orders, making stock / homeschool teaching / web development. No matter what the Tony Robbins of the world may say or think - Life is really simple...It's not about the destination - It's about the drive and who you choose to travel with.
Results are in and the Tribe has spoken! Huge thank you to all you peeps that gave your voice in our survey. It's incredible when you feel aligned to group you love! Mucho amor!
Riverstone Naturals Write Review Winners 2016
Thank you to everyone who participated and continue to leave us reviews. We greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about Riverstone Naturals. Our winners of the Leave a Review contest are: Debra, Rocanville, SK - LOVE it! - Tooth Oil Bradley R, Eastend, SK - Soothing - Healing Salve Janelle J - Love! Love! Love! - Purple Deodorant Congratulations everyone. We have found the addresses of the 3 winners in our database and we'll be sending out your gift packs this week so please watch for them in the mail. A huge thank you to everyone again for all the awesome reviews. Thank you for helping spread the word.
Vlog : Fibro Food Sensitivities
Learning to listen to your body and test for severe food sensitivities.
URBeautyfull rewards - How to Collect and Use
Every time you purchase from Riverstone Naturals - you automatically receive URBeautyfull points. No cards, apps, numbers, etc. EASY!
How to Check Your URBeautyfull Points
If you are a Riverstone Naturals customer, you automatically receive URBeautyfull points. This video explains how to check how many points you have available in your account
Day 1 - After Easter Detox Smoothie - Audrey Taylor-Faye
Holiday food hangover... feeling like crap after family, fun and challenging food choices. In this video, I share my go-to detox Berry Basil Smoothie and some tips on how I deal with fibromyalgia, IBS, autoimmune, celiac and food allergies after Easter holidays. Much love, Audrey

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