Videos uploaded by user “Moving Like Gonzalez”
Corner Store Clerks Rule the World - Moving Like Gonzalez
Created by https://www.renderforest.com
Club Rat5 - Medusa'5 Stare (No Vox)
Next Wave Dance Banger By Medusa'5 Stare. "Club Rats" No vocals until we rent a wicked studio mic.
Disorder Live at the Avant Garden - Moving Like Gonzalez
Josh Gizmo Raymond, Jak Drum and Lukas Ra Live at the Avant Garden. follow up show sept 20th at 9:00
No Shelter Remix- Moving Like Gonzalez
Remixed and Remastered with a brand new video to boot! footage from "The Avant Garde" 729 gore ave. Jak Drum , Josh "Gizmo" Raymond and Lukas Ra
No Shelter Live at The Avant Garden - Moving Like Gonzalez
Josh "Gizmo" Raymond, Jak Drum, and Lukas Ra Live at the Avant Garde.
Ephemeral - Medusa'5 Stare
Ephemeral- Medusa'5 Stare Track 12 on A sports car Called Desire
Blue Monday Live at the Avant Garden - Moving Like Gonzalez
Josh " Gizmo: Raymond, Jak Drum and Lukas Ra Live at "The Avant Garden"
Corner Store Clerk Rules the World - Moving Like Gonzalez
Original by Moving Like Gonzalez Written and Produced By Gizmo and Ra
Club Rat5 - Medusa'5 Stare
Club rats full version with vocals! by Medusa'5 Stare
Blue Monday Lukas RA
Cover of Blue Monday by New Order (Orgy)
How soon is now _ Medusa5 Stare
How soon is now, original by the smiths
Bizarre Love Traingle - Moving Like Gonzalez
New order cover live at the avante garde
Enjoy the Silence
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (cover) ny Lukas Ra from Medusa's Stare
No Shelter
Original by Medusa'5 Stare (Games N Theory) No Shelter
No Shelter
Long time original written by Lukas Ra and Samson Tataryn. 8 tracks of guitar go into this song to make a wall of sound feel, Courtesy of Josh "Gizmo" Raymond. Bass and synth by Lukas Ra, Produced by Lukas Ra
Love will tear us apart - Medusa'5 Stare
Joy Division cover
Medusa'5 Stare - A Sports Car Named Desire
Track 1 from upcoming album from Medusa'5 Stare Album (Demo version) continuing a Legacy of Electronic Rock Music started by Games N Theory.
My Chalice (No Vox) -  Medusa'5 Stare
New EDM banger by Medusa'5 Stare. Josh Raymond on Guitar Lukas Ra on Synth.
Medusa'5 Stare   Sweet Dreams cover Vape Lounge July 17
Audio from the first ever Medusa'5 Stare set at the Vape Lounge July 17th, cover of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (Marilyn Manson)

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