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Terri Trespicio - first ever standup at Gotham Comedy Club
Recorded at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC 8/26/15. I feel like I should let you know...this was my very first set. Ever. It's not my best, certainly.
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8 Words You Should Never Start Your Talk With
Why should you not introduce yourself? Because no one cares. Yet. Please avoid saying these 8 words, and focus on giving the audience something they actually want to hear first. Trust me, if you're good, they'll want to know who you are.
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Terri Trespicio hosting reel
Just some funny shit rolled together in one.
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How to find your key brand message
It's one thing to have a business; it's another to have a brand. Figuring out what that brand is can feel like giving yourself a haircut. It's hard to get the right perspective! But there's nothing more important because messaging is EVERYTHING. It's where everything begins.
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Nail Your Brand & Revitalize Your Business
Having a brand identity crisis? I can help. In this half-day workshop in NYC on July 10, 2015, I will walk you through the steps so that you can figure out who you are and what you have to offer. REGISTER NOW! Space is limited. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/nail-your-brand-revitalize-your-business-a-half-day-workshop-tickets-17542205208?aff=es2
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terri trespicio at GOTHAM COMEDY CLUB
Gotham contest show, Oct 5, 2015 I placed third!
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Wake Surfing - How I Ate it Hard on Lake Hopatcong
I went camping recently. I say that casually, as if it’s so normal for me, when it’s so not. But regardless, I went camping—legit slept in a tent, ate meat off a stick, the whole thing. I was with a big group of friends and on the agenda was a lot of boat-related activities: water sports in the morning, and chilling out on Lake Hopatcong on a pontoon in the afternoon. I had concerns, most of which had to do with not being near land, and also I get very seasick. Now, of course I know you can take something so you don’t get sick, and I do all of that, but I experience a pervasive unease at being in the water too long. Period. I have a point in telling you this, and it’s not “what I did on my summer vacation.” It’s that what I learned from this one summer day is that I overestimate and underestimate what I can do, and it has to do with expertise vs. ability. (Read rest of post here: https://territrespicio.com/wakeboard/ )
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Terri Trespicio SPEAKER REEL
Terri Trespicio is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor, and works with individuals and organizations to help nail their messaging and engage clients, customers, and fans. Her TEDx talk, “Stop Searching for Your Passion,” has earned more than 4 million views. She was recently named by Hubspot as one of the “Top 15 female speakers who are killing it” (she came in at #2—Oprah was #8), and cited as one of the world’s leading creatives by Creative Boom magazine. An in-demand speaker who presents at conferences across the country, Terri was rated the #1 speaker at Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit and How Design live. A former magazine editor and radio host at Martha Stewart, she has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Anderson Cooper Show. Her work has been featured Oprah magazine, Marie Claire, Jezebel, Prevention, Business Insider, Forbes.com, and Inc.com. She’s the co-founder of Lights Camera Expert, LLC a media strategy education company, with Emmy award-winning TV producer Paula Rizzo. She’s also creator of the online course Tapped to Speak, and the Tapped to Speak LIVE event. both designed to help you land your stand-out signature talk. Terri’s also a stand-up comic, and has performed all over New York City. You can catch her at such popular venues as Caroline’s, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Dangerfields, Gotham, and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Terri earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College and recently won first place in the Baltimore Review‘s 2016 literary contest for her essay,“The Rules of Boxball,” and is currently at work on a book of essays. She lives in Manhattan.
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TEDxLincolnSquare Host Terri Trespicio
This is a 20-minute reel of Terri hosting the 2018 TEDxLSQ event in New York City.
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Tapped to Speak LIVE with Terri Trespicio - June 7 & 8, 2018 - NYC
Want to crush it on stage at a conference or event...and maybe even take the TEDx stage? You don't have to have a certain personality or style. But you do have to have something to say. Find out how to land your message powerfully and memorably. Join me for Tapped to Speak LIVE -- a transformational, two-day workshop event where we'll get the smartest, best part of you out of your head...and onto the stage. If you've got TEDx on your bucket list, this is a must. For more info and to reserve your seat, visit tappedtospeaklive.com.
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Uncover your big idea with Terri Trespicio
Terri Trespicio is a brand advisor and speaker consultant who helps authors, experts, and professionals identify what they're really trying to say and stick the landing on their stand-out signature talk. Find out why people love working with her.
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Terri Trespicio   New York Comedy Club   July 15 2016
I wish I could take this crowd wherever I go.
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Terri Trespicio - Media Reel
Highlight reel for media professional and former Martha Stewart editor Terri Trespicio.
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Single women in NYC
Clip of Terri Trespicio's standup at Carolines 12/5/16
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Trump's cabinet
Clip of Terri Trespicio's standup set at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC.
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Terri Trespicio at Carolines December 5 2016 - full set
Post-election stand up. First set since the apocalypse was set in motion.
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How to find your TED worthy idea
Inside every great talk, every TED WORTHY talk, is a discovery. A realization. An idea that's both universal--and uniquely yours. How to find it? Ask yourself better questions. Here are a few to get you going.
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How to Be a Media Magnet - FREE COURSE
Media is a game changer. It not only changes how others see you; it changes how YOU see you. You don’t need previous media experience, a book, or an agent to become a go-to expert. We can show you how. We’ve done this for tons of experts...and for ourselves, too. Check out our FREE 3-part video course, “How to Be a Media Magnet,” and get the attention you deserve. Learn to think like and pitch to producers and editors so that they come back to you, again and again.
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My real problem with men
Clip of Terri Trespicio's stand-up set at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC.
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Delivery can't save a mediocre talk
Most public speaking instruction focuses on the delivery. Sure, you need great delivery. But you need the words first. When you can land a message that's universal AND uniquely yours? That's a gamechanger.
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Does your brand stand out? See if you qualify for a FREE evaluation
I'm a brand advisor and content developer. It's what I do. I can look at your brand and tell you in very short order what's working...and what isn't. See if you qualify for free brand evaluation.
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Tapped to Speak LIVE with Terri Trespicio
Speaking from the stage is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business and your brand. Discover what attendees of Tapped to Speak LIVE with Terri Trespicio uncovered in this dynamic two-day event. For more visit tappedtospeaklive.com
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How to Get and Keep Media Attention NAPO2017
In this engaging, info-packed, no-nonsense workshop, media pros Terri Trespicio and Paula Rizzo will show NAPO conference attendees how to: --Create your camera-ready brand by leveraging your skill and personality to stand out from the pack --Craft a killer pitch from your existing content and ideas that snags media attention --Crush it on air—and get asked back! --Cultivate strong media relationships that keep you top of mind—and a go-to expert
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Struggling to explain what you do is costing you business. Time to turn that around. Stat. This 3-part workshop happens THIS AUGUST 10, 17, 24. Join from anywhere. A few hot seats left!
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Create compelling video - a convo with Terri Trespicio & Paula Rizzo
Why is video a must? Because in 2019, video consumption will account for 80% of web traffic. That's a LOT. Emmy award-winning TV producer Paula RIzzo explains why it's worth doing well.
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Want to be a TED-worthy speaker?
You want to do more speaking. But you don't want to just be a good speaker; you want to be TED-worthy. What if you could walk in with a few half-formed ideas...and walk out with YOUR TED-worthy talk? That would be something, wouldn't it? Join me for Tapped to Speak LIVE June 7 & 8, 2018 in NYC. You'll never look at a stage the same way again.
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Tapped to Speak LIVE in NYC June 7 & 8
What if you could devote TWO DAYS to crafting YOUR stand-out signature talk? I can promise you, you'll not only love doing it, you'll leave there on fire to GIVE IT. Join me for Tapped to Speak LIVE June 7 & 8 in New York City. Get your best ideas out of your head and onto the stage.
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POWER LUNCH w/ Terri Trespicio
A bite-sized branding & business workshop for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and moonlighters who want to start kicking butt and taking names—and still have time to eat lunch. Each week, insights into how to shape, distill, and breathe life into the brand you have or the one you want.
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Brown Bag Pitch Lunch with Terri Trespicio
Today, Wednesday 9/21 from 12:00–1:00pm ET, Terri will be hosting a BROWN BAG PITCH SESSION! (She’ll be riding solo today as Paula will be busy in the newsroom, booking experts for TV!) --Learn some tips for creating sharper, fresher, more focused pitches --Find out how to make YOUR pitch more compelling --Live, on the spot coaching --Get your questions about Lights Camera Expert answered Plus, of course ask any questions you have about how this course can help YOU, and start your wheels turning around how you might pitch the media. APPLICATIONS FOR LIGHTS CAMERA EXPERT CLOSE FRIDAY 9/23! Learn more and apply now at http://lightscameraexpert.co
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The 3 Tenets of a TED-worthy Talk
Want people to not just listen to your talk...but remember it? You need three things. Sure, you can do a talk without one of them. But you can't blow them away without all three.
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Tapped to Speak INTENSIVE testimonials
Jennifer Barrett and Krishna Pendyala share why they decided to enroll in Tapped to Speak INTENSIVE with Terri Trespicio (territrespicio.com/intensive).
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Build a Personal Brand that Attracts New Business NAPO2017
In this engaging, hands-on, no-nonsense workshop, NAPO 2017 conference attendees will learn to: --Identify and articulate what makes you different—and turn that into a brand --Leverage your brand messaging online and elsewhere for more clients --Generate fresh ideas for brand-centered offerings and services --Become a heat-seeking missile for new business --Compel someone, in an instant, to choose you! ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Terri Trespicio is a branding strategist and media coach who works with individuals and businesses to develop powerful and effective messaging and content. She’s also the co-creator of Lights Camera Expert, an online course that helps entrepreneurs and experts build their media brands. A former senior editor and radio host at Martha Stewart, she’s an in-demand speaker and recently delivered a TED talk at the largest TEDx event in the country that has earned over a million views. She has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Anderson Cooper Show. Her work has appeared in Jezebel, XOJane, Marie Claire, Prevention, MindBodyGreen, and DailyWorth, among others. More at territrespicio.com.
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Standup at The Metropolitan Room
Here's the set I performed at The Metropolitan Room in September 2015. Fun fact: Kate McKinnon of SNL was in the audience of this show (she was there to watch her fabulous sister Emily Lynne who also performed). I hear she laughed at a few of my jokes. I can die now.
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