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ASMR Measuring You (Very Relaxing)
A very relaxing and calming ASMR measuring of your face, shoulders, neck, and arms with a measuring tape by a friend for an art project. There will be another video in this art project series soon :)
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ASMR Measuring Your Face for Relaxation
Relax as I measure the features on your face for relaxation :) Includes face measuring, hand movements, visual triggers, personal attention, pen sounds, soft spoken with some up close whispering. https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Soft Triggers + Whispers for Sleep
Relax to the softest ASMR inducing sounds and calm, soft whispers. I wanted to compile the softest relaxing sounds I could create along with some quiet whispering :) Hopefully these ASMR soft sounds are very relaxing for you to fall asleep to! Some sounds included are soft cotton package, water spray/mist, soft velour pillow, slow tapping, brushing, and soft gentle whispering.
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ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam (very relaxing)
A very relaxing ASMR cranial nerve exam! Includes glove sounds, eye exam, face exam, ear exam + hearing testing, ear to ear whispers, light triggers, personal attention, spray sounds, visual triggers, soft spoken. https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay
Relax and get your energy healed and cleansed with lots of plucking, pulling, hand movements and personal attention. I hope you find this reiki energy cleansing relaxing :)
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ASMR Measuring You
Today you will be getting fitted and measured for a new jacket! Includes - personal attention, measuring with measuring tape, pencil sounds, soft speaking.
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ASMR Relaxing Your Mind
Relaxing and calming your mind to a blissful state of relaxation :) Including- ASMR soft spoken positive affirmations, hand movements, face touching, face brushing. Sometimes, we just need a little help relaxing our mind and quieting our thoughts. I hope this video helps you feel relaxed and at peace. https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay for Positivity
Cleansing your energy with Reiki including plucking and pulling the negativity, hand movements, positive affirmations, reading your aura, personal attention, soft speaking and whispers. I hope your energy feels cleansed and that you feel relaxed and full of positivity after this :)
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ASMR Eye Exam Roleplay (Light, Eye Chart, 1 or 2)
Today you're having an ASMR eye exam that includes following the light, tracking your eyes, reading an eye chart 1 or 2, and answering some medical questions.
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ASMR Eye Exam (eye chart, light, 1 or 2)
A relaxing ASMR eye exam including reading an eye chart, 1 or 2, light triggers, personal attention, writing sounds, soft spoken. My ASMR podcast- https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay for Sleep
Cleansing your energy for sleep with an ASMR Reiki healing session including lots of relaxing hand movements, pulling plucking away negativity, transferring positive energy, positive affirmations, and soft speaking.
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ASMR Face Exam
You're at the doctor's office for a face exam. Dr. Juliet will be examining your face with gloves, measuring your face, and giving your face an overall check up. ASMR Face Measuring Roleplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_XQQzC68NQ
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ASMR Hotel Check In Roleplay | Typing Sounds, Whispering
Welcome to The Chocolate Inn! I hope you find your stay very relaxing :) Today's ASMR video is a hotel roleplay where you are checking into a bed & breakfast, The Chocolate Inn. As the hotel receptionist, I'll be going over your reservation details including your room options, what the inn offers, and the spa at the hotel. Includes whispering, personal attention, typing sounds (keyboard sounds), and mouse clicking sounds.
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ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam for Vampires
There you are. Part 2 of my ASMR Halloween special... Happy Halloween! https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Ear Cleaning Roleplay | Massage, Brushing, Lotion, Ear to Ear Whispering
Today you are here for an ear cleaning and massage! Includes binaural ear cleaning, ear brushing, ear massage with lotion sounds, deep ear q tip cleaning, personal attention, and ear to ear whispering.
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ASMR Face Brushing + Face Touching with Soft Whispering
Relaxing face brushing with different brushes along with some face touching and soft whispers. I hope you find this ASMR face brushing relaxing for sleep :)
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ASMR Fixing You (Sci-Fi Robot Repair)
ASMR robot repair - fixing you before the storm. Includes lots of different triggers such as brushing, face touching, hand movements, scratching sounds, metal sounds, sci-fi, special effects, visual triggers, soft spoken. I've been working on this for a little while as a thank you for 10k subscribers! Thank you all so much for subscribing and for your kind comments. I really do appreciate them! I hope you enjoy this ASMR sci-fi fixing you video :) https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Impersonations of Other ASMRtists
Today's ASMR video is a bit different today! I thought it would be fun to try some impressions of other ASMRtists' intro/style. I find accents very tingly in ASMR videos so I thought I would give some a try :) ASMR channels mentioned: Latte ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQe2Y7V-C9bNMAcCJCBvzQQ Pelagea ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNlMeUt5nOTQ-yfjXzRKVKA Gibi ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q ASMR Glow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFmL725KKPx2URVPvH3Gp8w Chynaunique ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbpfb0DCFzjsQ18aQQXXyIA ASMR Darling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCikebqFWoT3QC9axUbXCPYw Be sure to like this video if you'd like to see a part 2 with more artists! This is just for fun and I hope this puts a smile on your face :) My podcast - https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Memory Erasure
You'll find lots of ASMR light triggers, personal attention, positive affirmations, soft speaking, visual triggers, and keyboard sounds in this video!
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ASMR Guided Relaxation
ASMR guided relaxation including soft speaking, hand movements, soft ocean sounds, + visual triggers. I hope this makes you relaxed and sleepy :)
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ASMR Robot Repair | ASMR Fixing You 2
You are a robot in need of repair... again. Don't worry though, I will fix you! Includes lots of personal attention triggers, metal sounds, soft speaking, face touching, robot cleaning and robot repair special visual triggers and effects. Robot repair videos are some of my favorite to make! I love adding in special effects and making a fun sci-fi video :) Let me know in the comments if I should make a part 3!
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ASMR Hypnosis for Sleep
Fall into a deep state of relaxation and sleep with this #asmr sleep hypnosis. Includes hand movements with long nails, echoed words, soft whisper, soft spoken, face brushing, personal attention.
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ASMR Spa Roleplay | Face Treatment, Personal Attention, Lotion Sounds
Enjoy a relaxing ASMR spa treatment complete with a face massage, face brushing, lotion sounds, face touching, cleansing your face, face mask, and whispered personal attention.
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ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep
In today's ASMR video, I will be helping you fall asleep by softly touching your face, brushing your face, brushing your hair, giving you a face massage, and whispering to you.
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ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep on a Rainy Night (Personal Attention, Soft Spoken, Soft Rain Sounds)
It's a rainy night and you're having some trouble falling asleep! Includes personal attention, face touching, cotton rounds, cleansing your face, applying moisturizer + hair mask, combing your hair, soft speaking + whispers, soft rain sounds. I wanted to make a relaxing rain video for sleep that was dimly lit so here we are :) For me, rain can be very calming to fall asleep to. I hope you enjoy the gentle rain sounds and personal attention for sleep.
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ASMR Sleep Treatment
Fall asleep to this super relaxing sleep treatment featuring 3D binaural triggers and soft speaking. Includes ear brushing, up close whispering, sponge sounds, cottons, face cleansing, bead sounds, lid opening, tapping, gloves, face touching, soft whispers.
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ASMR Most Relaxing Personal Attention (face brushing, face touching, positive affirmations)
Pampering you with some personal attention and positive words :) Includes face touching, face brushing with different brushes, positive affirmations, visual triggers, soft spoken. I hope this brings some positivity to your day :) https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Visual Triggers (Face Touching, Brushing, Tracing, Stipple)
ASMR visual triggers included: face touching, face brushing, face tracing with a pen, stipple, cotton pads, hair brushing the camera, some inaudible whispers, soft speaking. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite visual triggers for ASMR. I find these very relaxing and I hope you do as well! Do you have a favorite visual trigger? Let me know in the comments :)
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ASMR Melting Your Mind (layered sounds, visual triggers, soft whisper)
I wanted to create an intensely relaxing and tingly ASMR video with various visual triggers, layered sounds and soft whispering. The combination of the warm/darker lighting and the tingly layered sounds should be a relaxing mind melting ASMR experience :) https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Roleplay for Anxious Thoughts
Relax as I cleanse and heal your energy with lots of plucking, pulling, hand movements and sounds, personal attention, positive affirmations and soft speaking. If you're feeling anxious, I hope this helps you feel better :)
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ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam by a Medical Student Roleplay
Today, I will be conducting your ASMR cranial nerve examination. Included in today's exam: eye exam, face exam, glove sounds, ear exam, hearing test, taste test, smell test, soft spoken, writing sounds, some whispering. I wanted to make a more realistic ASMR cranial nerve exam hence why this is softly spoken. I do have a whispered ASMR cranial nerve exam if you'd prefer all whispering :) ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxGQ7_90RIw
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ASMR Taking Care of You When You're Feeling Unwell
Lots of personal attention, face cleaning with a cool washcloth, face touching, listening to your lungs and heart with a stethoscope, applying lip balm and lotion to moisturize your hands. (soft spoken) You're feeling sick with a cold so I will try to help you feel better so you can fall asleep.
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ASMR Face Brushing for Relaxation + Sleep
ASMR brushing your face with three different makeup brushes for relaxation and sleep :) Face brushing is one of my top favorite triggers for ASMR :) I hope you find this relaxing. Also, let me know if you have a preference of soft speaking or whispering for my ASMR videos. Sleep well!
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ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep (Sleep Triggers)
Fall asleep will these relaxing sleep triggers - makeup pearls, wooden tapping sounds, face brushing, hair brushing, cork sounds, face touching, hand movements, trigger words, whispering. I wanted to make a video with some relaxing sleepy triggers! I included some of my favorite triggers to fall asleep to as well as some relaxing sounds. I hope you enjoy :)
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ASMR Deep Sleep for the Sleepless
This ASMR video is for all insomniacs and anyone who's having trouble falling asleep! Relaxing triggers include ear to ear whispering, soap foam sounds, velour sounds, face brushing, trigger words, pillow fabric sounds, visual triggers. I wanted to include the most calming and relaxing triggers for this video in hopes it brings you some restful sleep :) I've been liking whispering videos lately so this is another binaural whispered ASMR video. I hope you enjoy and find this relaxing! Sleep well!
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ASMR Personal Attention (Face Brushing, Face Touching, Positive Affirmations Whispered)
ASMR Personal Attention triggers including face brushing, face touching, positive affirmations, ear to ear whispering, visual triggers for relaxation :)
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ASMR Sleep and Relaxation Treatment
This ASMR Sleep Relaxation Treatment will help you relax and fall asleep :) Includes ear to ear whispering, mic brushing, slime sounds, hand movements, face touching, lid sounds, face brushing, some bubble wrap sounds.
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ASMR Face Measuring
Today you're visiting the spa for your face consultation to create a custom spa mask for you. I'll be measuring your face with a ruler, tracing your face, assessing your skin, and writing down measurements with a pencil. This ASMR video includes: face measuring with a wooden ruler, tracing your face with a makeup pencil, writing with a pencil on paper, whispering, hand movements, personal attention.
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ASMR Mic Scratching + Inaudible Whispers
ASMR microphone scratching and microphone tapping with inaudible whispering. I wanted to give inaudible whispering a try so I decided to combine it with some microphone triggers! I actually discovered microphone tapping by accident and ended up liking the sounds so I included some of that as well! I think it sounds a bit similar to rain.
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ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep When You Can't Sleep
ASMR helping you fall asleep when you're tired but can't sleep... I'm sure we all have nights like this. Lots of sleepy triggers, soft spoken words, and personal attention. I hope this helps you fall asleep :) https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Men's Barber Shop Roleplay
A relaxing face pampering and shave session :) Includes shaving foam sounds, shaving sounds, personal attention, soft speaking, lotion sounds, face touching, face brushing.
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ASMR Fixing You After the Rain | Personal Attention, Soft Rain Sounds
Enjoy soft spoken ASMR personal attention including face cleansing, lint roller sounds, hair brushing, scalp check, face touching, soft spoken whispers, tape sounds, hand movements, rain sounds. After the rainstorm, you are in need of some fixing and cleaning before you can continue on your way on this rainy night.
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Cozy ASMR Sleep Clinic
Welcome to the sleep clinic! Includes soft speaking, floam sounds, face brushing, writing, page turning, lid sounds, lip gloss sounds, cottons, personal attention. For today's ASMR, I wanted to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere for the sleep clinic! Something like a bed and breakfast but a sleep clinic instead (if that makes sense). I hope you enjoy the assortment of sounds/triggers and perhaps even find a new one you like :)
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ASMR Doing Your Makeup for a Holiday Party
Happy Holidays! I will be cleansing your face and applying makeup for your holiday party :) Enjoy ASMR face brushing, brushing sounds, cotton sounds, makeup rummaging sounds, cream sounds, whispering, and other various makeup sounds.
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ASMR Sleep Clinic
Relaxing ASMR Sleep Clinic where I will begin the session by writing down some information about you before testing different triggers for sleep. Triggers included: pencil sounds, face cleaning, face brushing, silicone sounds, gloves, visual triggers, tapping, hand movements, velvet sounds, mic/ear brushing, soft spoken. https://www.patreon.com/julietsaysasmr
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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing & Plucking for New Beginnings
Today I'll be cleansing your energy with a relaxing reiki session including hand movements, plucking, pulling, personal attention, and soft speaking.
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ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering and Face Tracing
For today's ASMR video, I wanted to keep it simple + relaxing :) Includes binaural ear to ear whispers with visual triggers like face tracing, face brushing and more! I've been watching more "simple" type of ASMR videos lately- the kind where the triggers are simple yet relaxing- and wanted to give this a try :) I hope you find it relaxing and let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this!
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ASMR Skin Care Consultant Roleplay (Gloves, Layered Sounds, Soft Spoken)
Today you're having a skincare assessment and treatment. Includes glove sounds, lotion sounds, face touching, foam sounds, soft speaking, personal attention. I'll apply a pair of gloves and assess your face to see what treatment suits your skin the best. Next, I will spray toner and begin your foaming treatment. Lastly, moisturizer will be applied to your face. I hope you find this face skin care treatment relaxing :)
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ASMR Sleep Spa Roleplay (Salt Scrub, Sponge, Reiki)
A sleepy spa experience that will relax you right to sleep! Your sleep spa treatment includes a face cleansing with sea sponge, salt scrub face mask, and reiki for a deep sleep. What could be more relaxing than a regular spa treatment? A sleep spa treatment of course :) Lots of tingly sounds in this as well as relaxing visual triggers. Let this sleep spa treatment help you drift off to sleep.
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ASMR Spa Roleplay
Enjoy the most relaxing ASMR spa day that includes a spa facial, face cleaning, face massage, scalp massage, lotion sounds, face mask, face brushing, brushing sounds, soft speaking, and personal attention. Today is all about relaxing and pampering you!
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