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Creating a responsive HTML Email using Tables and Inline CSS for best email client compatibility.
Here is a quick example of how to create a responsive HTML email using tables, inline css and a media query. Remember testing is key, HTML emails when created for maximum compatibility require a lot of testing and do take considerable time to create. Also note depending on how you send your HTML emails out html, head and body tags may or may not be required, put your styles in with your html at the top or at last resort (lotus notes), everything with require inline css on it to maintain structure and adhere to design. Rules - No background images - tables only - table background cells colors are allowed, images are not - inline css for everything first then do the modern stuff later - try not to use exotic fonts, if you have to convert them to images, if they have to be text warn your client that the email simply wont work in everything - test, test some more, then test again
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TUTORIAL: Blender how to create a Hexagon / Polygon ICO Sphere
In this video I show you how to create: 1. A ICO Sphere 2. How to bevel a hexagon lattice onto the ICO Sphere (CTRL+SHIFT+B) 3. How to split the newly created lattice or select all (A) and edge split the whole ICO Sphere 4. How to split each ICO Sphere section into their own objects 5. How to scale the split objects from origin
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript Sin&Cos 3D CSS Carousel
This is a tutorial / example of how to build a carousel with a 3D effect. http://dev.aftc.co.uk/lessons/08_JavaScript_3DCSS_Carousel.zip For a simpler look at sin and cos please view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hPn8YMAhFk
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript - playing with Sin & Cos
A simple JavaScript tutorial/example for Math.sin & Math.cos.
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript - Date & Time
A quick and simple example showing you how to get the current date and time by the second.
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript Animating bubbles in a glass.
A simple JavaScript tutorial on how to animate bubbles in a glass using GSAP. A little bit of photoshop work for the glass, a glass alpha mask cut for an overlay glass and resize and de-saturation of a bubble.
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript A basic BabylonJS scene.
This is a basic example of how to setup a BabylonJS 2.x scene. In this video I will show setting up the Babylon scene, camera & engine, as well as attaching an Earth and Sky (Sphere's) with textures. BABYLON.Scene, BABYLON.Engine, BABYLON.DirectionalLight, BABYLON.Color3, BABYLON.Vector3, BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere, BABYLON.StandardMaterial (diffuseTexture), BABYLON.StandardMaterial (opacityTexture) There could be stutters during the video for some reason the monster known as PHPStorm was taking 1.5GB of RAM and pausing every once in a while.
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript Custom Objects with Public & Private Methods and Variables.
This is a quick example (keeping it simple) of JavaScript Custom Objects with Public & Private Methods & Variables and how to use / access them.
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript A basic ThreeJS WebGL scene.
This is a tutorial/example of how to setup a basic WebGL scene using ThreeJS from MrDoob (https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/). In this video I will example / demonstrate how to: 1. Setup a basic ThreeJS scene. 2. Setup a orbit and trackball camera controllers. 3. Add the Grid Helper. 4. Add a Sphere and Cube/Box primitive 5. Add Basic, Phong and wireframe mode materials and apply them with modification of specular / shine / light reflect 6. Add directional and ambient lights 7. Animate a scene object via the render loop
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Google Duplex - Google's assistant can now make phone bookings for you! - Google I/O 2018
Google Duplex - Google I/O 2018 Google's assistant (Google Duplex) can now make over the phone bookings on your behalf... Could this be the end of those annoying call centers?
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TUTORIAL: JavaScript real time ticking analogue clock
A tutorial/example of how to make a JavaScript real time ticking clock. For the JavaScript Date Time example please view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLsToVzR7q0 I would like to note that for some reason the mouse pointer position was not recorded correctly, this shouldn't post a problem however.
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