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I am a failure of a Human Being
I Am a failure of a human Being
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Once You Go Black You Make A Comeback (Dragonball FIghterZ)
No vocals this time ,but I did a good thing i think. I suck at this game, just saying.
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Homesick (Original Song)
So I wrote a bit of a song. It's not the best but I gave it a go. Hope you like it. It's only a minute of your time.
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Spoopy Scarey Skellytones
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Overwatch - I Love This Game
A short one, but I think it might have been funny. Plus I wanted to show off my new end screen. That was the longest part of this video. Ending Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yR_WNY4IlGU
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Battlefield 1: Salt and Yelling
CONTENT WARNING Some of my friends are a little less... lenient with the concept of mental health and sexuality such as Downs' Syndrome and homosexuality resulting in the repeated jokes and insults. These views are not mine and never have been. We play Battlefield 1 and kill stuff. We aren't too good at it, to be honest. Also we yell and stuff. It's great mate. This took me 2 months of editing. I'm not proud of this. Plus we made this in October.
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