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Hi-Tec Altitude V i Waterproof Men's, Women's & Kids Hiking Boots
Shop now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/altitude-hiking-boots-mens-womens-kids.html - The perfect lightweight hiking boot - whatever your adventure. The Altitude V I is waterproof, lightweight and highly durable. The leather upper is coated with our exclusive i-shield conditioning and protecting treatment, to keep them water, dirt and oil repellent, hike after hike. The Multi Directional Traction rubber outsole will keep you grounded on varied terrains. On the inside, an Ortholite insole will keep you comfortable with its long-lasting cushioning, anti-odour and anti-microbial properties. So whether it's Duke of Edinburgh Awards, or an expedition, these boots are up for the challenge!
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Happy - A Walkumentary from Hi-Tec - Episode 1
This Walkumentary video features Jon Beattie, the unsung hero behind '24 hours of Happy' – the extended music video for Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’ which took the world by storm in 2013 and became one of the best-selling singles of all time. Jon narrates his bizarre filming experience which involved walking backwards through the crowded streets of Los Angeles for 10 miles a day for 11 days, strapped to the 100-pound Steadicam camera! The video is part of Hi-Tec’s Walkumentary Series, aimed at inspiring people to get out and get walking. #walkumentary #24hoursofhappy #clapalong http://www.hi-tec.com/UK
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Hi-Tec is Proud to Be 40! This is our story...
http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/blog/hi-tec-celebrates-40-years.html - Every mountain conquered. Every court covered. Every trail trekked. Every street walked. Each experience has a story to tell. A story of realising potential, treading new ground and creating adventures. From court to coast, for the last 40 years, Hi-Tec has been there every step of the way. Driving performance and inspiring life. If you remember Hi-Tec from your childhood (Silver Shadow's anyone?), have worn our Squash Classic's ever since your first game, refuse to go hiking without your Altitude boots, or have been amazed by just how light the Zuuk's really are - comment below! We'd love to read your feedback and birthday messages :-)
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Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Orginal Waterproof Men's, Women's & Kids Lightweight Boots
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/sierra-lite-original-hiking-boot-range.html - Lightweight, breathable comfort from the high street to the hillside. 40 years ago, Hi-Tec revolutionised hiking, by incorporating the lightweight innovation, and breathable technology of our sports shoe heritage, into our quality hiking footwear. The result? An instantly comfortable lifestyle boot. Today, the Sierra Lite Original Waterproof, combines durability, practicality, comfort and style. Ideal for outdoor lovers with a fun retro style. Celebrate 40 years of Hi-Tec, with the world's first, light hiking boot.
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Hi-Tec Navigator Launch
Read full story at https://www.hi-tec.co.uk/blogpages/Blog-NavigatorLaunch.htmlWaterproof or Buy Now https://www.hi-tec.co.uk/men/footwear/hiking-and-walking-shoes-boots/hi-tec-navigator-i-waterproof-mens-bluetooth-guidance-shoe-O006152.html Introducing the Hi-Tec Navigator. Revolutionary walking shoes with hidden Bluetooth pods. Works like GPS to navigate you in the right direction without the need to look at a map. So you can enjoy the views around you! The Hi-Tec Navigator i Waterproof is an innovative walking shoe with built in Bluetooth® technology to guide you to your destination. In association with Lechal, these revolutionary guidance shoes feature a navigation pod in each of the insoles which will vibrate accordingly to tell you which direction to walk in. Simply download the Lechal app on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth®, then program in your destination. Whenever you need to turn right, your right shoe will give a short vibration. The same will happen in your left shoe when you need to turn left. There are also vibration sequences to indicate when you have taken a wrong turn, and when you have arrived at your destination. The Lechal app's user friendly interface not only navigates but offers various fitness based features. From custom workouts to setting fitness goals! If all that isn't enough, these walking shoes are packed with even more technology - a durable Michelin outsole for grip, a lightweight XLR8 midsole for energy optimisation, a waterproof Dri-Tec upper to keep feet dry and our exclusive water and dirt resistant i-shield treatment which repels stains, keeping your shoes looking newer for longer. The Hi-Tec Navigator Waterproof shoes take away the need for a map and GPS signal, letting you focus on the world and beauty around you. Available now with Free Tracked UK Delivery and Returns at http://www.hi-tec.co.uk/
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Hi-Tec Trooper 200 i Waterproof Men's Winter Hiking Boots
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/trooper-mid-200-i-waterproof-men-s-boot-in-coal-charcoal-prussian.html - Packed with practical technology. Finished with style and comfort. The Trooper Mid is surprisingly stylish for a practical men's boot. It features our exclusive water, dirt and oil repellent technology -- i-shield, along with a Dri-Tec membrane and Thinsulate Insulation. Collectively, they make this boot easy to clean, fully waterproof and will keep your feet warm through the colder months. Not forgetting the moulded EVA midsole, and rugged Vibram rubber outsole, for improved comfort, durability, and world renowned traction on slippery trails. From the mountain to the streets, embrace the cool season.
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Hi-Tec Valkyrie Lite 200 i Waterproof Men's Winter Hiking Boot
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/valkyrie-lite-200-i-waterproof-mens-winter-boot-charcoal-prussian.html - Superior comfort. Reliable protection. The Valkyrie Lite 200 is the ideal boot for men tackling tough terrains and harsh weather. The no-nonsense heavily lugged Vibram sole will help keep you grounded on slippery outdoor terrain including ice and snow. A rubber heel and toe will keep you protected from obstacles which can be masked by the cold conditions, while the Thinsulate Insulation and Dri-Tec membrane will keep your feet warm and dry throughout your trek. Heavy duty and ready for anything, give winter weather the boot, with the Valkyrie Lite 200 i.
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Hi-Tec Altitude Sport i Waterproof Men's & Women's Sport Hiking Boots
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/altitude-sport-i-waterproof-mens-walking-boot-charcoal-grey-limoncello.html - Be active. Be inspired. Part of our new sport hiking collection, the Altitude Sport I Waterproof is the ultimate choice for lightweight, high performance, multi-sport footwear. This striking boot offers toughness, strength and versatility. With our exclusive water and dirt repellent i-shield treatment and a Dri-Tec waterproof membrane, and durable rubber outsole. This boot will keep you comfortable and protected, however active you get. Also available in a low cut shoe. Designed and inspired, by the running tracks and the hiking trails. Never stop, with the Altitude Sport.
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Hi-Tec Spring Summer 2017 Collection
Shop the collection at http://www.hi-tec.co.uk/spring-and-summer-collection/ Be Comfortable Anywhere with Hi-Tec's Spring & Summer 2017 Collection of outdoor footwear. Featuring lightweight, breathable and durable outdoor footwear, from waterproof hiking boots and walking shoes to multi-sport trainers and sandals for men, women and kids. Ideal footwear for the warmer months, for people who love the outdoors as much as we do.
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Hi-Tec Autumn Winter 2016/17 Collection - Comfortable Anywhere
Discover your surroundings and enjoy the views all around you in comfort. Hi-Tec's Autumn Winter Collection has been designed with style and versatility in mind, to take you from the town to the trails. Including waterproof walking boots and winter boots with technology including Michelin rubber outsoles for superb grip in touch conditions and Ortholite Impressions memory foam insoles for exceptional comfort. Comfortable Anywhere.
Hi-Tec Dubois 200 i Waterproof Women's Winter Boots
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=dubois - Adorned with style, packed with technology. The Dubois 200 i offers the perfect blend of style and function, making this an ideal boot for the cool season. The leather and quilted canvas upper, coupled with a soft fluffy faux-fur collar adds comfort and a fashionable touch. Meanwhile, this boot is secretly packed with technology. A waterproof Dri-Tec membrane, Thinsulate Insulation, cushioning Orhtolite insole and winter traction outsole will keep your feet warm, dry, comfortable and grounded. While our exclusive water and dirt repellent i-shield conditioning and protecting treatment will keep them looking great year after year. An ideal boot for women, whose lives don't stop when the weather turns.
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Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS Waterproof Men's Hiking Boot
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/altitude-pro-rgs-waterproof-mens-hiking-boot-dark-chocolate-brown.html - A comfortable, waterproof hiking boot with a ground-breaking new technology. The Altitude Pro RGS is a highly durable boot with something special. The new innovative Vibram Rolling Gait System. Proven to reduce muscle fatigue when running and walking, the curved shape of the sole supports the natural movement of the foot when it impacts with the ground. This boot also features a full grain leather upper, Dri-Tec waterproof membrane and a protective, high traction Vibram sole. For an energised hike, with maximum endurance.
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Hi-Tec Alto Mid & Low Waterproof Men's & Women's Walking Boots & Shoes
See the full collection at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/alto-waterproof-walking-boots-shoes-collection.html - An everyday boot that won't let you down. The Alto Mid Waterproof is a great value, waterproof multi-sport boot, for dog walkers, cyclists and light trail runners alike. The suede and mesh upper, coated with a Dri-Tec waterproof membrane, will ensure a comfortable fit, and dry feet. For further comfort, this lightweight boot also features a removable contoured insole, adding cushioning to your stride, and a durable rubber outsole, to tackle varied terrains with ease. Also available in a low cut shoe. Enjoy the outdoors, come rain or shine.
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Hi-Tec Squash Classic Men's & Women's Court Shoes
Shop now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/squash-classic-collection.html - Over 19 million pairs sold. The first ever shoe designed specifically for the game of squash. Part of Hi-Tec's heritage and a favourite among squash players for 40 years. The Squash Classic trainer shoe was made for the courts. With all the grip and whole foot support you'll need when playing on concrete, clay or grass. So you can stay on top of your game, however long it lasts! What more can we say? It's a Classic.
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Hi-Tec Penrith Mid, Low & Lux Waterproof Men's, Women's & Kids Walking Boots and Shoes
Shop Penrith Waterproof Collection: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/penrith-waterproof-walking-boots-shoes.html - A versatile style for small time explorers. The Penrith Waterproof is ultra-lightweight, with a durable rubber outsole, ready to take on uneven terrains. An ideal style for the family who like to enjoy the outdoors together, this fully waterproof shoe has a Comfort-Flex build and removable contoured moulded EVA insole for all day comfort. Available in a range of colours, in a mid or low cut. Also available is the Penrith Lux Waterproof with a suede and synthetic upper for a more stylish look. For puddle splashing, wood walking fun, with all the family, choose the Penrith Waterproof range.
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Hi-Tec V-Lite Inifinity Indoor Men's Court Shoe
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/vlite-infinity-indoor.html - Ultimate performance for the ultimate player. The V-Lite Infinity Indoor is a lightweight, comfortable court shoe with superb grip, ideal to wear on indoor courts. With a non-marking outsole, Ortholite insole, air mesh lining to absorb sweat, and a unique asymmetrical lacing system to provide a tighter and more comfortable fit. The V-Lite Infinity Indoor also boasts a TPU welded abrazone toe cap for heightened drag protection, and a dual density shock absorbing midsole for ultimate impact protection. Endorsed by World No.1 Squash Champion Nick Matthew, designed for men who want to stay on top of their game.
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Hi-Tec Eurotrek II Waterproof Men's & Women's Walking Boots
Shop now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/eurotrek-waterproof-collection.html - The perfect partner for adventurous feet. The Eurotrek II Waterproof boot is the rebirth of a popular Hi-Tec classic. The new and improved style is lightweight, instantly comfortable and incredibly durable. With a fully waterproof leather upper, it's an ideal choice for expeditions, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, or intense adventure hikes. The boot features improved hardware, a contour moulded EVA midsole and rubber outsole for support and durability, whatever terrains you face. Also available as a shoe. Explore the world in comfort, with the Eurotrek II Waterproof.
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Hi-Tec St Anton & St Moritz Waterproof Women's & Kids Winter Boots
Discover the full collection at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/st-anton-st-moritz-womens-winter-boots-collection-1.html - Stay Stylish. Stay Warm. Stay Dry. The St Anton and the St Moritz feature a beautiful fluffy faux fur lining for a stylish, soft and wintery look. Lightweight, comfortable and incredibly functional, these durable boots are ideal for wear throughout the cool season. Whether you're out in the snow, or walking in the rain, the Dri-Tec waterproof membrane, 200 grams of Thinsulate Insulation, and rugged winter outsole, will keep you warm, dry and grounded until Spring. An ideal choice for women who want practical boots, without compromising on style.
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Hi-Tec Maipo Waterproof Men's & Women's Hiking Boot
Shop now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/maipo-waterproof-hiking-boots-men-women.html - Premium quality. Tough technology. The Maipo Waterproof light hiking boot exudes quality with its premium, durable waterproof suede and high performance mesh upper. Lightweight, breathable, and ready for the toughest conditions, the boot is fully equipped, with an abrasion resistant heel and toe cap, rustproof hardware and a lugged Vibram rubber outsole. The Maipo also benefits from a higher cut soft collar for full ankle protection and comfort on the trails. The ultimate hiking boot, for men and women who want their boots to work as hard as they do.
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The Tech in Hi-Tec - Vibram Rollingait System (RGS)
Watch this video to understand how Vibram Rollingait System works in our shoes. A midsole and outsole combination that reduces energy consumption and muscle fatigue for more endurance! This innovative technology features in several Hi-Tec styles, including the V-Lite Altitude Pro Lite RGS Waterproof hiking boots and our Walk.Lite walking shoes which we've launched in partnership with the National Trust. For more information and to see all the Hi-Tec footwear available with Vibram Rollingait System, visit http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/technology/vibram-rolling-gait.html
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Hi-Tec Phoenix Thermo 200 i Waterproof Men's Winter Boots
Shop Winter Boots at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/outdoor-footwear/warm-winter-snow-boots.html - The cool season men's boot that won't weigh you down. The Phoenix Thermo 200 is a surprisingly lightweight waterproof men's boot, with a full shell upper, EVA midsole and durable rubber outsole, for protection against the elements. Boasting our exclusive i-shield technology, which repels water and oil, and prevents stains. This boot also has 200grams of Thinuslate Insulation, a soft fleecy inside collar, and an Ortholite insole for warmth and comfort. Stay warm, dry and light on your feet this winter, with the Phoenix Thermo
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Hi-Tec Altitude V 200 i Waterproof Men's Winter Hiking Boot
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/altitude-v-200-i-waterproof-mens-walking-boot-dark-chocolate.html - An all-purpose boot, designed specifically for the cool season. For men who love the outdoors and want to explore on and off the tracks, the Altitude V 200 I is the perfect choice. An ideal boot for the colder months, this waterproof and insulated boot will keep you warm, dry and grounded on varied terrains in extreme conditions. With a higher cut collar and strong toe caps for support and protection, and an Ortholite insole for cushioning comfort. Stay focused on your winter journey, without worrying about your feet.
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Hi-Tec - What do you want to Be?
http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/ - Hi-Tec are driven by the desire to ensure people make the most of life. From discovering the great outdoors to running through urban jungles. The world is a beautiful place, and we offer the ideal outdoor footwear to travel and explore it. Our products will always be developed with the needs of consumers in mind and innovations will be driven by our restless desire to understand how they're used. We are Hi-Tec. We are Inspired by Life.
Hi-Tec Haraka Men's & Women's Running Trainers
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/haraka-range.html - Ultra-lightweight. Ultra-breathable. Ultra-Comfortable. The Haraka fitness trainer is one of the lightest styles available from Hi-Tec. Stylish and flexible, with a rubber pod outsole for grip and lightweight durability. It's an ideal choice for hitting the gym, taking a fitness class, or going for a run. Electrify your run... With the Haraka
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We Are Hi-Tec - We Are Inspired By Life
At Hi-Tec we pride ourselves on being one of the leading outdoor and sport footwear brands in the world. Our fantastic team of people makes this possible, and we live by our four company values. Proud. Hungry. Honest. Fun. We are Hi-Tec, and we are Inspired By Life!
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Hi-Tec 40th Anniversary Gala Film
http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/blog/hi-tec-celebrates-40-years.html - Hi-Tec have been inspiring life since 1974. To celebrate 40 years of success in the footwear industry, company partners and staff from across the world joined Founder and Chairman, Frank van Wezel, for a celebration evening in Amsterdam. Here's some of the highlights of this amazing event. On behalf of everyone at Hi-Tec, we'd like to thank all our customers and long time fans - we couldn't have done it without you! #40YearsofHiTec - - Leave us a comment below to say Happy Birthday and share your Hi-Tec stories and memories! - -
Hi-Tec Silver Shadow II Men's & Women's Running Trainers
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/silver-shadow-ii-mens-and-womens-running-trainer-grey-silver.html - The Legend. Enhanced. The Silver Shadow II is the modern take on a running legend and long-time Hi-Tec favourite. This popular trainer has been enhanced with improved grip, improved stability, and a new breathable mesh upper. With the same comfort, durability and style that Silver Shadow fans have grown to know and love. A fantastic choice for runners and retro trend setters alike! Hi-Tec Silver Shadow. 30 years a favourite.
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Hi-Tec Classic 74 Men's Stylish Retro Trainers
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/classic-74-mens-casual-shoe-brown-bamboo.html - Classic style. Modern technology. The Classic 74 is the retro take on a Hi-Tec favourite. This stylish trainer shoe features a Vibram sole for great grip and durability, a spongy Ortholite insole and moisture wicking lining for comfort, and a premium leather upper for style. Designed in Britain, the Classic 74 combines comfort with fashion. Whether you're heading out shopping or off to the pub, these trainers are great for everyday wear. Go back to your roots... with a Classic.
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Magnum MACH II
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Hi-Tec Altitude Trek Low i Waterproof
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/altitude-trek-low-i-waterproof-mens-walking-shoe-black.html - Tough on the trails. Soft on your step. Flexible on your feet. Like all the styles in the Altitude family, the Altitude Trek Low is lightweight and packed with technology. Boasting our exclusive water, dirt and oil repellent technology which will keep your shoes looking great, it's also fully waterproof thanks to the Dri-Tec membrane. The soft inner lining and Ortholite insole provides unrivalled cushioning comfort, along with anti-odour and anti-microbial properties, while the leather upper and rubber outsole keep this style incredibly durable. Stay dry and comfortable on every adventure with the Altitude Trek light hiking shoe.
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Hi-Tec Outdoor Footwear - Spring Summer 2015 Collection
See the full collection at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/collections-1/spring-summer-2015-collection.html Walking is powerful. It's easy, healthy, safe and economical. And walking is a part of everybody's life. In 2015, Hi-Tec are encouraging people to give your own spin of walking, whether it be hiking, running, strolling along the beach or just as a mean of getting around. Take the time to enjoy your surrounding's and be Inspired by Life. #WalkingJustGotBetter
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Hi-Tec's A to Zuuk - the lighter way to enjoy everything
http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/zuuk-range.html - The Zuuk is an incredibly lightweight multi-sport shoe, designed with instant comfort in mind. Ideal for slipping on after you've been for a workout or a run, or simply fold them up and carry them around in your backpack, to relieve tired feet after an epic hike. The Ortholite® sockliner delivers long lasting comfort, with unique spring-back technology to help it retain over 95% of its thickness over time. It is also breathable, allowing air to circulate around the foot, and has anti-microbial and moisture management properties to keep your foot dry and odour free. The super lightweight, high abrasion EVA outsole will give you unrivalled underfoot cushioning and comfort while you walk, and helps it to weigh in at only 166g! Available in mens, womens and kids sizes in a huge range of colours. Be fun, be relaxed, and zuuk up your life today.
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Hi-Tec Snow Peak 200 Waterproof Men's, Women's & Kid's Winter Boots
Buy now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/snow-peak-winter-boots-collection.html - Embrace the cool season with boots for all the whole family. The Snow Peak 200 is ideal for the colder months. Whether you're splashing in muddy puddles or crunching through frosty grass. These rugged boots combine a Dri-Tec waterproof membrane with 200 grams of Thinsulate Insulation to keep your feet warm and dry all Winter long. Protect your feet against the elements... with the Snow Peak 200 Collection
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Hi-Tec Bartholo WP
A lightweight, waterproof travel shoe from Hi-Tec featuring an Orthollite Insole and Vibram Outsole. Ideal for all your adventures in the great outdoors this walking shoe is the perfect combination of performance, comfort and durability.
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Ezee'z Shandal i Womens Closed Toe Sandal
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/womens/outdoor-footwear/walking-sandals-1.html
Ezee'z Apron i Mens Shoe
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/mens/fashion-and-lifestyle-footwear/casual.html
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V-Lite Altitude Pro Lite RGS Waterproof Mens Hiking Boot
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/mens/outdoor-footwear/walking-boots.html Part of our Made in Europe Collection, the Altitude Pro Lite RGS Waterproof is the ultimate lightweight men’s walking boot, packed with technology. It has a fully waterproof durable suede and mesh upper and Dri-Tec breathable membrane to make sure your feet stay dry and comfortable, and a removable insole delivers extra underfoot cushioning. Rustproof metal hardware stays in great condition however bad the weather, while the V-Lite construction keeps these boots lightweight. The Vibram outsole and abrasion-resistant heel & toe cap also help to protect your feet against rough terrain wherever you’re walking. What makes these shoes extra special is the Vibram Rollingait System (RGS), well-loved in our popular Altitude Pro RGS boot. It supports the natural roll of the foot and reduces muscle fatigue. Ready to take on anything, these stylish men’s walking boots are ideal if you’re looking for high quality, technology packed, good looking footwear. Great for hiking.
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Altitude Lite i Waterproof Mens Hiking Boot
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/mens/outdoor-footwear/walking-boots.html The Altitude Lite is a versatile men’s walking boot which is lightweight and packed with technology. It combines waterproof suede and nylon mesh in a durable, breathable and comfortable upper. The Dri-Tec waterproof membrane keeps feet dry, while the i-shield technology repels dirt and water which helps to prevent stains. The OrthoLite insole and impact absorbing midsole delivers superior underfoot cushioning comfort. These boots also have a Multi-Directional Traction carbon rubber outsole which will help to keep you grounded while the abrasion resistant heel and toe cap add protection for those rough terrains. The ghillie lacing ensures a secure fit and the lightweight and durable fork shank ensures flexibility and stability. Finishing off these walking boots are pops of colour add style and fun for your adventures. From a walk in the park to a tough hiking challenge, these men’s boots are ready when you are!
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Hi-Tec Fusion Thermo Mid Waterproof Women's Winter Boots
Coming soon at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk - Warm and fleecy inside, durable and waterproof outside. The Fusion Thermo Mid is an ideal choice for active women during the cool season. On the outside, this boot consists of a quality suede and higher performance synthetic upper, with a faux fur collar and easy-on toggle fastening. The durable rubber outsole provides winter traction, while the Dri-Tec membrane keeps the boot fully waterproof. On the inside, you'll enjoy warm, fleecy comfort. Enjoy the outdoors? Don't let the weather stop you.
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Laguna Strap Mens Sandal
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/mens/outdoor-footwear/walking-sandals.html The Laguna Strap is the perfect men’s walking sandal for both comfort and durability. A performance synthetic upper is breathable to keep your feet cool on warm summer days, while the Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) outsole provides durability and grip. Two velcro buckles make these sandals fully adjustable to ensure the ultimate secure fit wherever you are, whether you’re strolling along a sandy beach or walking around town. The neoprene lining provides padding and protection for your feet, and along with the impact absorbing EVA midsole, ensures long lasting cushioning comfort. These men’s strap sandals with bright colour pops of red are the perfect choice for those who want to stay cool and comfortable during summer activities.
Hi-Tec Zuuk & Zuuk Lite Men's, Women's & Kid's Lightweight Shoes (aka. the outdoor slipper!)
Shop now at: http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/popular-styles/zuuk-range.html - Be fun. Be unique. Be colourful. The Zuuk and Zuuk Lite are ultra-lightweight, ultra-breathable trainer shoes with a truly unique style. Winner of The Great Outdoors Footwear Product of the Year Award 2013, the hugely comfortable Zuuk feels more like an outdoor slipper than a shoe. Ideal for camping, travelling, yoga classes, after sport, even doing the housework or strolling in the sun! Available in a huge range of colours, from subtle and stylish, to bright and fun, -- there's one for all the family! It's like nothing you've ever worn before. Zuuk your personality today.
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V-Lite Altitude Pro Lite RGS Low Waterproof Mens and Womens Hiking Shoe
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/footwear/outdoor-footwear/walking-shoes.html Part of our Made in Europe collection, the Altitude Pro Lite RGS Low Waterproof is the ultimate lightweight walking shoe, packed with technology. It has a fully waterproof durable suede and mesh upper and Dri-Tec breathable membrane to make sure your feet stay dry and comfortable, and a removable insole delivers extra underfoot cushioning. Rustproof metal hardware stays in great condition however bad the weather, while the V-Lite construction keeps these boots lightweight. The Vibram outsole and abrasion-resistant heel & toe cap also help to protect your feet against rough terrain wherever you’re walking. What makes these shoes extra special is the Vibram Rollingait System (RGS), well-loved in our popular Altitude Pro RGS boot. It supports the natural roll of the foot and reduces muscle fatigue. Ready to take on anything, these stylish walking shoes for men and women are ideal if you’re looking for high quality, technology packed, good looking footwear. Great for hiking.
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V-Lite Walk.Lite Witton Waterproof Mens Walking Shoe
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/mens/outdoor-footwear/walking-shoes.html --- For every pair of Walk-Lite shoes sold, Hi-Tec will donate £1 to The National Trust --- Part of our Walk.Lite Collection in partnership with The National Trust, the V-Lite Walk.Lite Witton Waterproof men’s walking shoe is lightweight, comfortable and packed with technology. These shoes feature a Vibram Rollingait System midsole, designed specifically to improve your walking gait, reduce muscle fatigue and help you walk further for longer. A V-Lite construction keeps them incredibly lightweight while the Dri-Tec waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry, making them a great choice for walking. The Witton has mesh inserts and tongue for breathability, and a durable leather and suede upper, cushioning EVA midsole and contoured footbed for added comfort. The Vibram outsole adds traction to help keep you grounded on your walk. Ideal for every urban adventure, the V-Lite Walk.Lite Witton Waterproof is a great choice for men who want a comfortable, stylish, every day walking shoe.
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Hi-Tec Thomas Boot 200 i Women's Winter Boot
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/thomas-boot-200-i-womens-winter-boot-charcoal-grey-snowflake.html - Enjoy the cool season and go with the trend. Named after Thomas Blanket, pioneer of the textile weave used to create the cosy upper of this beautiful boot. The Thomas Boot 200 I is surprisingly practical for a boot that's bang on trend. Incredibly lightweight, with our conditioning and protective i-shield treatment the boot also features Thinsulate Insulation and a cushioning Ortholite insole. So your feet can stay warm and comfy from autumn to spring. An effortless choice, for fashion conscious women.
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Sensor Mid & Low Waterproof Mens Multi Sport Shoe
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V-Lite Walk.Lite Valka II Waterproof Womens Walking Shoe
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Sensor Mid & Low Waterproof Womens Multi Sport Shoe
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/womens/outdoor-footwear/multi-sport.html
V-Lite Rio Race i Womens Walking Shoe
Buy now at http://www.hi-tec.com/uk/womens/fashion-and-lifestyle-footwear/casual-womens.html The V-Lite Rio Race Women’s walking shoe is ideal for all kinds of adventures. With a convenient slip on & slip off toggle fastening, this lightweight shoe in grey and orchid is highly breathable with a synthetic mesh upper for extreme comfort. This makes it perfect for summer beach trips, casual city walks and travelling alike. The moisture wicking lining also helps to make sure your feet stay comfortable all day. As well as offering great comfort, the V-Lite Rio Race is also packed with the top technology. Our i-Shield technology repels water and dirt, and is also resistant to stains – making it ideal for going off the beaten track. The V-Lite construction ensures an extremely lightweight shoe while the Vibram rubber outsole provides ultimate durability and traction wherever you’re walking. These are the perfect summer shoes for all women who want a lightweight, stylish yet durable walking shoe.
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