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New features in Swingbench 2.6
A quick video of the new features and benchmarks added to the Oracle Database workload generator "Swingbench". I'll be following up the video with some more in depth tutorials going into a little more details about how certain features work. Download shortly available from www.dominicgiles.com
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JSON In the Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (
A really quick look at the ability to store JSON in the Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( and accessing it using Python and the Oracle_CX open source driver. You can find the Oracle documentation on it here http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/ADXDB/json.htm#ADXDB6246
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Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Sharded Database Overview and Install (Part 1)
In this short video we'll quickly run through what a Sharded Database is and why you would use one. We'll then run through a quick install on top Virtual Box. In the second part we'll install some tables and data and then run some transactions against them.
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Index Compression in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (
A quick intro to the new Advanced Index Compression in Oracle Database 12c release 1 ( This functionality is part of the Advanced Compression Option
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Oracle Sharding Part 2
In part 2 of my mini series on sharding I create the DDL across the shards needed to run the application.
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SQLBuilder : A Swingbench Utility
Just a short video on SQLBuilder a quick and easy way to create a set of SQL statements for execution in a Swingbench benchmark for the Oracle Database. In this video I quickly run through what it does and give a quick demo of it's use. You can find more details here : http://www.dominicgiles.com
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Oracle Database 12c  : Application Continuity
A quick demo of Oracle Database 12c's Application Continuity. You can find some additional details here http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/CNCPT/transact.htm#CNCPT89322
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Oracle Sharding Part 3
In this video we'll go through and add a new shard to the sharded Oracle 12c Database and monitor the cluster as shards are automatically rebalanced. We'll also move chunks around online with a transaction workload running in the background. You can find more info on Oracle Database Sharding here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-technologies/sharding/overview/index.html You can find details on swingbench (used to generate the workload here) http://www.dominicgiles.com/swingbench.html
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Oracle Database 12c OLTP Compression
This short video uses swingbench to demonstrate that its possible to make excellent space savings of both the space needed to store rows and the associated indexes without compromising transaction performance. You can find out more information on Oracle Database compression in this white paper http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/options/compression/advanced-compression-wp-12c-1896128.pdf You can download the software used in this demonstration here http://www.dominicgiles.com/swingbench.html
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