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Jah The seventh Seal - Goldie - Timeless - ffrr
UK Drum and Bass.....OMG this tune still rocks....cut up edit ruffage style.....this album is timeless....shout to Goldie, choon m8!
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Finally - CE CE Penniston - Rare UK Garage Scratch / Breakbeat White Label
Rare UK Garage / Breakbeat White Label. Supurb Scratching. Wicked Remix
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Much Love - Shola Ama - Dream Team Mix
UK Garage. Nice vocals
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Downtime - Papermusic Issue One - Paper Recordings
UK House. Would love to know what record they cut in at 2:23
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Runnin Away - Nicole - Todd Edwards Mix - Locked On
UK Garage....Todd Edwards..... need I say more. This one`s for you P4UL P!!! & shout to Nicole this 4 u hunny!!
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Above The Clouds - Sunshine Productions - Just Another Label
UK Drum N Bass / Harcore. Original Mix
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Best Friends - Danny J Lewis - Spread Love Steppers Remix
Rare Promo Silver Label Vocal UK Garage Track. Good Keyboard, nice hook.
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Do You Want Me - Cloud 9 - Victor Simonelli Original Mix - Locked On
House track from back in the day by Victor Simonelli, this used to rock the paradise garage room.... A.W.O.L crew come alive!! also check out in my uploads another victor tune...street players vol 1
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Stage One - Space Manoeuvres - Seperation Mix
My Fav out of all the Hooj Choons collection....Awesome..I remember this choon being played at fabric one new years eve
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The Chant we R - R.I.P Productions - Ice Cream Records
UK Garage. Old skool sample from a hardcore tune......nasty awesome b line
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Hold Me Back - J.Sylvester - The Spring Sampler E.P - Nice N Ripe - GPL Records
UK House / Garage.....Classic Nice N Ripe style Dub
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Mozalounge - Louie Vega - Jazz N Groove Remixes - M.A.W
US Founky house. classic Vega style!!
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I Cant Help Myself - Behind The Mask Combination EP - Nice N Ripe
UK Vocal House / Garage.........Wicked tune!
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Feel It Piano Mix - Kerri Chandler Samurai Remix - Nite Grooves
Deep House. Nice and mellow. great b line
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Dream Lover - Mariah Carey - Rare David Morales Def House club Mix
Rare David Morales House Mix. What can I say about this track....Hmmmm..At first it sounds like pure cheese, but when the piano and vocals drop, you have to say "yep tune" David Morales pulled this one off bigtime. Paradise garage room used to rock to this one! I would love to hear some comments about this track.
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Music & Wine - Blue 6 - Speakeasy 3000 - Naked Music
US House. Pure quality
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Deep Vibes - Ricky Suarez - Winter Sampler - Nice N Ripe
UK Garage / House. Great track from the winter sampler
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Deep Inside - D.C Sensation - Precision E.P - Nice N Ripe
UK House. piano hands in the air crew 2:02
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The Mafia ABC
White label old school cut up mix from mid eighties Feat The Jackson five encore Cheryl Lyn Public enemy Nina Simone.....R.I.P
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Feel It - Kerri Chandler - Finger Printz EP
Stomping Deep House track. Awesome beats and bassline.wicked groove.
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Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles - Quivver Remix
Second fav Hooj Choon, when it breaks down, the goosebumps appear!!
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A Sense Of Rage - Goldie - Timeless - ffrr
UK Drum And Bass.....The start of this tune is a sample from Maze`s Twilight....remember bro!! cut up ruff just the way we like it! BIG UP for goldie top tune!!
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You Took My Lovin - Total Control - Pure Energy Mix - Nice N Ripe
Rare Banging Bassline UK House Track. This track is my all time favourite on the Nice N Ripe Label
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Sensation One - Grant Nelson and Richard Purser - The Audio Sensations E.P - Nice N Ripe
UK House. Nelson and Purser....great track, great E.P
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Girl Let Me - 3RD Vision - The Red Zone E.P - FX Recordings - Nice N Ripe
UK House / Garage. Nice N Ripe sounds....Dub style
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Badbwoy - J.Sylvester - Slippin E.P - Zest 4 Life
UK Garage / House. Nice N Ripe spin off....sounding like one of the G.O.D tracks...R Pursers Label
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Inside Information - DJ Trace - Lucky Spin Recordings / Blackmarket Records
UK Drum and Bass. Rare picture disk. The classic Amen break at its best. Black Market Records. One of Trace`s top tunes!!
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Loose Ends Mega Mix - Mastermind
Rare 80`s Mastermind Mega Mix. Feat :- Hanging On A String, 999, Tell Me What You Want, Magic Touch, Gonna Make You Mine, Slowdown, & More. One of the first mega mixes I heard with scratching when it was still fresh.......was hooked on mixing ever since
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Afro Jazz - Antonio - The New London Soul E.P - Back 2 Front Records
UK Garage. Top B line, great tune!! 2 step business!!
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Sensation Three - Grant Nelson and Richard Purser - The Audio Sensations E.P - Nice N Ripe
UK House. Nelson and Purser....great track, great E.P
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Jamin To Tha Sound - Stuck To Your Lips Records
UK Jungle / Hardcore. One of the classics......could almost be a choon on the slammin vinyl label. Watch ya bass bins on dis one !! few little extras added by me!
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Looking For Dub (Wurly Version)- R.Purser - The Essence - Deep Trouble
UK Garage / House Great Label same style as Nice N Ripe....Big up Sparrow Farm Crew!! & Richard Purser
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Trip 1 - The Snowball - White Label
UK Drum And Bass / Hardcore. Sample taken from the shinning, Jack Nicholson redrum!! very dark or should i say really, really, dark
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Mica Paris - Freedom Of Choice - Grant Nelson Mix - White Label
UK House. Not 100% this is Nelsons work, but has his name written all over it! Also not sure which song this is from Mica or if it is her even
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You Keep Sayin - Dub Mix - First To Go - Nice N Ripe
UK Garage / House. 2 Step business on this one!!!
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Bad Blood - Original Mix - Tallisman - Locked On
UK Garage / 2 Step. Awesome sub B line drop 1:56, and the loop of never ending joy lol!
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Night Drive - Vinyl Movers - Fall Down E.P - Nice N Ripe
UK House. Nice N Ripe just how we like it!
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Come On - 3RD Vision - The Red Zone E.P - FX Recordings - Nice N Ripe
UK House / Garage. Nice Keys breakdown in middle...Classic Nice N Ripe Dub.
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Keep The Love - Vinyl Movers - The 2nd Move E.P - Nice N Ripe
UK Garage / House. Nice N Ripe, who else!
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Sweet Sensations - Peekay - Dig The New Breed E.P - Unda Vybe Music
UK Garage. B Line drops at 1:35....ive played this out and it`s a re load everytime!!!
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