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My Godzilla Gashapon Collection (September 2017)
Just a collection video for you guys! I apologize for the lack of uploads! More coming soon!
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The Biggest Problem With Legendary Godzilla (Volume Warning)
I’m running out of video ideas... Please don’t be mad at me... Footage From: Godzilla (2014) Shin Godzilla (2016) Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2018) Godzilla belongs to Toho Co, LTD. This video is strictly for entertainment purposes.
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The Meg | Cage Scene (John Williams RESCORE)
Just a little edit I made a long while ago, when the movie was still in theaters (which explains the subtitles). Both movies had a Shark Cage Scene, and when I put the music from Jaws over this scene, it makes it way more terrifying. Enjoy! I do actually plan on making some new videos soon, so stay tuned! Anyways, that’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY! Footage from “The Meg” owned by Universal Studios Music from “Jaws” (The Shark Approaches) owned by MCA Records and John Williams I own nothing.
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The Roast of Anime Mechagodzilla
This design is awful. That’s all I have to say. Sorry if the audio sounded a bit poor. Not sure exactly why. Anyway, new videos coming soon, and more frequently, as I’m almost out of school! See you all then! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Happy Birthday, Godzilla!
Today, the King of the Monsters turns 63 years old! Happy Birthday!
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Godzilla Wars | Mothra vs Rodan
Leave a comment telling me who you want to see fight in the Godzilla Wars!
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Bandai: High Grade Godzilla 1974 Figure Review
Another Video? In the span of a week? Gasp! Kidding. Enjoy this review guys! And remember to participate in the vote for the next Figure review! Gojirawars 03, AWAY
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Godzilla Wars | Shin Godzilla vs Gamera (125 Subscriber Special)
Thank you all so much for being patient! Sorry it took so long to come out! Thank you all for supporting my channel through and through! 125 Subscribers is unbelievable! So again, thank you all so much!
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Bandai: High Grade Mechagodzilla 1993 Gashapon Figure Review
It’s here! My first ever figure review! There were a few bumps to getting this thing uploaded, but I finally got it done. If you guys want to see me review more gashapon figures, give me a suggestion in the comments, and make sure to like and subscribe for more!
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Shin Godzilla Gashapon Photo Slideshow
Got some new figures! The new set includes Shin Godzilla’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd forms, as well as an Atomic Breath variant of the 4th form! Hope you guys like these!
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Every Time.
I-I’m not crying! *sniff* You’re crying! Just a random meme, I guess. Guess what? I’m actually gonna try doing that thing called making videos again. And this time, I’M SERIOUS! Footage from- “Godzilla vs Destroyah” I do not own any of the footage shown. Godzilla belongs to TOHO.
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Godzilla Wars | Destroyah vs Mechagodzilla
It's here! Episode 3! (And yes, the guy speaking is me)
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Gigan vs G-Force Stop Motion
This is just something I did while I was bored. ENJOY!
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Godzilla High Grade 11 Gigan 2004 Unboxing
Got a new figure! Hope to feature him in some new stop motion work soon!
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Christmas Haul 2017 (Super late)
Sorry it took so long, as most of these figures were coming in the mail! This beats the record set by Goji-Fan417 for latest Christmas haul video ever, so I hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Shin Godzilla Atomic Breath Test
It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a stop motion, so I thought I’d put one out just to let you all know that I’m still making these! In other news, we just hit 150 subscribers! You guys can not possibly know how much that means to me! Thank you all for your support! Remember to like, comment, and if you’re new here, subscribe to see more! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Little Godzilla | “Atomic Breath Lessons”
This was just a fun idea I had to remake that scene from Son of Godzilla where Minilla learns to use his Atomic Breath. Except nobody likes Minilla, so I gave it a more adorable Heisei feel by using Little Godzilla instead. Also tested some new special effects, but they were kind of frustrating to use, so I’m not sure if I’m going to continue using it in future videos. Hope you enjoy the end product! That’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Mecha-King Ghidorah Test
I made a stop motion video! Finally! I do hope to continue with stop motions, and maybe a more random videos along the way. Give me some fresh Godzilla Wars Episode Suggestions in the comments below! Thanks for watching! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Ebirah Test
I hope to be uploading more often! I can’t make any promises, though... but darn it, I’m going to try!
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Mothra Roaring like Anguirus?
Footage from Godzilla vs Mothra (1992) (Toho I beg of you don't copyright me)
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Basically My Reaction to the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer
I’m not completely dead, I swear. Trailer looked EPIC! I can’t wait for next May! Anyways, that’s all for now. Give me your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Godzilla 2014 vs Shin Godzilla (APRIL FOOLS!)
Godzilla Wars is back and better than ever! Kicking off the new season is one of the most controversial battles in Godzilla history! Regular uploads are starting back up! Hope you enjoy! That’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Biollante Test
Everybody else is talking about the recently announced Bandai 6 inch Biollante, and I’m just sitting here enjoying my Gashapon Biollante! Question for you guys: Should I do Biollante for my next review? Let me know in the comments! My next question is this: What do you guys want me to do for a 150 Subscribers Special? This is a huge milestone (that we’ve since surpassed) and I want to thank you all with a video type of your choice for the special! It can be a Stop-Motion, a Figure review, who knows? Maybe even something comedic! Thanks again for your support! Thanks For Watching! Don’t forget to like, comment, and if you’re new to my channel, consider subscribing! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla: 65 Years of Monster Music (Medley)
I apologize for the weird audio issues. No clue what caused it. But I can’t really fix it, so just adjust your volume throughout the video as necessary to avoid that weird scratchy sound to the audio. Also, 2 UPLOADS IN 2 DAYS? WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH GOJIRAWARS 03? In all seriousness, yes, I’m actually trying to get back into the swing of regular uploads. I hope you guys like me being stupid on a keyboard for- 14 minutes? Shame my channel’s not monetized, lol. Anyways, hope you all enjoy this musical tribute to Godzilla and other Kaiju. I’ve always loved the music of Godzilla, so I thought I’d create something that demonstrated that. Anyways, expect more uploads more often. That’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Kiryu vs MUTO (Short Stop-Motion Battle)
This is just something to watch while waiting for Godzilla Wars Episode 6! Stay Tuned, and thanks for all your support!
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Happy New Year!
Thank you all so much for a great year on YouTube! A channel is nothing without its subscribers, and you all have been the best audience a guy could ever ask for! Thanks so much for your love and support! Have a Happy New Year and a great 2018!
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King Kong Peter Jackson 2005 2.5 Inch Figure Unboxing
2 videos in a day! I had finished uploading my first vid of the day when he came in the mail! KING KONGGGGGGGG!
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Gojira Strikes Again (In Memory of Haruo Nakajima)
Just a random mini stop motion to show off the High Grade Godzilla 1954! Enjoy!
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Godzilla Wars | King Ghidorah vs SpaceGodzilla
It’s here! The 7th Episode of Godzilla Wars! Thank you all so much for your support! Leave a comment telling me which monsters you want to see fight in the Godzilla Wars!
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BANDAI HIGH GRADE (Volume Warning, read the description)
R.I.P. Ears. Just a little meme video I made. I haven’t uploaded in over a week, and for that I am so sorry. So, in other news, I was going to do a 150 subscriber special, but at this rate I may just wait until I hit 200 subscribers. Sorry again for the lack of uploads! I’ll try to put out more soon!
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Shin Godzilla 2 (FANMADE) Musical Suite
I made this because that 4D Ride at Universal Studios Japan has revived my love of Shin Godzilla. Just thought this music all fit well together. Enjoy! Songs used (in order): “Godzilla’s Rampage (Re-recording)” “A Mass Awakening” “The Larva” “Ice Breaker” “Persecution of the Masses” “Battle in Boston” None of this music belongs to me! Godzilla belongs to TOHO.
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Thanksgiving with Gojirawars 03
I’m still alive! I know, it’s like I keep having to remind you guys of that. Ebirah is going to be the death of me one of these days. But seriously guys, thanks so much! Anyway, see you all next time! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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A Question For You Guys...
Do you want to see me do figure reviews for my Gashapons? Let me know in the comments below!
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Godzilla Wars | King Ghidorah vs Rodan
Episode 2 is finally here! Enjoy! Tell me who you want to see fight next!
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Godzilla Wars | Megalon Test
Just got two new figures! Baragon 1968 and Gorosaurus! Expect to see them soon!
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Godzilla Wars | Anguirus Test
I’M NOT DEAD. Okay, but seriously. With winter break coming up, you can hopefully expect to see more content coming out soon! You guys are awesome! Thanks for understanding. On another note, no one has made any suggestions for a new Godzilla Wars Episode, so if you want to see your suggestion become a reality, tell me your fight idea in the comments!
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Every Bloody Game of Godzilla PS4
This game is fun but the online is basically just a bunch of Godzilla 2014 and Burning Godzilla Abusers.
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Gojirawars 03 New Outro
Just something to go at the end of my vids from now on!
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New Outro Test
Tell me what you guys think of my new Outro in the comments! Thanks for subscribing! I really hope to get a 200 subscriber special out soon, but I’ve been really busy with a bunch of different things. Stay tuned! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars: Season 2 || OFFICIAL TRAILER
It’s back and better than ever! Godzilla Wars Returns next year with Season 2! Tell me in the comments who you want to see fight, and the comment with the most likes will be selected as the next matchup! Have fun! I can’t wait to hear your suggestions! That’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Send In The Mechas
Just a nice test now that I have all of the GDF
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Bandai: High Grade Biollante Figure Review
Hey, guys! I’m back from the dead, and I’m here to apologize for my far too long hiatus from uploading. I am going to try and get back on track with uploading more often. Thank you all so much for your patience, and even more so for your support! We are almost to 200 Subscribers! That’s insane! Thank you all so much for helping me get this far! Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. Enjoy the review, guys! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Shin Godzilla Attacks!
Seeing as I own the movie now and just recently watched it again, I was in the mood.
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You Had One Job, Bandai...
So I’m not dead! Saw King of the Monsters! It was awesome! I may do a movie review, but I don’t know if it’s really my style. Also, I’m closer to 400 Subscribers than 300 now, so I might just wait on doing a 300 Subscriber Special and have to skip to a 400 Subscriber Special! You guys are so awesome! I can’t thank you all enough for the support, even when I’m honestly not giving you all content nearly enough as I should be. So thanks for everything, expect more videos soon. That’s all for now! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Playmates King Kong 2005 2” Figure Review
New Figure Review for you guys! 200 Subscriber Special coming very soon! Stay tuned! Gojirawars 03, AWAY!
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Godzilla Wars | Shin Godzilla Test
Just a thought...
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Godzilla Wars | Mechagodzilla Battle Royale (50 Subscriber Special)
IT'S HERE! Thank You All for 50 subscribers! Hope you all enjoy!
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Godzilla Wars | Mothra Test
I UPLOADED FINALLY Yeah, like I said I won't be making as many videos due to school. But stay tuned!
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Gojirawars 03 Possible Intro + Update (Read Description)
Sorry for lack of uploads... I know I promised more uploads more frequently... but I don’t really have any good ideas for videos... and I’m not really in a mood for Godzilla videos at the moment... sorry... Well, that’s all for now. Gojirawars 03, AWAY! Mechagodzilla Theme by: Akira Ifukube Mechagodzilla Theme Remix By: Kweer Kaiju Check out Kweer Kaiju’s Work! He makes great music. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9mcTcZK7Jl-f9U6IZYwsCA
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Godzilla Wars | M.O.G.U.E.R.A. Test
MECHAS, MECHAS, AND MORE MECHAS! I need some new material. But not yet. I've still got three more Mechas coming... *cough Mechagodzilla Battle Royale cough*
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