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Poker Face: Bionicle Style!
I do not own the song or bionicle. Song: Poker Face by Lady Gaga
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Chest Trap for Minecraft
I apologize if it looks unprofessional, i screwed up halfway lol. The block above the chest can be a sponge to fool people that there is a sponge trap or a normal block with an inverter such that if either the chest or the block above is destroyed, tnt will trigger.
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The Blue Lotus ( Legend Of Korra x Warframe )
"Enter the Void, Tenno!" -Guru Laghima I do not own either Warframe or Legend Of Korra. This is solely a fanmade music video.
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How To Build Chibi Hakann!!
My first How To Build. Please Rate and Comment!
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Nether Fortress Pigman Village with Base.
it has a village for pimen, a nether wart farm, a bedroom, minecart transportation and 3 blaze spawners. Seed: -1009923932
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Hidden Potion Trap for Minecraft
This is a trap i made using some dispensers, splash potions and redstone. It's hidden except for the pressure plates, you can use a proximity detector if you like. It's really simple to build. You could upgrade the potions as you can dash through the pressure plates to avoid dying.
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Raining Fire Arrow Trap for Minecraft
This is an arrow trap which uses flaming arrows that for introduced to Minecraft 1.1. The arrows rain down on unsuspecting targets and set them on fire.
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Bionicle Music Video: Burning in the Skies
I do not own bionicle or the song.
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