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Bangkok Energy Savings - Mouse Trap (funny commercial)
Speeding or not, that guy deserves pain. His hair is begging for it.
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Volkswagen - Dog-Fish (funny commercial)
Dogfish look like they make much better pets than catfish. Our catfish is no fun at all.
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SPCA - Duke (funny commercial)
We noticed that Duke didn't pick up any candles or roses while he was out. What a typical male.
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Fiat - Bicycle (funny commercial)
This episode represents a giant step backward in driver-cyclist relations.
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Yellow Pages - Shark (funny commercial)
One false move threatens to turn a janitor into fish food.
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Holland Cycling - Mafia (funny commercial)
Depending on your job, it's sometimes safer to ride your bike than drive to work.
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Statoil - Snow (funny commercial)
Think cleaning off your car after a heavy snowfall is no fun? Try doing it twice.
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Cheer Beer - Parking Lot (funny commercial)
A group of desperate drivers find a parking spot in a crowded lot ... and much rejoicing ensues.
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Pepsi - Octopus (funny commercial)
The only problem is, when you make a first impression like this, you'll always have to live up to it.
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Bangkok Insurance - Valet (funny commercial)
Don't worry about the valet guy. He's fine. We think.
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Centraal Beheer - Motorcycle (funny commercial)
A sucker is born to be wild every day.
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Good Knight - Clap - funny commercial
When sharp objects are involved, nothing is a small problem.
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Ford - Foreclay (funny commercial)
This car is the product of German engineering and cinematic lust.
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Oasis - RubberDuckZilla (funny commercial)
For people who don't like water. Or glass windows. Or humanity.
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Mercedes - Love Affair (funny commercial)
This married couple with issues knows how to make use of Mother Nature.
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Tele2 - Job Interview (funny commercial)
No posers are accepted at this company.
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Tulip - Crocodile (funny commercial)
This crocodile's one chance at stardom may require a few more takes and a lot more paté.
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Pure Blonde Beer - Dove Love (funny commercial)
Perhaps this bird's sole purpose on Earth is just to remind lonely men how much they love beer.
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Halls - Bear Hug (funny commercial)
Warning: Taking more than the intended dosage may cause hallucinations, body temperature changes and tremors.
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Hydro Energy - Car (funny commercial)
A group of dangerously smart kids turns a luxury car into their toy.
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Web Vet - Shrub (funny commercial)
Maybe it's just us, but this seems like type of ailment that warrants the use of a live vet, not an Internet one.
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Carlsberg Sport - Ping Pong Penguin - funny commercial
You thought those flippers were for swimming? Think again, smarty-pants.
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Low Low Cheese - Mouse Trap (funny commercial)
This super-athletic mouse probably doesn't need to worry about how much fat is in the cheese, but thanks for sharing!
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De Lijn Transport Services - Penguins - funny commercial
They say traveling in groups is safer for a reason.
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Charal - The Race - funny commercial
Not even the fastest animal on earth can stand between a man and his meat.
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Renault - Football (funny commercial)
Clearly, the lesson to be learned here is that you should always drive your Renault alone.
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Ford - Mascot - funny commercial
A few tough guys find out - the hard way - that it's not nice to kick people.
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Orangina - Giraffe (funny commercial)
Hey, every man loves a long-legged woman. If she happens to have spots, so be it.
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Citroen - Check Point (funny commercial)
An awesome car can really change your outlook on life.
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Deal.no - Dog - funny commercial
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
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French police brutality (July 21 2010)
Video unveils French police brutality In France, rights groups plan to file a complaint about police brutality, after a video surfaced showing officers using excessive force to evict African immigrants from a Paris suburb. The footage shows police dragging away women with their babies as well as young children. The group of 60 people had been living in the streets since being evicted from their council homes earlier this month. The group of mostly women and children had been ordered to move to make way for a new housing project. The footage shows a screaming woman with a baby wrapped to her back being dragged along the pavement. Another scene shows a pregnant woman lying on her back on the street. According to France 24 the footage was recorded on July 21 by an observer from the Droit au Logement (Right to Housing) association and uploaded on the internet by French news site Mediapart and broadcast by CNN on Tuesday. Most of the immigrants are from the Ivory Coast. Some of them had been living in France for ten years and were not illegal immigrants.
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Polkomtel - Beaver (funny commercial)
Yeah, we'd rather have the beaver than the text messages. Is that OK? Can we do that?
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Renault - Saturday Night (funny commercial)
In the end, there are worse things this son could catch his father doing.
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Chaiphak Training Center - Living Room - funny commercial
Dogs may be man's best friends, but in this case, Rover's making his master look bad.
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Styx - Rooster (funny commercial)
A better argument for comfortable underwear has never been made.
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