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M83 ft The Chain Gang Of 1974 - Midnight Sleepwalking
My 102nd Mix (August 6th, 2015, 11:46am)
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Flux Pavilion / Dillon Francis / Epic Score - Once In A Lifetime (The One)
My 72nd Mix (July 14th, 2015, 23:31pm)
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The Bong Effect Complex (GTA5)
Agent De Santa has caused a war on law enforcement after being funded millions of dollars by the bureaucratic criminal American Government. 78 kills
Officer Craigs Life Origins Part 2: Enhanced Interrogation
Welcome back to Officer James Craigs 2nd prequel to the original 10 episodes of Officer Craigs Life. In addition to the plot, the unknown fugitive has escaped and is hiding out somewhere further away from the city. Officer Craig and his crew uncovers a possible link to the location on the foreign agent, but takes a lot of harsh and dark strategic methods of getting information out of somebody who may be a possible suspected terrorist. As the journey continues, Officer Craig is wondering slowly if his actions could lead to something else along his life that may affect him for the rest of his life? Is he doing the right thing? Is he being controlled by his own boss? Does he known what he is involved in? A Government Cover-up where the public has no idea about these 'enhanced interrogation' programmes? Officer Craigs Wife 'Tanya' is very concerned about their future. Part 3 will reveal some of the answers, plus will introduce His loyal Wife 'Tanya'. The prequel trilogy will be fully completed soon.
The Cargo Complex (COD) Part 2
The 2nd part of the war ends with ISIS downfall of their terror and destruction. Russia and America has done a valiant effort to destroy the Radical Islamic Terrorists from invading and conquering everywhere. The War on Terror still continues.
Hollywood Fights Again (GTA5)
Mr Phillips works as a local security guard and has pledged to fight the crooked cops from taking advantage over the system that is profiting them for their criminal activities. Nobody is above the law. Trevor Phillips strikes against Hollywood again!
The Matrix Fight/Shootout (GTA5)
Michael De Santas fights off all of the biker gangs who are still part of the system of control and enslavement. The Matrix serves as a system with the illusion of choice and the illusion that you are free. A system set up for the people who are suppressed of critical thinking and the knowledge of Truth. Michael De Santas free will is to fight for the Truth and the bikers have their last days. More knowledge = more power.
Train Station Platform Fight (GTA5)
An everyday hard working American is a busy man, off to make more money and to support his family in a world filled with stress. He encounters a criminal group of gangs who are seeking to destroy him and to kill him due to his past working connection as a Ex-Government agent. He snaps, punches, falls and stands back up and protects his life from going to hell. The fight is brutally funny lol 😂
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Hollywood Fight Scene (GTA5)
Trevor Phillips, A former Drug Lord now Hollywoods biggest star director fights off security guards to protect his reputation from authoritarian pigs controlling his business :p
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Illuminati Symbolisms & Hidden Secrets Revealed On GTA5 (Part 1)
In the search for Truth and connecting the pieces of the puzzle together, we are going to discovering hidden secrets and revealing occultic knowledge in GTA5. In my documentary we'll be snooping around the GTA5 map looking for freemasonic symbolisms that have significant Meanings and it's hidden agenda behind it all. From Pyramids, to 6's, triangles, eyes, Learning about the fake alien deception, alcohol and much more. Research Flat Earth and discover for yourself biggest secrets from the elites and realise your true human potential. Always question everything. Part 2 coming soon.
Noisia / 16bit / Doctor P - Machine Böp
My 2nd DJ mix (June 13th, 2015, 22:35pm)
Eminem ft Porter Robinson - Space State
My 19th Mix (June 24th, 2015, 23:34pm)
Impotent Rage - The Liberal Superhero Of GTA5 Part 3
Welcome to the 3rd special edition of our favourite mentally deranged liberal superhero 'IMPOTENT RAGE'. While he's on top of the world like a liberal lunatic causing mayhem on the streets of California, he slowly goes insane and ultimately screwed up like a radical Jihadist. Bombing the shit out of everybody, fighting against the black community, ruining people's lives and working for his ego makes him unstoppable forever. Nobody loves our Liberal Superhero more than 'IMPOTENT RAGE'!!! Expect more shit coming soon!!!
9/11 Was An Inside Job (GTA5)
The US Criminal Government has been staging a false flag attack like 9/11 to justify going into Iraq illegally and unconstitutionally without any congressional approval. Our rights, our freedoms, our constitution are slowly disappearing away by the most tyrannical Government ever. They are responsible for the deaths of upto 3,000 people and the American dream is collapsing badly. 9/11 Was not only an inside job, but has caused fear and destruction in the hearts and minds of many who were shocked at this tragic event. My condolences goes to the 9/11 victims who haven't been able to make it out alive and at such a sad event, America will always have big struggles along the way. I hope America will be great again. God bless to the innocence who stands up for the 9/11 truth, This video has fictitious characters, this video is used for a historical tragic event that happened for real. My heart goes to the families who lost their sons, their daughters, their loved ones who didn't survive September 11th 2001. Thank you for reading and hope to have a better world soon :)
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Taken 2 Fight Scene (GTA5)
Bryan Mills family has been Taken by the Albanian Mafia and he is under attack. During his past troubles from the Albanian criminals, they are seeking revenge on him and his family. With his particular sets of skills, he wrecks and slams everyone to bits and batters the living shit out of them in this epic fight scene worth the effort, enjoy :)
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A Massive Tribute Victory To Donald Trump
Mr Trump has officially won the US Election against Crooked Hillary. He's now the 45th President of the United States of America. The great people on the land of America has voted for their new president Mr Trump. Let's Make America Great Again and God Bless you all, I love you all :)
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Impotent Rage - The Liberal Superhero Of GTA5
Introducing a great left wing superhero who is loved by many liberal American snowflakes has returned to America. A good time to spit on the cops with your fake salutes, beating up bikers for Trump, driving fast like a complete lunatic, causing violence towards the cops & bombing the shit out of everybody peacefully just like radical Islam does best. The best of modern-day Liberalism is still the greatest, cancerous, bedrock of America. Impotent Rage strikes back for episode 2 soon. Enjoy the fights and some cool fast paced action :D
Zomboy ft Terravita - Nuclear Species (Hands Up)
My 110th Mix (August 9th, 2015, 00:15am)
Affirmative Aftermath Vol 3 (COD) Part 1
During the times of destruction, Los Angeles has become the fallen city of America since 9/11 and American troops strives to fight back for Americas Republic and to fight for the patriots to save our country from terrorism. The War on Terror still continues.
James Bond - Quantum Of Solace Roof Chase (GTA5)
After James Bond survived the car chase from the opening sequence of Quantum Of Solace. 007 follows up an epic roof chase scene. Potentially there's a mole planted inside MI6. Bond rightfully chases after the Globalist insider before he loses his tracks. "The 1st thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere... am I right"?
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Agents Of The New World Order (GTA5)
A partnership has been established. Agent De Santas has been calling on his former Hollywood director 'Trevor Phillips' to plot a massive shootout at the police station motivated by revenge. The authorities have treated people badly in the past, especially the 2 main characters. Now a war is being waged upon them and the criminal thugs who both work for the system are killing their own members. A corrupt system that benefits on the force of violence and the conduct of illegal behaviour, both unlawfully and immorally. The war has just begun!
The Hijacked Millenium Vol 3 (COD) Part 1
As Illegal immigration continues to spread worldwide in our once great Western Civilisation, a swarm of Radical Islamic terrorists spreads it's reign of death and destruction on our European soil. Families and children are living in fear and panic due to out of control illegal immigration. The War on Terror will soon end.
Nicky Romero / Bare / Hardwell / Carnage - Symphonica Spaceman
My 23rd Mix (June 26th, 2015, 11:00am)
Knife Party ft Alan Walker - EDM Death Spectre
My 53rd Mix (July 6th, 2015, 21:04pm)
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The Hijacked Deplorables (COD)
Mr Trump sends in his most honourable and bravest soldiers into battle against the Radical Extremists from invading into Europe Illegally. The Terrorists will stop at nothing until they slaughter and behead people who don't submit to their barbaric, dangerous religious dogmatic belief system. The War on Terror still continues.
James Bond - Quantum Of Solace Car Chase (GTA5)
In the 22nd Installment of the James Bond franchise sees Bond driving fast and gritty in this amazing thrilling open sequence to Quantum Of Solace. An epic car chase between 007 Vrs The Villains & The Pigs. Enjoy the ride, it may get bumpy along the way 😆
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The Turbine Taliban (COD)
The Taliban has regained strength in the Middle East due to a lack of common sense in Foreign Policy. American troops are sent into unknown territories and it's up to them to hunt down the terrorists before they murder and slaughter their own people. The War on Terror still continues.
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Kung Fu Piggies (Part 5)
Another silly fight involving pillows and a pair of jeans. I acted more like a monster on here while my lazy ass bro is shielded from hits lol 😂 Please subscribe to me and also to my best Bro blackviper19960, thanks :)
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Oscion / Skrillex / Foreign Beggars - Azure (Still Getting It)
My 90th Mix (August 2nd, 2015, 14:46pm)
Kung Fu Piggies (Part 7)
An awesome time to get a heat up fight in the kitchen with my bad ass bro. 2 lazy buggers have decided to take on 1 another in the most epic thriller fight of the century. Featuring Osama Bin Lawsy and The Green One. Silly as always :D
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A Massive Tribute To Vladimir Putin
A man of the people, by the people, for the people of Russia. Mr Putin has shown great leadership, strength, intelligence, a true man of God. He gets constantly demonized by the Corporate media. He's been hated by the Rothschilds, The Banksters, The Globalists, The Dark Occultists, Obama, The Western Government hates Putin. Vladimir Putin has an 89% presidential approval rating by the Russian people. Mr Putin bombed the shit out of ISIS, he made the biggest trade deal with China ever in the history of trading, he also managed to rebuild the Russian Military and to bring back Jobs to his people. He's a very respected leader, he's strength in leadership made Obama look like a wimpy weak girl. God bless Mr Putin and God bless Russia, we love you :)
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Aero Chord / KSI / Wretch 32 / Etta Bond - Ctrl Alt Forgiveness
My 30th Mix (June 26th, 2015, 23:43pm)
Kung Fu Piggies (Part 6)
Back in action, my lazy ass bro and me are preparing for maybe the most stupidest fight ever made. Boxes, seats, bed sheets, everything you need to make a badass fight work. Also we were pretty exhausted, I have another silly fight coming soon again :D
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Nuketown 2025 (COD) Quick Scope
Mr Spawnz, a former navy seal has been sent into a death match against anti-American jihadi terrorists who are causing a huge amount of destruction + chaos, spreading fear upon the neighbours. Mr Spawnz is up for a massive quick scope kill to fight for his freedom and to do what is right for his country, a death match for the fearless begins!
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Officer Craigs Life Episode 6: Resurrection
A tough life without his wife comes back to haunt Officer James Craig. He is resurrected back from the dead after the cops shot hin down during an epic car chase on episode 5. Now a test of strength and stamina puts him back into control and he is back on investigating who murdered his wife. An unknown police official works at James Craigs Office. This unknown Agent is a part of the corrupt establishment who ordered the murder of officer Craig's wife 'Tanya'. Plus her friend 'Eva' was also sacrificed. Officer Craig has to escape and run from the cops before it's too late. The journey for truth continues and more questions will be answered very soon.
Officer Craigs Life Episode 3: A Deadly Nightmare
Welcome back to Officer James Craigs 3rd video installment of his life. Soo far his wife's murderers haven't been captured or eliminated, he's going through a lot of pain and he lost the things he loves most in his life...peace. Officer Craig is out for justice while also going through the weirdest and craziest things he'll ever imagine. Expect the unexpected. Will Officer Craig ever find peace within himself?...His future is foggy and he has nothing to lose.
The Slums Of Terror (COD)
In the Islamic takeover of our world, the Muslim Brotherhood has invaded and conquered a great ancient country named 'Egypt'. At a dangerous and crucial moment in American history, President Trump secretly sends in his highly skilled and well trained soldiers to fight to bring back freedom. They fight to regain Egyptian strength and to make Egypt great again. The Slums are fully bombed and the Muslim Brotherhood are slaughtering and terrorizing their own people. The War on Terror still continues.
Transporter GTA4
Niko Bellic who is a professional transporter has been attacked by a nasty gang who seeks revenge on his reputation and has his life on the edge!
Kung Fu Piggies
A short, quick snappy edgy fight goes up for grabs where 2 lads show their skills, plus their wits to defeat each other, of course this is a video made for fun to make a good fight scene look cool :D
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The Raid Massacre (COD)
American boots on ground, an unstable property guarded by the Taliban is situated right by the destruction of Los Angeles city. The Police state has arrived to America and soldiers are preparing for a massive War of Terror. America is suffering due to Islamic Radicals invading the USA. The War on Terror still continues.
Officer Craigs Life Episode 2: Quit Your Job
In officer James Craigs 2nd episode, he experiences his loss for his wife with a lot of regrets and suffering badly from it. His painful past may take a big toll on his life. The Murderers are unknown, Officer Craig quits his job in order to pursue his revenge for the murderers that stole his happiness away. Officer Craig has no family, no one to help him and he has nothing to lose. He is alone on his journey to find a meaningful life outside of his everyday living as a cop. Will he be to move beyond the past? Episode 3 will come really soon.
Officer Craigs Life Episode 4: No Justice, No Peace
Last night officer James Craig had one of the craziest and most weirdest nightmare he ever had. Throughout the pain and his loss of his beloved wife 'Tanya', he managed to find a starting point on who had spied on Officer Craig when he went to the cemetery to attend his wife's grave. Also a big Government conspiracy is unfolding making the case for his wife's death becoming more apparent as the story carries along forward. More pumped up action kicks in as he will soon do more killings until he finally finds out who is the real criminal mastermind. The story continues and much pain and anger will soon consume Officer Craig until he finds justice.
Yelawolf / Eminem / Horizon / ORBiTE - Best Friend Awakens (Beast)
My 32nd Mix (June 27th, 2015, 20:28pm)
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Roblox Walkthrough ft blackviper 19960
Please subscribe and check out new videos as they are currently being worked on. Thanks for your time, enjoy the entertainment. Bitch better have my monkeys :p
Officer Craigs Life Episode 5: Investigate The Truth
Officer James Craig is investigating for the murder of his beloved wife 'Tanya'. As life keeps going on and his pain and anger consumes him, he realises that people are everywhere and they are nowhere. He is spied by soo many agents that he doesn't know who to trust anymore. His search for the Truth keeps unfolding and things will soon take a nasty hit for Officer Craig. Will he survive? More questions will soon be answered and the search for Truth continues in this pumped up action episode with unique dialogues from strangers.
Epic Sports Car Stunt On Tall Buildings (GTA5)
My pink sports car (T20) has performed an awesome landing drop, speeding smoothly from 1 tall building to another, lands epically in such style, (A MUST WATCH).
Trilla / Acting Damage / Horizon / ORBiTE / Kretan - Total F***Up Death
My 33rd Mix (June 27th, 2015, 22:25pm)
Illuminati Symbolisms & Hidden Secrets Revealed On GTA5 (Part 2)
Throughout our journey to discovering the truth, we go deep into the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. Everything we've been taught in our world is a complete lie. More illuminati symbols just shows that the world we live in isn't as we were led to believe. More blatant satanism in this video with a creepy dark tone that just wants you to know more. Involving police, exploring, shootings and more adventurous scenes to go to. Research Flat Earth and know the truth and the world you live in, or otherwise live your life a lie. We will expose everything soon enough.