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Everything at once map {OPEN} *read desc*
AAAAAAH I know I know I know!!! I cancelled my other maps I am sooo foolish ;-;! I love this song and I’m so sorry for canceling the other maps 😓 I will make a half-completed map for the people who got their parts done to try to make it up. I will NOT cancel this map until late 2019! No worries! I am in a better condition and I’m doing better than I was when I made the other maps. Sorry for the weird screen and watermark I couldn’t crop it. Rule 1: nothing too edgy! Rule 1.5: say “everything” if you read the rules! Rule 2: not a lot of gore Rule 3: not a lot of nudity Rule 4: don’t add a watermark Rule 5: flipaclip watermarks are allowed Rule 6: there must be animation Rule 7: color it! And no bright colors!! Rule 8: if you don’t know what colors to use, use similar ones to the picture. Rule 9: don’t beg! Rule 10: it’s NOT first come first serve Rule 11: have fun! Intro: Mine 1: 2: 3: • PhantomQueen • - DONE 4: Sky's Wołf 5: 6: 7: Mythical Wolf Studios 8: Mythical Wolf Studios 9: puffin the wolf 10: Violet - DONE 11: Violet - DONE 12: 13: 14: 15: SoulFury Leader of The D.A.P 16: Cup of Noodles - DONE 17: Frost The Furry - DONE 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24: Swíppër Prôdūçtïõñs - DONE 25: Person Still Person - DONE 26: 27: 28: 29: 30: 31: 32: 33: 34: 35: Anchør Evergreen Once again so sorry I cancelled other maps and now I’m making a new one! I really am sorry ;-; I can’t go back and undo my mistakes. this is gonna be the last map for a while there are just so many good songs I can’t help but make maps!!! Aaaaah I’m so dumb!!! Also the picture was drawn using MediBang for iPhones. There’s no due date yet I will add a due date when the map fills up. I know you guys are mad at me and I’m sorry I know I messed up big time. I was being dumb and stupid. Please forgive me I have a map-making addiction ;-;
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Speedpaint|Forest creature
This is lazy I know
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Speedpaint | error (MEDIBANG)
This was with MediBang once again! Sorry for weird screen ;~; Time: 30 mins Program: MediBang Editors: iMovie + viva video
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Mills Bills || Speedpaint
This is a speedpaint for Mills Bills, David Firths #1 fan! :DD hope you enjoy it! Song: When I’m down - Oliver Tree vs Whethan Time: 15 mins
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Speedpaint | r.i.p Eva (Flipaclip)
This is to my cat Eva who passed away in 2017. She was my best friend Song: we’ll meet again - Vera Lynn App: flipaclip Character: Eva my cat Drawing: me/Frantic Fox Time: 18 mins
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Can I have a peppermint?
Audio by: jack strauber ft. Lexy “can I have a peppermint?” Characters: miridon (left) kodi (right)
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Intro (read desc)
In the episodes the bg artists will be credited right in the beginning Defender wolf Tiny animals Sky’s wolf (not here) Animation: Frantic Fox I’m starting a new series the first ep will either be made in the summer or in 2019 if you’re really lucky it will pop up randomly I’ll post the casting call soon.
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ECHO| map part 7
Map: https://youtu.be/NqGq62l4XnI
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Animating a poorly drawn birb
Idk any more
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2 wolf fight scenes
The second one is a bit gruesome
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Back To you| Part 1
This is for defenders map I got a little lazy as you can see but I’m gonna finish another map part that’s gonna be shaded and stuff
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Speedpaint | Mythical Wolf studios (Flipaclip)
Finally got this done! Drawing program: flipaclip Time: 44 mins
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Cold warmth | speedpaint
Technically thanksgiving is over so I can post winter-y Christmas stuff. Songs: let it snow and baby it’s cold outside Editing programs (all free): Videoleap and IMovie Art program (free): MediBang. Time: 1 hr.
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COMPLETEY redesigning my OC! || read desc.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I’ve finally decided the animal I want to base her off of; a weasel. I’m also changing my name to worrying weasel! For color pallet I just looked up “color pallet” and saw a list of beautiful color pallets. I think this is a great way to learn about color theory and such. Hope you guys enjoy :). Music: worry worry worry | the three sons Program: MediBang Time: 35 mins
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Speedpaint | on our way (Flipaclip)
I know it’s really fast and may make some people dizzy but I spent like 3 hours on it and I wanted the time to match the song sorry ;-; I also imported a picture and matched the colors over it and made it a bit of my own :3 Time: 3hr Drawing program: flipaclip Editing programs: viva video + IMovie
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Water animation challenge  (read desc)
I made up this challenge in a sky's stream but sky was the first one to actually do it. I nominate Tiny Animals to do this challenge!
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Speedpaint|fan art for sky's Wolf (Flipaclip)
This is for sky's Wolf on her live stream everyone is kinda doing this fan art trade thing idk I can't link her channel but here is one of her awesome animation memes go subscribe to her! https://youtu.be/0uLPAck41ak
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Anything goes|pallet and oc map {CANCELLED}
No ones been doing their parts in time and I can’t contact some people. Rule 1:No sliding frames Rule 2:it must be in black and white except for the backround and eye color (if you want it all tyo be black and white you can do that) Rule 3: No nudity Rule 4: not alot of gore Rule 5: there is no script but make what the song is saying relevant to the animation Rule 6: this is a map so no still images for too long. Rule 7: tweening is allowed Rule 8: you can have up to 3 parts Say 1940s if you read the rules Intro: me 1: Sky's wolf [DONE] 2: Purpleglow star [DONE] 3: xXTowiXx 4: Katy fox [DONE] 5: Firefang9 [DONE] 6: Frantic Fox 7: lolstargazer [DONE] 8: Zoey Nelms 9: Zoey Nelms 10: Draw something [DONE] 11: lavender fox [DONE] 12: LimeButt 13: Doctor -K9 14: Sparrow Star [DONE] 15: LimeButt 16: Doctor -K9 If you have questions leave them down in the comments I know the parts are pretty long I just want to make as little parts as possible because not alot of my subscribers are active.
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Egyptian Pools || 72 hr map | Part 2
Yo talk about no motivation! This thing gave me trouble and I actually had a different idea and scrapped it but besides that I had fun. And yes I went with the pmv. Sorry that the pictures are sloppy I rushed a little. This is for Defenderwolf’s map you should check it out.
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Wing cycle
Trying something new
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I'm doing something cool (read description for info)
Ok so I want to make a speed art of your guys original creatures! !NOT CHARACTERS! what I mean is you guys will make a video (either a speed art or just a single image and if you want to be fancy a animation) that has a creature YOU made up. It can be a specific oc but it can't be a animal that exists or a mythical creature that is already made up by some one else ( i.e. unicorn, Dragon, wyvern, wolf, cat, fish ect.) The creature in this video is a creature I made up but this one is a specific character just in my own species. You can also make a video giving info about the species and setting a generic idea of the creature or its most common colors. Well, what am I doing? You ask. I am making a speedpaint which will be kinda like a zoo of the creatures you guys made up! I will select 7 people to be in this. Just tell me in the comments if you want to join and when you upload it to youtube. Due date is January 1st *DONT FORGET* 1: UnicornDa1 2: Lol Stargazer 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: Have fun and good luck! If you read this say, "wild zoosos" (I don't know what a zoosos is so don't ask Me it's random)
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Bunch of crappy animation wips
Motivation: 67% Time: 53% Effort: 100% Skill: 0% One of these is a map part that was supposed to be done by now buuuuuut I suck. I’m sorry I haven’t finished it but for some reason it’s hard for me to animate non stop I keep taking long breaks.
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Celeste map| Part 4
This took forever to upload and it’s for sky’s map
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Speedanimate|The Floor Is Lava! (Part 2)
This is short I know
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Train Train || color pallet MAP | [OPEN]
This is a 3 week color pallet map which means you HAVE to follow the color pallet and finish your part in 3 weeks! You also have to use the character in the video. Btw her eyes are the same color as the background when they’re open. RULES: 1. Follow the pallet and character 2. This is an upbeat song so have fluid upbeat motions 3. I know the parts are short so focus on adding personality into her voice. yes that means lip syncs and head movements! 4. This isn’t really a rule but just so you know her marking are mirrored if you have any questions about her markings or color please ask :) 5. NO WATERMARKS 6. Either 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 7. There can be other characters in your part. So you can technically use your ocs as long as they’re not to crazy and don’t distract from the main character. 8. Objects should be dark and objects in the background should be black/silhouettes 9. The vixens name is salisberry (sals • burry) or berry for short (I know not a rule) 10. Say , “bitter berry” if you read the rules 11. NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. 12. Have more than 3 animation examples on your channel 13. This is for more experienced animators but please if you can fulfill the rules go for it and ask for a part you may just get it! 14. One part per person unless you finish your part and want another and no ones taking it 15. If you use bold and thick lines be neat if you’re using think an faint lines you can be a little bit sloppier (like the picture in the video) 16. Have fun! Intro: 1: Aaliyah Mosko 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: MINE (sorry) Outro: ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK Please share this video Backups: -Damaged -,
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Have yourself a merry Christmas MAP || WIP | Part 7
I’m having an extremely hard time with this and it’s stressing me out so bad because I need to finish it before Christmas tomorrow but it looks so bad I lose all motivation. I feel horrible for not being able to get it out yet and I just can’t get it right. I’m gonna ruin the whole map and I feel horrible.
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Drawing contest! [Closed!]
Send me a video on YouTube or a pic on Twitter! (My Twitter is wolfy tweetz)
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Thus Always to Tyrants || Warriors MAP | Part 20 pmv
This map is for defenderwolf go join it it’s still open! https://youtu.be/HzcFzUrOwQg
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Thank you!!
Thanks for the support I have so many nice wolves in my pack slowly growing! We are a community and I'm talking about Ava beyva, blixa val wolf, sorta stange little games and many more!! Thank you!!
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Cannibal map part 6
I'm bad with colors but I tried I actually got this done quicker than expected
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Speed art: Starless Mothra
This is tiny animals character named Mothra. Song is Mashed potatoes by Omfg I only own the drawing
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Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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Calling map part 34
This was tricky
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Speedpaint | Miridon
This is the main character of my series Miridon. The song is moon river bayonetta version| https://youtu.be/yqGU6AWQXvE | I don't own any of the songs in this video
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Speedpaint|pfp/avatar (Flipaclip)
This is my avatar velvet. She is a black fox with a few white marks. She has light blue eyes and long hair. (she is NOT the Fox in the intro, that's a different oc) she also has a pink nose with a few black blotches on it.
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Fanart for Ava beyva!!
Dis is for Ava beyva
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Fox Rain | Part 7
This is for Defenderwolf’s map!
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Flipaclip Comeback (Animation Contest) #FlipaClipComeback
It wouldn't let me export the full 48 secs so I had to cut it down to this much. #FlipaClipComeback. While I don't think this can be entered as a real entry I'd like if flipaclip could at least put it in a compilation or comment on this video. I worked really hard on this and flipaclip decided it didn't want to work so this is all I can give you.
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sneak peek
Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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Speedpaint | redraw: Inkspots
I redraw the drawing if the band the ink spots. Music: If I didn't care It's all over but the crying
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“My very own Horace Horsecollar” || Speedpaint ||
Horace horsecollar from salad fingers! Considering the fact that his stomach got ripped open I think he deserves more love than he gets... Time: 24 mins Art program: MediBang Editing program(s): IMovie, Videoleap Idk bout you guys but this video relaxes me...
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Ash mary
Sorry no audio :(
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New intro
I most likely am going to forget to use this oh well
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Ding dong map part 8
Best I could do I'm sorry if it's not really good and if it messes up any one else's parts XS
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