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Create a Slideshow With iMovie In Less Than 3 Minutes (#1251)
http://macmost.com/e-1251 It is easy to create a slideshow with iMovie using a photo album. In less than three minutes you can import the photos, add transitions, insert titles, and include music. You can then export the slideshow as a video to use on YouTube, your social networks, or show during a presentation.
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Cutting Out Part Of an Image With Preview (#963)
http://macmost.com/e-963 You can use Preview?s editing tools to cut out a piece of an image. You can then paste that image in another picture. You can also copy a portion of an image, adjust the color in the rest of the image, and then paste the original segment back to make a part of your image stand out.
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Pivot Tables in iWork 09 Numbers (MacMost Now 478)
http://macmost.com/e-478 While iWork Numbers doesn't have true pivot tables, you can get similar results using Table Categories. This feature lets you group data together in various ways to reveal the same summaries that you can get with pivot tables.
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Creating Forms In iPad Numbers (MacMost Now 398)
http://macmost.com/e-398 One interesting feature of Numbers on the iPad is the ability to create forms. You can use forms to fill in the rows of a spreadsheet instead of entering data into the spreadsheet grid.
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Pixelmator Layers and Masks (MacMost Now 788)
http://macmost.com/e-788 Learn how to use layers in Pixelmator. You can place one image on top of the other and then use masks to blend them. You can use a simple clipping mask to quickly reveal only part of an image. You can use a layer mask to create cool effects like blending two images together gradually.
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A Beginner's Guide To Mission Control (#1420)
https://macmost.com/e-1420 Mission Control in macOS Sierra allows you to create multiple desktops with different windows on each. You can easily create these desktops and move between them with keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to go between apps and workspaces easily, saving you time and effort. You can also use full-screen apps as a desktop. This is handy for MacBook users in particular as screen space is limited.
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A Beginner's Guide To Whether To Shut Down or Sleep Your Mac (#1571)
https://macmost.com/e-1571 Typical Mac users never need to shut down their Macs on a daily basis. It is better to let your Mac go to sleep so it can handle maintenance tasks while you aren't using it. This will make your Mac faster when you are using it, and also allow you to avoid any delay while it starts up. A sleeping Mac uses very little power.
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The Mac Grab Utility (MacMost Now 261)
http://macmost.com/e-261 In addition to screen capture keyboard shortcuts built into Mac OS X, you can also use the Grab utility to capture the screen. This enables you to capture windows and perform timed screen captures as well.
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Using Text Columns In Pages (#990)
http://macmost.com/e-990 You can set your text to appear in one, two or more columns. Using multiple columns can make it easier to include elements like photos in your documents. You can flow your text between different numbers of columns on a single page, but it can be trickily to implement.
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Using Final Cut Pro X Transitions (MacMost Now 599)
http://macmost.com/e-599 Learn how to use transitions in Final Cut Pro X. There are several ways to apply transitions between clips, and many ways to adjust the end and start points of the two clips. You can also customize each transition.
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Editing Audio Files in GarageBand (MacMost Now 351)
http://macmost.com/e-351 You can use GarageBand as a simple audio file editor. Just drag and drop a sound file into GarageBand to edit it. You can adjust the volume, cut out parts of the sound and apply filters. You can then export as a standard sound file or a compressed file.
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Exporting iPhoto Slideshows as Video (MacMost Now 319)
http://macmost.com/e-319 Learn how to create artistic photo slideshows in iPhoto that can then be exported as video files. You can then email these video files, create a DVD or upload to a video sharing site.
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Removing Unwanted Email Addresses in Mac Mail (#1307)
http://macmost.com/e-1307 When you type and email address in Mail, you will get some suggestions that include your Contacts and also a list of previous recipients. Some of these addresses may be old or ones you don't wish to see anymore. You can delete them using the Previous Recipients list in Mail.
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Editing Audio in iMovie 11 (MacMost Now 468)
http://macmost.com/e-468 iMovie 11 allows you to set the volume for specific portions of the audio track. You can adjust the sections of volume control and set fade in and out times for each section. You can also apply audio effects, filter sound using an equalizer and layer multiple tracks of audio.
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Using Live Stock Prices in Numbers (#1372)
http://macmost.com/e-1372 A new feature in Numbers allows you to use live stock prices and other information in your spreadsheets. You can get the current price, volume, change and other data. You can also grab historical data.
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Time Machine Versus Cloning (MacMost Now 512)
http://macmost.com/e-512 Learn how Time Machine is different than most backup solutions that simply clone and update the data on a drive. Time Machine saves multiple copies of your files and allows you to access each version as long as it has space.
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Managing iMovie Libraries and Files (#998)
http://macmost.com/e-998 iMovie version 10 uses a new system for storing clips and projects. It is very easy to be able to create and use multiple iMovie libraries and move items between them. You can store archived projects in libraries, and even spread your projects across multiple hard drives.
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Creating iMovie Titles With Keynote (MacMost Now 134)
http://macmost.com/e-134. Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to use iWork's Keynote program to make animated titles for use in iMovie. You can use the transitions and special effects in Keynote to build an opening sequence, and then export it as a video to import into iMovie.
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Using Autofill In Numbers (#989)
http://macmost.com/e-989 Numbers can automatically fill in cells for you if you want to repeat a value, or create a sequence. You can use Autofill to add a set of sequential numbers or dates to cells. You can also have the cells follow a pattern. If you are using tables properly, formulas included in cells will repeat as you add new rows to the table.
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Automator Folder Actions (MacMost Now 488)
http://macmost.com/e-488 You can use Automator to alter what happens when a file is added to a folder. In this example, new files added to a folder are then sorted into subfolders according to their type. You can add multiple actions to a folder and then determine which order they are used.
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Understanding MacBook Battery Cycle Count (#1390)
http://macmost.com/e-1390 You can find your MacBook's battery cycle count in System Information. A cycle is a complete charge of the battery and will not count partial charges as a full charge. So you can feel free to use your battery as needed. Do not be afraid to charge your battery after only using a fraction of the power. Apple maintains a page with expected battery cycle counts for different MacBook models.
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Stabilize Video In iMovie (#1283)
http://macmost.com/e-1283 iMovie includes an easy-to-use function that lets you stabilize shaky video. It works best on video that is relatively still. You can make shaky video easier to view and appear more professional.
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Viewing Photos With the Finder (MacMost Now 612)
http://macmost.com/e-612 If you want to view a folder full of photos in the Finder, you can do it using one of several Finder window views. You can also enlarge the icons, use Quick Look or Preview.
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Use Split View With Two Safari Windows (#1301)
http://macmost.com/e-1301 While many Mac users know about using Split View for sharing the screen with two apps, you can also use it to split the screen between two windows of the same app. You can put two safari windows on either side of your screen and still have access to tabs and the toolbar of each.
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Shut Down or Sleep? (MacMost Now 240)
http://macmost.com/e-240 Should you shut down your Mac or put it to sleep at the end of the day? Gary Rosenzweig looks at the different advantages of each, and reveals which one he favors.
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Using TextEdit For Casual Word Processing (MacMost Now 379)
http://macmost.com/e-379 Before you buy a professional word processor consider using TextEdit, a program that comes with your Mac and can handle most non-professional word processing needs. You can format and style text, add images, lists and tables, and even open Word docs.
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Printing a Portion Of a Document Or Web Page (MacMost Now 847)
http://macmost.com/e-847 You donapos;t always need to print an entire document. Sometimes only a portion of a single page is all that is needed. By using OS Xapos;s ability to print to a PDF that opens in Preview, and some quick keyboard shortcuts, you can select and print only a small portion of a page, therefore saving paper and ink. This tip works for web pages, documents, or anything that can be printed.
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How To Protect Your Mac From Malware (MacMost Now 561)
http://macmost.com/e-561 You can protect your Mac from malware by following three simple rules. First, keep your Mac up-to-date. Second, only download from sites you trust. Third, stay informed. This videos shows you how to accomplish each of these steps.
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Using the iCloud Photo Library (#1088)
http://macmost.com/e-1088 The new Photos app for Mac allows you to store all of your photos on Apple's servers as part of their iCloud service. This makes your entire Photos library available on all of your Apple devices including Macs, iPads and iPhones. You can add, edit or delete photos on any device and see the changes on all of them. You can choose to store original photo files on a device, or have the device only use optimized versions of the photos. You can also view your Photo Library on iCloud.com.
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Moving Your iPhoto Library (MacMost Now 643)
http://macmost.com/e-643 You can move your iPhoto library to an external drive easily by simply dragging the iPhoto library package to another location. But keep in mind that external drives are slower than internal ones, and networked drives even more so. You can also create multiple iPhoto libraries, storing seldom-accessed photos elsewhere.
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Creating Videos With Keynote (MacMost Now 399)
http://macmost.com/e-399 You can use iWork Keynote to make video presentations for many uses. You can simply narrate a slideshow, or present a series of points to form an idea. It is a great way to create video without having to appear on camera.
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Cutting Out Objects In Images Using Preview (MacMost Now 520)
http://macmost.com/e-520 Learn how to use Snow Leopard's Preview application to cut out backgrounds or objects in images and photos. Preview has a standard Lasso Selection tool, a Smart Lasso tool and an Instant Alpha tool that can be used for this purpose. You can use these semi-transparent images on top of other images, in documents or in iMovie.
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Using Terminal to Copy Files (MacMost Now 233)
http://macmost.com/e-233 Sometimes the Finder can fail you when you want to copy lots of files, like an entire CD or DVD. Learn how to use the Terminal to copy whole volumes with better error handling and reporting.
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Using the Numbers SUMIF Function (#1580)
https://macmost.com/e-1580 The SUMIF function is one of the most useful functions in Numbers. You can use it to calculate the total for each category when you have a list of numbers and categories. The best way to use it is to create a second table and use one column in that table as the comparison value.
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Using Multiple Tables And Lookup In Numbers (#958)
http://macmost.com/e-958 There are many advantages to using multiple tables in a single spreadsheet in Numbers. Take a look at how you can use two tables with the LOOKUP function to make computations easier. The LOOKUP function will grab data from another table by looking up a value in one column and returning the value of another.
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Deleting Books in iBooks (#1349)
http://macmost.com/e-1349 You can easily delete books you have added to iBooks unless you have added them from the iBooks Store. In that case the best you can do is to hide these books using a hard-to-find function in the iBooks app.
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Compressing Video With MPEG Streamclip (MacMost Now 571)
http://macmost.com/e-571 If you have produced a video in iMovie and the file size is too large, you can use a free program called MPEG Streamclip to compress it with little loss of quality. The key is to use .mp4 with h264 compression and then adjust the bit rate to get the right trade-off of file size versus quality.
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The 4 Mac Techniques You Need to Master (#1190)
http://macmost.com/e-1190 There are four basic techniques that every pro Mac user knows and practices every day to get the most from their Mac. Learn how to use these four techniques to use your Mac more productively and efficiently.
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Choosing a Time Machine Backup Drive (MacMost Now 231)
http://macmost.com/e-231 If you aren't using Time Machine to back up your Mac, then it is time to start. Here are some options for a Time Machine backup drive.
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Slow Down a Portion of a Track In Garageband (#1185)
http://macmost.com/e-1185 You can slow down a section of a recorded track in Garageband. You'll need to isolate the track in its own Garageband file and then set things up just right to slow down the track.
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Editing Video With QuickTime Player (#1205)
http://macmost.com/e-1205 You can use QuickTime Player for very simple video editing without setting up a whole project in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. With QuickTime Player, you can combine trimming, appending more clips, and splitting clips to arrange and export edited movies.
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Moving Graphic Pointers In iMovie (#1080)
http://macmost.com/e-1080 Learn how to create a transparent graphic that you can then overlay in iMovie to point out an area of interest. You can then have that graphic move around on the video to follow a subject. You can use this to highlight something in the video, or hide a face or some other element.
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Trimming Audio With QuickTime Player (MacMost Now 667)
http://macmost.com/e-667 You can use QuickTime Player in Lion to edit audio files as well as video. You can trim down the audio, getting rid of unwanted sections at the beginning and end. You can also use the same technique to divide an audio file into several parts.
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Using Multiple iPhones and iPods with One Mac (MacMost Now 493)
http://macmost.com/e-493 With many households now using more iOS devices than computers, it is important to be able to sync multiple devices to one Mac. This can be done using one of three main methods.
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Using the Lookup Function In Numbers (MacMost Now 762)
http://macmost.com/e-762 The Lookup function can be useful if you want to automatically populate cells on one table with data from another, based on new data entered. For instance, you can enter products in one column and then have prices fill in automatically by having the Lookup function refer to a list of products and prices in a second table.
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Fixing a Slow Mac (MacMost Now 349)
http://macmost.com/e-349 What to do when your Mac slows down. If you are experiencing a slowdown, there are several things you can check before having a pro take a look. Learn how to use Activity Monitor, Disk Utility and the System Preferences to look for obvious problems. There are also some other tips for clearing up trouble.
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Using Mac Smart Folders (#1459)
https://macmost.com/e-1459 Smart Folders allow you to view collections of files that share something in common, even if they are not all stored in the same folder. You create a Smart Folder just as you would perform a Finder search. But the Smart Folder will live on as a saved search in any location you specify, or nearly the Finder sidebar. Smart Folders update automatically to include new files that meet the same criteria.
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Transparent Video Overlays With Keynote (MacMost Now 688)
http://macmost.com/e-688 You can create cool animated text and graphics in Keynote and then export it with a transparent background. You need to know how to set the background to transparent and how to export the video in a special way. These transparent overlays can then be used in iMovie to create a variety of effects.
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If Statements and Checkboxes in iWork Numbers (MacMost Now 557)
http://macmost.com/e-557 Learn how to use if statements in formulas in iWork Numbers. You can combine these with checkboxes and pop-up menus to create results based on conditions. Useful for solving problems and bookkeeping.
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iMovie 09 Editing Basics (MacMost Now 259)
http://macmost.com/e-259 Learn all of the different ways you can edit clips in iMovie 09. You can select a portion of the clip, trim the ends, split a clip, use the clip trimmer and the precision editor.
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