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18   Xcode Storyboard Equal Height Equal Width Horizontal Verical Spacing
Xcode storyboard and auto layout using equal height and widths with horizontal and vertical spacing.
Views: 28288 Mitchell Hudson
20 CSS clearfix hack
Using clear fix to solve problems with float.
Views: 2906 Mitchell Hudson
1 Parse Intro
The first in a series of videos introducing Parse. Parse.com is a service that covers all of the backend database needs. In this video Introduce Parse and simple database concepts using JavaScript.
Views: 24771 Mitchell Hudson
Tabbar and Navigation Controller
Xcode 7 Tutorial Using the Tabbar controller and the Navigation controller. This is basic tutorial covering how to set up basic navigation in storyboard.
Views: 58203 Mitchell Hudson
02 Xcode Mockup CustomImageView
Xcode 7 Tutorial - Storyboard Mockup. This video takes a look at using images in your projects. It also covers how to add borders and a corner radius to the image view in storyboard. Here is a link to the code sample referenced in the video: https://gist.github.com/soggybag/1ca6c51a54325380d837
Views: 1454 Mitchell Hudson
1   Storyboard Navigation Controller
Xcode Storyboard UINavigation controller
Views: 37349 Mitchell Hudson
01 TableView Setup
Setup a tableview with Xcode 8
Views: 2196 Mitchell Hudson
6 Xcode 7 Tableview Push Segue Detail View
Xcode Swift TableView Tutorial. Here we add a detail view and show it with a push or show segue. Along the way we add a navigation controller.
Views: 16314 Mitchell Hudson
1 Shopping Cart Intro Array Basics
JavaScript Shopping cart tutorial, introduction covering a basic introduction to the array. Be sure to recreate the examples here for yourself, and getting the same results.
Views: 57558 Mitchell Hudson
01 01 frame bounds center
This tutorial take a look at frame, bounds, and center and how to create and position views created via code.
Views: 2779 Mitchell Hudson
8 Parse Pointer for User
Parse tutorial, using pointers. Adding a pointer to the to a post which points to the current user.
Views: 7152 Mitchell Hudson
15 Daily JavaScript Array Slice and Splice
Daily JavaScript. Continues with the flip example. Using Array slice and splice methods to generate random tiles for the flip game.
Views: 4267 Mitchell Hudson
2 SPA Intro Koala SASS setup intro
Parse Single Page Application. Here we set up to use SASS with Koala. http://koala-app.com/ is a free sass compiler.
Views: 6202 Mitchell Hudson
3 Basic JavaScript Loops with Arrays and Objects
JavaScript tutorial, simple introduction to the for loop, and for in loop. Use it to display each item in an array or an object.
Views: 8403 Mitchell Hudson
27 Setup buttons with outlet collection and action
Here you will use a IBOutlet Collection to work with a group of UIButtons, and assign all buttons to the IBAction. We also give each button a tag.
Views: 4941 Mitchell Hudson
4 Xcode 7 Tableview Todo Class
Xcode Swift, Tableview Todo app. Here we make a class to represent todo items displayed in the tableView.
Views: 2860 Mitchell Hudson
3   Xcode Button States
Xcode, slicing images to fill UIButton background.
Views: 2923 Mitchell Hudson
06 Xcode Mockup NavigationController
Xcode 7 Tutorial - Mockup apps using storyboard. This video offers an introduction to Segues and Navigation controller. Here we look at the difference between modal and show segues.
Views: 996 Mitchell Hudson
03 Xcode Mockup Entry Point and iOS Simulator
Xcode 7 Tutorial - Using the iOS Simulator. Here we talk about using the iOS Simulator to test your project from the desktop.
Views: 3109 Mitchell Hudson
7 Shopping Cart Functions
Shopping cart tutorial. Defining functions for the shopping cart system will use.
Views: 9022 Mitchell Hudson
3 Parse Post Form
This example continues the previous tutorials. Here you will add a new form that that uploads new records to the Parse database.
Views: 7248 Mitchell Hudson
2 Xcode 7 Tableview Datasource
Xcode 7 and Swift, TableView tutorial. Here we set up the Data source.
Views: 6274 Mitchell Hudson
3 Shopping Cart Arrays and Objects
JavaScript Shopping cart tutorial. In this video you will combine both Objects and Arrays. Be sure to follow the example and recreate the example on your own.
Views: 11432 Mitchell Hudson
3 Xcode 7 TextField inputView UIDatePicker
Xcode 7 Swift, UITextField, UIDatePicker. This example shows how to display the UIDatePicker in the Textfield inputView.
Views: 8874 Mitchell Hudson
7   SpriteKit SKCameraNode Follow Player
SpriteKit Swift Tutorial, working to toward making a game like Jetpack Joyride and similar endless scrollers. This episode talks about SKCameraNode. Create a camera, and have it follow an object.
Views: 2505 Mitchell Hudson
1 SPA Intro Set hashchange
Parse Single Page Application. This video will start a new series. The goal will be to practice with Parse and a create a single page application with JavaScript, Parse, Handlebars, and jQuery. The first few videos cover setup. In this video you will add navigation in the single page application. The navigation will hashchange, and location.hash.
Views: 3537 Mitchell Hudson
05 ScrollView didscroll and resizing image view
ScrollView Stretchy header tutorial. This time we finally get the header to stretch.
Views: 1853 Mitchell Hudson
1 Xcode 7 Tableview Intro
A tutorial introducing the TableView. Using the tableview with storyboard in Xcode 7.
Views: 9908 Mitchell Hudson
28 Show stars for button collection when tapped
Handle taps on a button and changing the group to display the rating. Here you will use a for loop to set the title of each button in the collection, and use the tag to determine whether the title should display filled star or a not filled star.
Views: 1986 Mitchell Hudson
13 Shopping Cart saveCart
JavaScript tutorial Shopping cart. In this video you will save the shopping cart data with localstorage. Local storage saves data in the browser so your scripts can retrieve it later. This is important here so the cart can be passed around between different html pages, and it allows the cart to persist between browsing sessions.
Views: 7817 Mitchell Hudson
8 Shopping Cart addItemToCart
JavaScript shopping cart tutorial. Here you create a function to add items to the cart array.
Views: 20050 Mitchell Hudson
11 Delegate Protocol Intro
A short intro to the delegate pattern and protocols. This example uses playgrounds but the pattern appears everywhere in the UIKit framework.
Views: 1318 Mitchell Hudson
1 Xcode 7 TextField Delegate ResignFirstResponder
Xcode 7 Swift UITextField Delegate. Here we set our view controller as the textfield delegate. This allows us to respond to events that occur at the textField. In this example you will use this to close the keyboard when you tap the return key.
Views: 6597 Mitchell Hudson
1 TableView Static Cells
Xcode UITableView using static table cells in storyboard.
Views: 22120 Mitchell Hudson
5 Todo JS Save and Retrieve Todos From local storage
JavaScript Todo App Tutorial. Using localstorage to save and retrieve todos. Convert JavaScript Arrays and Objects into a string, and then load the string and parse it into JavaScript again.
Views: 10119 Mitchell Hudson
2 Shopping Cart Intro Object Basics
JavaScript shopping cart tutorial. This exercise covers the Object, and working with Objects. Be sure to follow the examples and recreate them for yourself.
Views: 15947 Mitchell Hudson
22 Daily JavaScript Single Page Application and hashchnage
`Daily JavaScript A simple single page application. Using hashchange to support navigation.
Views: 1494 Mitchell Hudson
16 Shopping Cart displayCart 2
JavaScript Shopping cart tutorial. Here we take a second a look at the displayCart() and test a few times.
Views: 6760 Mitchell Hudson
08 Xcode Mockup Login as Modal Segue
Xcode 7 Storyboard Mockup tutorial. This tutorial walks through the process of creating an app with a login and or sign up screen. The idea is to show the login screen as a modal. Be sure to look at the previous tutorial for more info on using model segues.
Views: 1244 Mitchell Hudson
15   Xcode Storyboard Vertical Spacing
Xcode storyboard auto layout vertical spacing.
Views: 1445 Mitchell Hudson
1   Xcode Calculator
Starting to create a calculator with Xcode. The first few videos will cover Auto Layout and how to get make a great layout that will adjust to different size devices. This first video sets up rows that size to fit the vertical space.
Views: 722 Mitchell Hudson
10 Shopping Cart removeItemFromCartAll
JavaScript shopping cart tutorial. In this video you will learn to remove all items from the cart.
Views: 6967 Mitchell Hudson
03 jQuery addClass removeClass siblings
jQuery Intro addClass, removeClass, and toggleClass tutorial. Use addClass and removeClass together in this example. Here you will create a group of elements where only one can be selected. we will take a look at modifying collections with siblings.
Views: 1845 Mitchell Hudson
01 Xcode Mockup CustomButton
Xcode 7 Tutorial - Storyboard mock up. This is a tutorial about mocking up your mobile app designs in storyboard. Also covered here are some ideas to customize the default button, adding a border and corner radius. Here is a link to so code referenced in the video. https://gist.github.com/soggybag/8c5aed3d0a1f0079a5d4
Views: 3783 Mitchell Hudson
7 Xcode 7 Can Edit row and Commit editing style
Xcode 7 TableView Using commit editing style to swipe and delete rows from a tableview.
Views: 3902 Mitchell Hudson
3 Weather App Xcode 7 Alert Text
The third in a series of videos walking through the creation of a simple weather app using Xcode 7 and Swift 2. The previous video creates an alert controller. This video adds a textField to the alert controller, and gets the value input when the alert is closed.
Views: 7104 Mitchell Hudson
01 Xcode 7 ScrollView and Segmented control
Xcode 7 Scrollview segmented control combo tutorial. Taking a lookout the scrollview. How to set up the scrollview with auto layout constraints. In the end you'll look use the segmented control to control the scroll view as it displays different pages of content. https://github.com/soggybag/ScrollView-Segmented-Example
Views: 4653 Mitchell Hudson
9 Parse Include Query user
Parse tutorial. Using query.include() to include user objects with post objects. Connecting users to posts.
Views: 3958 Mitchell Hudson
14 Shopping Cart loadCart
JavaScript Shopping cart tutorial. In this tutorial you will retrieve the data you saved to localstorage, which was covered in the last video. In the process you will also convert the data from a JSON string back to a JavaScript object.
Views: 6367 Mitchell Hudson
03 TableView Content Insets
TableView Stretchy Header tutorial. Here we take a look at contentInsets. This property of UIScrollView pushes the scroll content inward. We will use this to make room at the top for the header image.
Views: 1009 Mitchell Hudson

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