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Hawleywood's Barbershop
http://dickies.eu/friends/hawleywood Hawleywood's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor is the original men only, period correct 1940's style shop that specializes in the hot towel, straight razor shaves and the high and tight haircuts like the Full Back High Pomp, Slick Back, Johnson Boogie, Hawleywood Puff, Old Fashioned Taper, The Waterfall, Flat Top, Mohawk and Medium Taper with a Part. Donnie Hawley and his crew offer the cleanest haircut you can get in the Southern California.
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JDA - Just Do Anything
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/jda/ Handmade baremetal custom cycle parts Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, CA USA JDA is located in Costa Mesa, California and produces handmade bare metal parts for motorcycles like handlebars, hard tails, seat pants, sissy bars, customized tanks and just about anything else. Thats what the letters stands for: Just do anything. Like being responsible for the skateboard brand Black Deck and producing hot rod, custom car and bike movies under the name Hotrod Havoc. Michael Perrech and Arie Van Schyndel are also into lowriders and Arie owns a 1983 El Camino with two front pumps, one rear pump, six batteries and ten switches. Michael has a 1978 Cadillac with four pumps, ten batteries and ten switches.
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Shamrock Social Club - Mark Mahoney
http://dickies.eu/friends/shamrock Mark Mahoney is one of the leading tattoo artists of our time. He is currently the proprietor and premier artist of Shamrock Social Club located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. His career spans over three decades and with each wave of influence that tattoo culture has had on mainstream America, Mark has been there. From the underground punk scene of the 1970s to the black and grey movement of East L.A. in the 1980s to the mainstream popularity of tattoo art in the Hollywood scene of the present. Mark has been a pivotal influence. The theme of Marks shop has always been where the elite and the underground meet.
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The Jailhouse Weld with Duane Peters
Dickies caught up with the legendary punk rocker and skateboard pioneer Duane Peters in his hometown Costa Mesa in California, where he was kind enough to demonstrate how punk rockers used to make the traditional 874 pants into a slimmer cigarette pant, while in prison. The so-called Jailhouse Weld. According to Duane, theres nothing more important than punk rock. And skateboarding. So no matter where you might be spending your days and nights, you better make sure to get your lighter, toothbrush and 874s ready and follow these simple steps to get the authentic Costa Mesa punk rock wino look.
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The Straight Razor Shave Lecture with Donnie Hawley
http://dickies.eu/friends/hawleywood The 14 steps to a perfect straight razor shave, with Donnie Hawley, Hawlewood's Barbershop, Costa Mesa / Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA
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Scott Kinnebrew
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/scott Scott Kinnebrew Painter / Musician Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA USA
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Heath and Dave
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/heath-and-dave Heath Mattioli / David Spacone Screen writers / Filmmakers Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA USA
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Sera Trimble
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/sera Sera Trimble Car Valet / Stunt Driver Los Angeles, CA USA
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Marco Hernandez
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/marco Marco Hernandez Tattoo Artist Wilmington, Long Beach, CA USA
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Lee Ving (FEAR) sings Pittsburgh Steelers
http://dickies.eu/friends/shamrock Mark Mahoney often says It's called the Shamrock Social Club, not the Shamrock Anti Social Club. When Lee Ving, legendary singer of hardcore punk band FEAR, suddenly sings the classic country song "Pittsburgh Stealers" during our visit, theres clearly no doubt to that statement. It's an anything can happen vibe going on at Shamrock. FEAR were known to inspire havoc and riots at their gigs, but Lee's performance at Shamrock caused nothing but goose bumps and warm hearts.
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Joe and Thomas
http://dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/joe-and-thomas NY Joe Bike Messenger / Bag Designer Los Angeles, CA USA Tomas Wolfe Bike Mechanic Palms, Los Angeles, CA USA
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George Cabrera
http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/george George Cabrera Tire Shop Owner East LA, Los Angeles, CA USA
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Tiffany Barber
http://dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/tiffany Tiffany Barber / Big Five Hairdresser / Tattoo Artist / Graffiti Artist Long Beach, CA USA
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http://www.dickies.eu/friends/working-in-la/blackbird Gershwin Blackbird Hutchinson Coffee Shop Worker / Musician, Poet Downtown Los Angeles, CA USA
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Dickies - Love Your Work - iPad App
Download the app for free: http://itunes.apple.com/app/love-your-work/ Dickies have always been fascinated with work. After all, it's our business and has been since 1922. Over the years we've witnessed many an attitude shift when it comes to people relationship to their job their gig, their 9 to 5. The Love Your Work app features figureheads of street fashion, photography, music and sport as well as showcasing Dickies' 2010 Autumn/Winter collection. Love Your Work also features images by Paul Mittleman, interviews with UK street fashion legends Michael Kopelman and Andrew Bunney (Dickies x The Hideout), a NYC Hip-Hop Map, a Mike Giant poster, a Fixed Gear London video, construction diagrams of various garments, lookbook imagery, landscapes, pictorials, vintage ads, illustrations and a brief history of Dickies.
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