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How to design header with top bar  --  Element Theme, Elementor
non breaking space :   font awesome icons: http://fontawesome.io/icons/
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Transparent and Hover Effect -  Button Element of Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Beginners Tutorial on Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress 1. Transparent Button 2. Hover Effect And some other adjustments
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How to create buttons of equal size in Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Sometimes, we want to add buttons of the exact same size. However, it will be difficult for you to achieve the same size if the character numbers are not equal. Therefore, you have to use column parameters. Use alignment : JUSTIFIED Elementor Templates free download : http://pastemedia.org/elementor-templates/ Tags: buttons, elemetor tutorial, elementor templates, free download, wordpress
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How to make your Elementor Design more responvie in Tablet
Install & Activate: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mrt4e/
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Pricing Table Design in Elementor Free Version
#AUDIO I apologize if the audio quality is not good, I have ordered a new mic. It is on the way. #INSTRUCTION I don't use any prepared script so sometimes you may find mistakes in my English ;) Elements Used for designing pricing table in Elementor free version: #1. Heading #2. Text #3. Button If you have any questions, don't hesitate to initiate a live chat at my website tags: pricing table design, elementor free tutorial, elementor tricks and tips
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How to make your icons rotate or spin in elementor without any custom css
Go to advance setting and enter in the area of css class fa-spin fa-pulse if you want more animations, please contact me :)
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Hoo Chage Disc B3
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Hoo Chage Disc B2
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Hoo Chage Disc B1
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Section ID for Navigation and One Page Website  |  Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Usage of Section ID for navigation in a page designed with elementor page builder for Wordpress Check out the page @ http://pastemedia.org/elementor
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Border Radius Tricks &  Settings |  Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
How to insert circular photo How to design button #Elementor #MakeInElementor #WordPress #OceanWP
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Portfolio Design using Tab & GalLery widget of Elementor Free Version
You don't need elementor pro to design a nice portfolio section in your website. Required Plugins: 1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/ 2. https://wordpress.org/plugins/anywhere-elementor/ 3. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-add-custom-css/ Custom css: .portfolio .elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title {display: inline-block;} .portfolio .elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tabs { text-align: center; }
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Hoo Chage Disc A1
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Hoo Chage Disc 1c
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Tabs for Post Display in Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Tab Article or Post Display useful for blog, magazine or newspaper website. Require Plugins: 1. Elementor Free / Pro 2. Anywhere Elementor Tags: Elementor, Wordpress Page Builder, Post Dispaly, Elementor Tutorials
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Hoo Chage Disc 1B
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How to change Wordpress paths and hide themes and plugins | WP Beginners Tutorial
How to hide theme name How to hide plugins How to hide source code How hide wordpress How to change wordpress paths
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How and When to use Content Width Section Setting in Elementor
Use content width section setting only when 1. you have less content 2. you want to center the contents Custom Layout Design Services: 1. Single Page - $29 2. Layout Pack [ 5-7 pages] - $69 3. Layout Pack with Exclusive copyrights - $99
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Elementor Text Emphasis, Highlight, Split Text  Tricks
Add some spice and flavors to your text in Elelmentor Page Builder for Wordpress. 1. Add a span and give class like 'highlight' 2. Go to advance setting and add some custom css .highlight { font weight: bold ; color: red ; } Note. You can add different font family, style or transformation for the highlighted text or phrase
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How to overlay one element over another in Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Sometimes, we need to overlay one elementor or widget over another. If you have such requirements, set some negative margins to the second element :) If you have any questions, feel free to contact my at http://pastemedia.org Custom Layout Design Service: #Singe Page - $29 #Layout Pack [ 5-7 pages ] - $69 #Layout Pack with Exclusive Copyright - $99
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Shape Divider Element - Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress Tutorial
Shape divider options and settings for Elementor Page Builder Wordpress Beginners Tutorial
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Corner Cut Border using Gradient in Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
This tuts is a simple trick to achieve corner cut borders and curve corner. For the corner cut I am using background gradient setting For curve corner, I use border radius Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance. my website is http://pastemedia.org I'm ready for live chat
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How to add text shadow in Elementor
1. Give a css class in the advanced setting - shadow 2. Go to custom css and paste this .shadow h2 { text-shadow: 4px 5px 0px black; } Customize the x and y values to meet your needs. The third value is for BLUR.
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Hoo Chage Disc B4
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How to Change the Joomla Logo in Administrator Login Page | By Paste Media
1. Login to Admin Panel 2. Go to Extensions/Templates 3. Choose Template Category - "Administrator" 4. Choose the default administrator template - "Isis" 5. Click on "Advanced" 6. Select and upload "Logo" and "Login Logo" 7. Click Save and Close. Done. paste media tutorials, joomla tutorials, joomla administrator, joomla logo,
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How to design a footer in Element Theme, Elementor
Get Element Theme : http://pastemedia.org/element/
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How to customize your wordpress login page |  WordPress Tutorial for Beginners
How to change the wordpress logo How to remove wordpress logo How to customize admin login page . You only need to install a plugin WP LOGO CHANGER and change the settings. That's it.
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Out of the box Image Design using Background Gradient in Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress
Out of the box/ margin design is nice if you implement it in you page nicely. You can achieve in two ways in Elementor #1. Use Negative Margin #2. Use Background Gradient I recommend the second one, this video is all about that. You can download free elementor templates at my website http://pastemedia.org If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me. Tags: elementor page builder, elementor tutorial, elementor tricks, elementor tips
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How to Import Demo Data of Click Mag Viral News and Magazine Theme for Wordpress
Importing Demo Data Click Mag Theme Configuration
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Hoo Chage Disc A5
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Some Usages of Text Separator of Elementor Addon Elements
Elementor Addon Elements: https://wordpress.org/plugins/addon-elements-for-elementor-page-builder/ Tags: elementor, elementor addon elements, elementor tips, elementor page builder, text separtor, divider, icons, heading element,
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Hoo Chage Disc A4
Hoo Chage A Manipuri Feature Film
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How to Add Subtitle Permanently | Handbrake Video Transcoder Tutorial
How to merge subtitle and the video files How to add subtitle Handbrake Open Source Video Transcoder https://handbrake.fr/
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Fixed And  Scrooll Background to have Floating Effect  Elementor Page Builderfor Wordpress
Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress Section Setting Background Setting How to adjust fixed and scroll background to have floating effect
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How to add stars in review design in Elementor  Page Builder for Wordpress
This video shows you how to add stars in review or testimonial design in elementor page builder for wordpress ****USEFUL LINKS**** 1. http://fontawesome.io/icons/ 2. http://pastemedia.org
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Flex Mag Theme Installation And Demo Data Import | Wordpress Theme Documentation
This video is uploaded on the request of Akash Abishek This is a simple video for installing Flex Mag theme and importing its demo data
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Wordpress File Manager Plugin   Alternative to FTP And Cpanel File Manager at Wordpress Admin Dashbo
File Manager For Wordpress Access Your Root Folders from Your Wordpress Admin Dashboard Plugin Url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/file-manager/ Alternative to FTP & CPanel File Manager
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Click Mag Wordpress Magazine Theme Options | Demo
This is a simple demonstration of the theme options of ClickMag Wordpress Magazine theme
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How to add text stroke in Elementor
1. Go to advance setting and give a custom css - stroke 2. Go to custom css and paste this .stroke h2 { -webkit-text-stroke: 2px black; }
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How to Upload Files Directly From Joomla Administrator Panel  | Profiles Component
1. Search "Profiles Joomla" and follow the links and download the component. 2. Install it 3. Go to components and then Profiles 4. Click on the filemanager Now you can access the root directories, upload anywhere there any files joomla tutorial, joomla file manager, profiles component, paste media tutorial
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How to remove or reduce white space gap between header and the page in Elementor
Remove the gap between your elementor page and header or footer by setting a minus value to the top or bottom margin. Download elementor layout templates for free at http://pastemedia.org tags: elementor tutorial, elementor workdpress, wordpress tutorial, elementor section, elementor margin, elementor video, elmentor page builder,
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How to add album cover photo in mp3 file | Mp3tag
How to add or change album cover picture of mp3 songs http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html tag editor, mp3 editor,
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How To Make Your Own Subtitles | AHD Subtitles Maker Professional
Subtitle Making Software, Subtitle Making Tutorial How to Make My Own Subtitle, How to Create Subtitle for my videos, songs, movies, youtube video, etc.
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How to create masonry style gallery in Elementor Page Builder for WordPress
I apologize about the spelling error of masonry in the video :D This video is to show you how to create masonry style gallery in elementor page builder for wordpress using images widget Required plugin for lightbox : https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/ Tags: WordPress , Elementor Tricks, Elementor Tutorial, Tutorial for Beginners
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How to Install WordPress in cPanel | Softaculous | By Paste Media
1. Login to cPanel 2. Click Softaculous 3. Choose WordPress 4. Choose Domain name in which you want to install it 5. Keep the directory empty 6. Enter Website Name & Description 7. Enter Username & Password 8. Enter Admin Email 9. Click Install Done! Congratz! Wordpress Tutorial, Paste Media Tutorials,
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How to change admin url and login url in Wordpress | Wordpress Tutorial for Beginners
1. Login to your admin dashboard 2. Click on Plugins/Add New 3. Search WP HIDE SECURITY, install and activate 4. Click on WP HIDE/ Admin on your dashboard 5. change the default your wp-login.php to yourloiginurl.php 6. Click yes to block the default url and click save 7. Then, click on Admin Url tab, 8. Change the wp-admin to your dashboard url 9. Click yes to block the defaul wp-admin url and click save Done. This tutorial is meant for educational purposes and for wp beginners.
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How to design a transparent header in Element Theme, Elementor
Get Element Theme: http://pastemedia.org/element/
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